See Emily Slay Part VI

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Emily felt paralyzed. Her dad had Spencer to bring her home, but now, with all these blood drenched murderers roaming the streets, he wasn’t there himself. Her knees felt weak and almost bucked as she gasped, “Oh no,” again.

Chris snapped her back to the present by yelling, “Come on, we can’t just stand here. The more of those things that see us head into your house the worse it’ll be. You have keys, right?”

“We both do!” Spencer yelled and started to race forward, until Chris grabbed him by the arm. “Hold on, cowboy. Let’s go up as a group. Let me have those keys.”

Spencer reluctantly handed them over, as Emily’s head jerked from side to side. There were less cannibals here, but more than enough to make her want to get into her house. For a moment she watched them. If they could run, the small group would be overrun in moments. Instead yellowed eyes glared with a mixture of vacancy and hatred.

Bald Zombie Hate

Bald Zombie Hate

They can’t stand us—want us to be like them.

“I hate you too,” She whispered. “And if I find out you did anything to my father, I’ll kill every last one of you.” A bald head bobbed as blood dripped from its half torn away chin. It reached for her with a drawn out moan and Emily ran to catch up with the others.

*         *         *

Fists banged against the front door before she even had a chance to catch her breath.

“When they move to the windows, we’ll be in serious trouble,” Chris said. “Where are all those guns you keep talking about?”

“My dad keeps them in a safe. I…I don’t have the combination.” While Emily answered the man, she watched blood drip from his gory axe onto their new carpeting. It had been a point of pride with her mother to keep it perfect, the whole house perfect. Part of Emily felt relieved that she was gone so her mother wouldn’t have to witness any of this. See the blood spreading across her perfect carpet.

“Maybe we should move the kids into the middle bedroom. It might be the safest,” Jewels said, as checked made sure all the windows were locked.

“We aren’t going to be safe at all unless we can get some guns.”

Jewels shot him an angry glare while saying, “Just help secure this place and then we’ll worry about-”

The loud ring of the land line interrupted her. Both Spencer and Emily leapt for the phone, but Emily’s long legs proved faster and she snatched up the phone before the third ring.


“Yes, Emily it’s me.” She started to say something, but he broke in. “Emily, you need to listen to me. The traffic’s terrible, and these evil things are all over the place, but I’ll make it there as quickly as I can, even if I have to walk.”

“I saw them, dad. It’s horrible.”

“Good, then you know how serious this is. Now listen very carefully.” While her father talked, she heard the banging growing louder. More of the infected people had joined the first ones who had seen them. “Emily the combination for the safe is right to my birthday, left to your birthday and then right three times until you get to Spence’s birth day. Got it?”

“Yeah dad, they are two adults here with us.”

“Good give them guns too, if you think they can be trusted. Give Spence one too. This is that serious, and one more thing…”

With the loud hammering against the house, it took her a couple of seconds to realize the phone had gone dead. “Dad, oh no Dad!”

“Tell us some good news, kid,” Chris yelled at her while he propped the kitchen table against the living room’s wide front window. A second later, a huge crack ran up it. Chris hurried to move two sofas in behind the table. “What about the guns? That won’t hold them long!”

As if snatched out of a daze, she yelled, “The safe,” and raced toward it with Spencer on her heels. Sarah quickly joined the other children as Chris and Jewels continued to fortify the front of the house.

The front window shattered and Chris quickly changed to a more aggressive defense and chopped at them with his axe while pushing them back out the window with his make-shift shield. Jewels attempted to hold the table on place with her shoulder, but she was losing that battle.

Emily did her best to push back the horror and focus on the safe. Her first attempt failed. “It won’t open!”

“Try again, try again,” Sarah screamed.

During her second attempt, she heard glass shattering in the back of the house.

“The sliding doors,” Spencer said, with his eyes filled with panic.

“Come on Emily,” she said to herself as she began her third attempt. “Come on. One, two, three…got it!”

Zombie at the Back Window

Zombie at the Back Window

The safe swung open and that was the exact moment that a foul faced man with a beard of blood and torn flesh appeared behind Sarah and yanked her back into the kitchen by her hair.


To be continued next Saturday…

See Emily Slay

See Emily Slay


You can discover where Emily and Spencer enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!

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See Emily Slay Part V

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The First Episode Appears 10/13.


The small group of survivors made it past the zombies that tried to cut them off, mostly by the EMT Chris getting aggressive and charging them with his axe and makeshift shield. Sarah cried out when strings of gore covered the man’s uniform as he took his axe to two of the shambling things.

Man with axe, equals minus one zombie

Man with axe, equals minus one zombie

The first one Chris axed in the head and it stayed down, but the second one he smashed through the heart. This one didn’t fall, but instead lurched forward trying to grab the EMT. Only the long handle of the axe kept the thing at bay. On either side of them more of the infected people stumbled toward them in groups of twos and threes.

As Chris wrestled with the impaled man, Jewels screamed, “Just leave the axe! We need to keep going.”

“How can there be so many so fast,” Emily whispered to herself.

