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Devon shared the view from the rocky peak with Brown and the siblings.  Bringing his binoculars down, Brown turned to the others and said, “This guy might be crazy enough for twenty people and somehow able to trick the zombies from wanting to chow on him, but he’s certainly no mad genius.”

Grabbing the offered binoculars, Devon said, “What do you mean?”

“This guy’s so overconfident that-”

Spencer interrupted. “Overconfident, the spazzmo has a flippin’ God complex.”

“As I was saying, he’s in such a hurry to lead this army of zombies against us; he isn’t thinking some things through very well.”

Looking through the glasses, Devon said, “Like separating himself from his lured army by over a hundred feet.”

Brown favored them all with a humorless smile. “Yeah, besides a few zombies strapped into his jeep, the guy alone.”

“What about the girl in that cage?” Emily asked.

“I’m not forgetting about her,” Brown said.

*         *         *

 Haeds yelled in alarm when a zombie’s head exploded and sprayed him with gore. Before this could even sink in, the zombie behind him quivered and then fell silent. He panicked and for a moment froze. Then a pumping sound could be heard and suddenly the vehicle shook as a man launched himself out of a ravine and leapt onto the cage that held his queen.

He jerked back in alarm scrambling for his rifle.

But the dark bearded man appeared. “Hi there, sparky,” he said, before his fist connected with Haeds nose. It broke with a spray of blood. Before he could react, Black-beard was already yanking him from the truck. Soon blows rained down on him. “You should think more carefully before shooting at a man.”

Through the haze of pain he heard more voices.

The man on the cage talked to his queen. “Don’t worry. We’re going to free you. We have a ranch with a lot of people. You will be safe, I promise.”

Others were running to them wooting and yelling. “Yeah, Devon. Kick his ass, but leave me a piece, man.”

“Emily, help me with her,” the man on the cage yelled.

He flinched when the bearded man searched him and removed his weapons. A young teen kicked him in the ribs.

“Stop it, Spike,” Black-beard said. “Those other Walkers are getting close. Tie him up.”

“I want to put him in his own fucking cage,” The man with his queen snarled.

“Fine, I want you and the sibs to take him back to camp and keep him safe.”

“What the hell are you doing?” The girl they called Emily demanded.

“I’m going to try one of his tricks and use myself to lure his special undead friends back away from us.”

“Alone, hell no,” Spike said. “I’m going with you, Devon!”

“No, we need Brown to drive and you to watch weasel-boy,” the girl was saying. “I’ll go with Devon.”

Haeds heart froze when his queen began to scream. “Don’t guard him. Kill the sick freak. Kill him. Kill him. KILL HIM!”


Want to get in on the beginning of the Eternal Aftermath? Check it out here! 

Want to get in on the beginning of the Eternal Aftermath? Check it out here!

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