Surrounded by Evil, Ringed by Dead

September 15, 2012 at 3:28 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Something woke him. A moment later, he absorbed that a constant shouting had roused him. A second after that, his dilemma came flooding back to him. Feigning he remained unconscious, Max attempted to take in whatever situation confronted him.

The three marauders fired orders and insults back and forth. The girl’s whimpering could barely be heard over the moaning and the racket of meaty fists banging on the master bedroom’s door.

Max’s eye squinted open and he saw that they had at least barricaded the door with both a wide dresser and the bed. But it wouldn’t be enough. Checking his body, he discovered that his hands had been bound behind his back.

I’m screwed.

“I say we throw this punk to the damn zombies,” Denny yelled. “They will focus on him and we can make our escape.”

“What go through there?” the man with the pistol said. “Are you nuts? I’d take my chance out the window, before that.”

“We’re on the second floor,” The rifleman said. “What good would getting a broken ankle do?”

“I can tell you how I escaped from the last house I was in,” Max called out, “If you promise to let me go.”

Denny charged over and grabbed him by the hair. “You hit me in the nuts, boy! I’m going to feed you to the dead freaks and that’s the only help from you that I will need.”

“What good is that going to do?”

Spittle flew into Max’s face while Denny raged. “It will make me feel a lot better.”

A loud cracking gave everyone pause. The pistol man broke the silence. The man had an unkempt tangle of brown hair and looked like he had quit shaving a week before the apocalypse began. “Den, we need to do something now! I don’t want to feel them biting me.”

“Relax Randy, that’s not going to happen. We just need to hold out a day or two and the army will sweep away this mess.”

“Well,” Max spoke quickly. “If that’s how you feel than my plan is perfect. We will be perfectly safe and easy to spot.”

The rifleman spoke. He wore a cowboy hat that had seen better days and concealed the upper part of his face. “You talking about the roof. How the hell could we get up there?”

They allowed him to sit up and it was hard not to grin when he saw that one of them had grabbed his sword. “Let me use my sword and I’ll have us somewhere safe in a few minutes.” He chanced a glance at the girl. She had only a blanket over her naked body. She eyed him through tortured red rimmed eyes.

“Bullshit!” Denny yelled. “Like we would give you your weapon back.” His palm slapped the top of his head, which caused Max’s broken nose to throb in agony. “And don’t you look at her.”

“We better do something,” The rifleman said. As one, the group saw the first gap appear in the upper part of the door. “You know I don’t have much ammo. We don’t have enough for what’s here and if I start shooting they’ll come from every direction.”

Denny picked up the sword. For a moment Max thought he was going to cut his head off, but instead, he violently cut his bounds. After Max had stood, Denny said, “Here’s your stupid sword, you little prick. I hope you try to do something, because then we’ll shoot you in the guts and you’ll be the first to be eaten alive.”

Max grabbed the sword and said, “Just stay out of my way and try to keep them off my back until I’m done.” Behind him the door cracked loudly and the first hand pushed its way through the gap.

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What lurks behind the door

What lurks behind the door

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