Cleaning WIth Bullets

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“Sons of bitches, Sons of bitches,” Sheriff Dells repeated like a mantra.  He looked through the loose pile of firearms until he dug up an M-4. He checked the weapon while Devon just tried to catch his breath. Below them the moans of the dead rose in volume as over two hundred walking corpses forced their way into the high school library.

As the rest of them focused on reloading and organizing the pile, Dells rushed to the edge of the second floor and opened up on the undead below. The shots echoed loudly and the other three watched as he emptied two clips into their masses. When Dells briefly paused to ram a third magazine home, Fosters hurried to speak up. “I assume there’s some sort of plan that involves more than shooting our way out of here.”

“Hell, this was just supposed to be a scouting mission,” Devon said. “I never thought we’d get in this deep.”

“If what you say about Haeds being captured is true, I’m glad you came when you did. It wouldn’t have been any easier for us to get out of here if we were half-starved. Shit, we’re already half-starved.”

“Shut the hell up!” Dells ordered, “And help me waste these pukes.”

Foster moved in closer to Devon and Emily. “The sheriff and Becca had a thing going.”

Emily tiffed, while she threw a backpack brimming with ammunition over her shoulder. “Yeah, I think we figured that out.”

“What are you waiting for?” Dells called out. “With this ammo, we can clean out the whole town and then take our leisure getting our revenge on Becca’s crazy freak of a brother.”

Devon waited until the magazine went empty again, then said, “Leisure is the one thing we don’t have. Whether Haeds is captured or not, there are still four hundred Walkers heading toward our friends and her brother. They’re going to need help—they probably already do. And these guns are that help. You and Fosters are that help. I’m sorry about Becca, but there’re people we care about that we still need to save.”

Dells slammed a new magazine, but didn’t fire. “Sounds like we’re going to need a vehicle. Ann told me that Haeds has a bunch of vehicles parked outside the school.”

Emily looked out the window. “Every Walker in this shit hole is converging on the high school. I love my bro, but we need to think this through before we lose our high ground. With that ramp taken out this is probably the safest place in town. Devon…” she looked at her boots for a moment, “I hate to disagree with you, but I think Dells might be right. There’s a lot of ammo and less than a thousand Walkers left here. It we can all just calm down and pick our shots, this city could be ours.”

“Don’t get your hopes up,” Fosters said. “We have been living off the corpse of this mining town for years. Not much left, at least not in the ways of food.”

“There are other things we need more,” Devon said. Turning toward Emily, he smiled. “When it comes to the matter of sharp shooting, I bow to my expert.  If it will help us in the long run, what’s a few hours making at least one place in Arizona Walker free.”

Emily blushed a little. “Now get rid of those pistols Devon. You need something like this M-4. It’s nice that there are a few of these and a lot of magazines.”

Soon they had each picked a spot and became snipers. Unlike any other war the earth had known, their foes didn’t shoot back. With the ramp destroyed, the breathers couldn’t be reached. Only two minutes went by before Devon went off into a side room, he came back with an old sponge that he tore up to equip them with make-shift ear plugs.

Minutes grew into hours. They had to switch guns several times when the ones they used overheated. The carnage below was horrible. The library had become a horrid soup of death. Four inches of pooling rotten body parts filled the lower level from wall to wall.

Outside was nearly as bad. Zombies covered every foot of ground and pavement with their decayed, but finally unmoving bodies. The smell proved enough to almost rob him of his scenes, but Dells and Fosters seemed less affected and threw themselves into the task.

Two hours later, nothing moved. They traveled over the roof and dropped down to an area free of rotting bodies. A few stray zombies lingered every few dozen yards, but with their firepower they were mowed down easily.

Dawn painted the eastern sky purple as the big hummer roared to life. Soon they drove east to meet the rising sun, but Devon just wished he knew what else he might find.

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Death of Becca

Death of Becca


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