Dirtroad of Death

April 28, 2012 at 4:09 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Spencer’s head jerked back and forth, like a manic on meth. “What the hell? What the hell? This can’t be happening!”

Their group had shrunk from fifty-six to seven in a matter of days. Who knows who’s alive or dead at this point? One thing for sure, Flitch isn’t.

The dwindling team drove in Brown’s Suburban and Mel’s pick up. The two women, Kimberly and Ann, rode behind them. Rollie crunched in the hatch back with the rear window down. If Mel hadn’t been the other driver, he might have refused to leave. The death of his best friend had left him ready to run through two hundred zombies if the chance to kill Haeds was on the other side.

“Is anyone going to address what we’re going to do next?” Kimberly asked, after no one had spoken for a full minute. Under their wheels, the rough desert road dipped into a rocky dry river bed.

“We just need to get away from there, for now,” Brown said. “If we stayed any longer Mel would have gotten himself killed.”

“We can’t just head into Tucson,” Rollie yelled from the back.

“Mitch and the other group did,” Kimberly said. “Couldn’t we go the same place they did or at least try to find them?”

Spencer’s voice had an undercurrent of panic. “But my sister and Devon. If we head off to some random place, they will never find us. They probably need our help.”

The normally silent Ann spoke up. “I hate to tell you this, but your friends are dead. Haeds has a thousand zombies in San Miguel. If just the two of them went there they would have no chance.”

“You don’t know Devon!” Rollie said, his voice rising. “You don’t know what he’s done. He took on a fortified gang and the US military at the same time and won!”

Brown sounded more in control. “Sometimes two well-armed people can do what ten couldn’t”

“No one has answered my question,” Kimberly said. “What are we-”

Ann screamed, “Look out!”

Spencer’s head jerked back toward the road. He had expected a horde of Walkers, maybe a van full of Bangers, anything but what covered the road before them.


Dust rose in huge plum as Brown slammed on the breaks. The bumper came within two feet of the lead cow and she trotted off with a loud bellow.

“Looks like we won’t be going anywhere for a while,” Brown said.

“At least we can have steak.” Spencer managed a half grin.

Brown took a deep breath. “Spike’s right. I could use some sirloin. I say we break it here. We’re still not too far for Devon to find us. The zombie will come for us, but when can just waste a few dozen and drive on a quarter mile and repeat the process.”

“I’m sure Mel will like the idea the wasting Haeds’ army.” Then Rollie added, “And then him.”

“Alright people,” Spencer yelled. “It looks like its guerrilla theater time. Haeds thinks he’s won. Let’s prove to him how wrong that nut-job a-hole is!”

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