Savoir or Madman

September 18, 2011 at 5:38 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , )

As the zombies continued past Haeds,
heading toward the small group, they showed no signs of being any different
that the thousands of others Devon had seen. Yet these undead moved past Heads
as if he was one of their own.

“What sort of demon is he?” Emily asked.

“Either that,” Devon said, “Or he’s the
most valuable person in the world.”

“I don’t care if he’s the reincarnation
of Frank Sinatra; we have to get out of here!” Emily said, her voice growing

Haeds was shouting down at them. “Now
you will finally pay for your crimes, pay for killing their brothers. At them
my family!”

“Can we just kill this retard and get
out of here?” Spencer said.

“Are you nuts” Devon asked. ”If he has
some way to keep the Walkers from eating him, we need to figure out what it

Brown spoke up. “In principle, I agree,
but tend to also agree with Emily. Those Walkers are getting way too close and
that, whatever he is, will be shooting at us if we run. And if you don’t want
to kill him… this is going to get tricky.”

Devon spoke quickly. “We’re going to
need to capture, him, but when he’s surrounded by five hundred Walkers isn’t
the time.” He looked up at the glaring sun and then scanned the harsh desert.
“We aren’t too far from our ride, this guy’s a coward and a lousy shot. If he
wants to fire at us let’s make him work for it, but remember just hit the dead
heads and not the nut-job.”

They grinned over at him and then as
one, stood up and laid into the approaching Walkers. Gore flew and bodies
burst, but they were each trying for head shoots and several zombies fell and
rolled down the hill toward them.

“What’re you doing?” Haeds shouted.
“You’re killing them, you bastards!”

Haeds started to return fire, but Devon
said. “Concentrate on the jeep.”

Soon it was being peppered with gunfire
and Haeds was forced to take cover. They were pinning him down and wasting a
dozens of undead, but the others were almost upon them.

“Devon, we need to go,” Emily pleaded.

“No, wait for it.”

“Wait for what?” she cried.

“For them to get close enough for this.
Go!” he shouted and ducked low while he jogged toward their vehicle. The others
followed suit.

“I get it,” Spencer said with a grin.
“He can’t attack us or he might shoot one of his precious zombies, what a
stupid dumb-ass.” There was shouting from behind them. Chuckling, he continued,
“Maybe he just found out that I shot his tires.”

They reached the vehicle in one piece.

Devon addressed the others as the swarms
of Walkers continued to advance. “We need to head back to the ranch. I want
everyone in on our next move.”

“Do you have any idea what that’s going
to be?” Brown asked.

“That’s what we need to figure out. But
if there’s some way we replicate what makes him ignored by the undead, we could
save the planet!”


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