The Overlord of the Undead

September 10, 2011 at 6:49 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, )

A jeep skidded to a dusty stop. It was
just shy of the line of tethered zombies. For the second time Devon saw the
black garbed man. The dark cloth hung in loose strips, even across his face.
The once forest green jeep was now covered in crude paintings of rotting heads
and skulls. It was hard to see more of the mysterious gunman, because he was
keeping the three zombies, which he had strapped into the jeep, between him and

“How dare you trespass here!” The man
shouted, as he leapt out on the far side of the jeep. Devon could only see his bobbing
black head beyond the wiggling zombies. Behind the man the horde of what could
have been five hundred Walkers was drawing near his position. The man gave no
indication of concern.

“Who are you?” Devon shouted up the

“I’m Haeds, the Overlord of the Undead!”

“Oh, is that all,” Spencer grunted. “I
really really hate this guy. He sounds younger. Let me kick his ass.”

Emily grabbed her brother’s arm. “Don’t be
a dumbass. Besides his rifle, those zombies will be all over him in a minute.”

“Good, I hope they eat his brains and
then we can get the hell out of here.”

Brown tipped up his cowboy hat. “Why is
it that I have the funny feeling that ain’t going to happen?”

Devon turned his attention back to
Haeds. “You better get down here or those Walkers will be all over you.”

“Idiot, they’re my friends. It’s you
they’re coming for.”

“Let’s talk. Maybe we can work something
out. There aren’t many of us breathers left.”

“When I see people like you, I think
there’re too many,” he shouted back at them.

“What the hell did we ever do to you,
you damn freak,” Spencer called up to him.

“Killed three of my friends for one
thing and who even knows what you might have done down at the gate.”

“We didn’t kill anything at the gate,”
Devon shouted, while motioning for Spencer to keep quiet. “I don’t see any
reason why we have to be enemies. Killing a few Walkers who were trying to eat
you is an understandable mistake.”

“You’re the mistake. This world is ruled
by the dead. You’re just too stupid to admit it.”

Devon started to say something, but Brown
touched his arm. “Wait.”

Then Devon saw that the horde of zombies
was upon Haeds.

And they just walked past him.

“What the hell,” Spencer whispered.

“The Walkers are ignoring him,” Emily

As the zombies continued past Haeds,
heading towards the small group, they showed no signs of being any different
that the thousands of others they had seen. Yet these undead moved past Heads
as if he was one of their own.

“What sort of demon is he?” Emily asked.

“Either that,” Devon said, “Or he’s the
most valuable person in the world.”



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