Insanity, Revenge, and Evil

May 12, 2012 at 1:42 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

Haeds stumbled down the dusty gore splattered dirt road. He mumbled to himself as he hurried his thrashed body along. “How dare they? How dare they? At least I’m finally free of those fucking peasants, but I’ve been beaten, mutilated and shot. Fine way for them to treat the Emperor of the Dead.”

“I’m glad most of the people of this world are dead. It seems to me that if anything there are too many breathers alive.”

Once he reached the ranch, Haeds hurried to the three remaining vehicles. Before he had moved within twenty feet he began cursing. “They took the damn batteries! I bet it was that kid too. I almost hate him worse that that bastard who cut off my two fingers!”

“Argh!” Haeds grew more furious than he could control and kicked over supplies and threw rocks through a couple of windows.

“Okay, okay. I gotta be smart. They might find a way back here. I’m hurt really bad.” After kicking down the door to the main house, he searched around until he found a tie shirt to bandage his arm. It appeared that the bullet had passed through, which had to be good, but he felt light headed and sick. A little water helped him feel better, but not as much as pissing all over someone’s office desk.

He grabbed up the biggest canteen he could find and some dried meat. He dumped the rest of the water in the kitchen on the remainder of the food he could find. “Wait, what am I doing, I should just burn this place to the ground.” He paused. “No, they could have collected some valuable gear. I’ll come back later and search.”


“My own queen shot me. They must have done something. Made her do it.”

He found a backpack, tossed his supplies into it. On the way out he saw a big axe. “Maybe I’ll chop some thing off of them.”

Soon he had headed out the door and back toReddington Pass Road. It would be a very long walk back to San Miguel. He looked around and thought he saw something moving in the desert. He shielded his eyes from the setting sun. “Probably a stray zombie.”

He started down the road. Once he thought he heard a noise like a dislodged rock might make. Looking, he caught a flash of black. Hurrying his pace as fast as his injured body would allow, Haeds headed back to the place he called his kingdom.

The Eternal Aftermath begins here!


Insane Haeds

Insane Haeds

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