See Emily Slay

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See Emily Slay

-Prequel to the Eternal Aftermath Series-


By Michael D. Griffiths


“So what else happened? I can’t believe Steve would be such a jerk to her.” Emily’s toes could just touch the water from where she sat next to Sarah on the diving board. The water felt cool and it was tempting to dive in again, but she wanted to hear what Sarah had to say about Steve.

Her friend’s brown eyes danced with excitement. “Well you know that Steve took Mandy to the school dance, but while she was sneaking shots of Komo in the girl’s room, Steve-”

“Emily! Emily.”

Sarah stopped and glared at her. “Is that your stupid little brother? He just wants to spy on us in our bikinis. Emily!”

Emily didn’t think twelve year old girls had much to show anyone and Spencer sunglasses were so thick she sometimes wondered if he wandered through the world in a half-blind fog. He wore those three sized too large sunglasses that morning as he pushed his way through the gate and ran into Sarah’s back yard.

“Get out of here, you freak,” were the first words she had for her younger brother, who had yet to be graced with a double digit age.

“No Emily, this is important. Dad called and said he wants us both to go home and lock the doors right now. Something bad is happening.” She only noticed then that Spencer carried his metal baseball bat with him.

“You are such a geek,” Sarah taunted. “You’ll think of any excuse to come back here and spy on us.”

“Spying would mean you couldn’t see me watching you,” Spencer yelled back. “I’m standing right here.”

But Emily was listening to other sounds while they argued. Someone was screaming down the street. Not the type of scream you get when your brother drops a cold ice cube on your back. This scream didn’t stop. It just got louder. “Shhh, do you guys hear that?”

“What that ambulance?”

Emily shook her head in frustration, when the siren blocked out what she had tried to listen to. She wiggled her fingers in Sarah’s direction. “Come on, get up. I should at least call my dad and see if he really did need something.”

Sarah exited the diving board first so Emily could follow. As he reached the deck, she aimed her eyes toward Spencer. “And if he didn’t call, we are going to kick your ass.”

“But my dad did call and-”

A throaty growl caught their attentions and before they could even imagine what it could be, a man lurched into the back yard. He walked like he balanced on kneeless wooden legs, but what caused her breath to catch in her throat was the blood covering the man’s shirt and face.

The man went straight for Sarah.

Her friend screamed and began to run away. In her panic, she fell into the pool. The man stumbled after her and toppled into the water with a loud splash. Fingers clutched and grabbed at Sarah, but the blood covered man didn’t seem to be able to swim. As he sunk, one of his hands grabbed onto Sarah’s ankle.

He jerked at her and her head went under. Fighting and kicking, Sarah was able to take in a breath before he pulled her under again. “Give us your hands!” Spencer yelled, but she was too far away.

Emily’s eyes quickly scanned left than right. She saw the long net Sarah’s family used to scrap leaves off the surface of the pool. She grabbed it quickly. But instead of trying to have Sarah clutch it, she rammed the net end into the sunken man’s face. When he didn’t let go, she did it again harder. On her third try, she put everything she had into the blow. The frantic man stepped back and released his grip.

Emily now used the net to help fish her friend out of what was quickly become a blood bath. Red spread across the pool like there had been a shark attack.

Sarah looked like she wanted to scream, but her lungs full of water wouldn’t let her.

Spencer’s voice seemed three octaves higher, when he yelled, “It think he’s trying to climb the steps out of the pool!”

“Come on Sarah,” Emily pleaded while helping her friend to her feet. “My dad is coming home. He can help us. Your parents aren’t even here. You need to come to our house.” Emily paused to grab up her t-shirt and shorts. She only had sandals, but those went on first.

Sarah looked like she might try to argue until the bleeding man’s head broke free of the pool and gave a wet groan.

Spencer had already headed toward the street and she heard him yell, “Oh no!”

Grabbing Sarah’s wrist with her free hand, she cried, “Spencer!” as she hurried after her brother.


You can find out where Emily and Spencer enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!


Emily and Spencer

Emily and Spencer

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