Dueling with the Darkness

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Hades grunted when his body hit the earth on the opposite side of the road block. Having zombies ignoring your presence turned out to not always be a good thing, for dozens of lumbering feet kicked and stepped on him has he struggled to rise. He groaned, his strength almost giving out.

He tried to push himself onto his hands and knees, but with two fingers missing from his left hand, he was forced to bite his lip to keep crying out from the pain. Yet, this had become the lesser of two evils for his queen, his one and only queen, had shot him through the right shoulder. Luckily, the bullet seemed to have passed through, but between the pain and the loose of blood it was all he could do to remain conscious.

And getting constantly smacked by his army wasn’t helping.

At least my brothers are providing me cover, he thought to himself as he attempted to crawl further from the barricade. After minutes of struggling, the zombies started to grow thin, but this also distressed him, for it reminded Haeds of how many of his ‘family’ had already perished from either the bullets of the trespassers or their damn bridge trap.

When he finally made it to his feet, little stood between him and their compound. He stumbled toward it looking little different from the stray zombies he passed.

“I’ll show them. I’ll show all these fuckers,” he growled. “The fools left enough here for me to begin my vengeance, but where should I start?

Looking back the way he had come, he saw his ‘family’ pouring over the barricade that he had thankfully been able to damage. Still, it distressed him to see many of the zombies plunging to their final deaths below the bridge. Between the bullets and the bridge he would not be surprised if more than half of his original four hundred troops had been put down.

The sounds of escaping car engines rose over the constant moans, he laughed when he saw that his enemies had been forced to retreat. “Ha, they might be safe from my zombies for now, but I’m also finally free of those assholes.”

He paused near the remnants of their motor pool.

What should I be doing? Then it hit him. Being the idiots there were, the trespassers had made no attempt to conceal from him that some of their party had entered Haeds’ kingdom. “How dare they try to take what’s mine. These trespassers will be dealt with first. Then I’ll gather the rest of my troops and with a big truck or two, I’ll hurt the rest of these losers down. They will pay for what they have done. Turning my queen against me, stealing from me, killing my family…”

A rage burned through him and his hands became white knuckled fists. Turning his head toward the clouds he screamed loud enough to send the vultures flying off. “THEY WILL PAY!”

* * *

Mar hugged her naked and bruised knees to her chest.

It had happened again.

She had promised herself it would never happen again. She had told herself that she would kill herself before she would let it happen again, but she hadn’t. Looking around the bare grey room that had become her prison, she figured taking her life wouldn’t be possible, unless she banged her head against the wall, but she didn’t have the fortitude to do that to herself.

Besides, I’d probably pass out before I could finish the job and then I would just have a horrible headache when they came for me again.

She cursed the men that suggested that they head here. She cursed Alexander for listening to them. She cursed him again for claiming that he would protect her, when obviously he couldn’t. Lastly, she cursed herself for not following through and killing herself before she let another man touch her against her will.

Another torrent of tears washed down her dirty face. They fell to the grimy floor in cloudy drops.

“Oh God, what will become of us. These religious fruitcakes are scarier than the Rips. At least all they wanted was sex and drugs.” She thought about the others in their small group. What would become of them? Were the men being tortured or just killed?

What about Alexander? Would they free him because of his medical degrees? Will they give him special treatment? There certainly wasn’t any evidence of that happening so far.


She started to cry again, but then the tears caught in throat. She heard something. There it was again. Footsteps down the hall.

Please. Don’t be coming for me. Please. Please. Please.

Then she heard the key moving in the lock.

They were coming for her.

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