Spencer ignored her comment and instead rushed toward Chris. “I think you have to hit them in the head!” her brother yelled and then swung his aluminum bat at the base of the impaled man’s skull. The thing staggered, but the others drew closer.

“Give me that,” Chris ordered, as he snatched the bat from Spencer’s hands. He laid in on the one with the axe stuck in its chest. Two smacks later and it had stopped moving. “I think you’re right, kid.”

Two more of the madmen had moved in closer to him. One wore torn hospital scrubs and the other might have been someone’s kindly old grandmother, if she wasn’t drooling blood onto her gory summer dress. Chris went at each of them with the bat, while yelling at Spencer. “Free my axe, kid.”

Zombie Bloody Zombie

Zombie Bloody Zombie

While Spencer went to work trying to tear the axe free, Jewels grabbed Sarah by the hand, once more, and lead her through the intersection. As she hurried by, she addressed Emily. “How much further is your house?”

“Only two more blocks,” she started to say, but then had her heart catch in her throat when she saw a stray blood covered man in a jogging suit lurch toward her brother’s back. Spencer continued pulling at the embedded axe and hadn’t seen the thing coming at him. Chris still fought anything that came near him and Jewels had moved too far away to help.

It was up to her.

Zombie Jogger

Zombie Jogger

With a yell, she charged the blood covered jogger. She wasn’t sure what to do, so she went low with her shovel and connected with the thing’s right knee. A loud snap sounded and the thing almost fell, but then continued to ignore Emily and head for her brother. Spencer noticed the man and his eyes went wide as he redoubled his efforts to free the axe.

Emily stayed behind the murderous man and went for the same leg. This time she used the blade of the shovel to hook the thing’s ankle and pulled. The shovel was almost torn from her hands, but the effort proved enough to trip the jogger and send him crashing face first onto the pavement. Emily started to smack it on the back repeatedly, but soon moved to just using the shovel to keep it pinned.

“Spencer, hurry!” Her young voice sounded full of panic to her own ears and she just hoped that another one of these horrible things wasn’t about to grab her.

The axe finally came away with a jet of blood. Spencer dashed to her side and brought the axe up like he was splinting a log, but split the thing’s head instead. She cried out when a blast of grey matter splattered her t-shirt, but then hurried Spencer toward Sarah and Jewels. Chris ran to join them

As the group began their half-jog, Jewels looked over at the EMT. “You got yourself covered in blood and now the kids are too. Who knows what that might do? You could be infected now.”

“For all we know it’s a gas leak,” he countered, “and we could all be infected. Better to risk a blood bath than get bit or torn apart by these freaks.”

She didn’t comment, but instead turned toward Emily again. “Now where is your house, hun?”

“It’s over there, but OH NO!”

“What’s wrong?” Jewels asked.

“My dad’s car isn’t there!”

To be continued next Saturday…

You can discover where Emily and Spencer enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!

Zombie Boy

Zombie Boy

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See Emily Slay Part IV

November 3, 2012 at 2:35 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Part I of this Series begins October 13th


They had to duck and dash around the moving things that should be dead. Luckily they were awkward and stiff, but many of them could move in a quicker lurching gate. Arms reached and fingers grabbed at them. However, they were few enough in number that the small group made it past the growling half-men and rushed onto the smaller road on the far side of Euclid.

Looking back, Emily saw they had escaped the cannibals that plagued the road, but now these joined the others that already followed behind them. Soon, there were over twenty of the lumbering things in their wake.

“We gotta slow down,” the woman said. “They’re just kids.”

As the group lowered their pace to a half jog, Emily took in the two adults that had joined them. The women wore an EMT uniform and looked around thirty, it stuck Emily funny somehow that her long brown hair still looked pretty even in the middle of all the insanity that their lives had recently become.

“At least they’re living kids,” the young man said. As he moved, his t-shirt hiked up a little revealing a bicep tattoo. Despite the situation, Emily found herself staring at it until she realized that it was a zoot-suit fox smoking what was probably an oversized cartoon joint.

He spoke again. “So does anyone have any clue about what’s going on?”

The woman, who still had Sarah by the hand said, “I got a call on the way back to the hospital saying that I should stay away. I didn’t get a chance to ask why before the line with dispatch went dead. I tried to call back, but no one was answering the phones there. The next thing I knew, the man we had been transporting attacked my partner and bit out poor Jerry’s throat. Jerry was the man you just killed with your crowbar back there. Besides that, you know as much as me.”

“I bet it started at the hospital,” Spencer said. A spring of blood from the nurse he had saved Emily from painted a stripe over the left lens of his sunglasses. He refused to let Emily hold his hand and welded his bat like a tiny Viking warrior.

“Hold on,” the man suddenly said, and sprinted toward a carport. Emily started to panic. What’s he doing? He isn’t going to leave us, is he? Behind them, the growing mass of stumbling corpses drew ever closer.

Emily and Spencer

Emily and Spencer

Emily figured the woman had similar thoughts running through her head, for she nearly screamed. “Where are you going? Get back here. We need your help!”

“Keep your panties on,” he yelled, but then eyed Emily and said, “Opps, sorry.” The thirty or so blood soaked cannibals were only fifty feet shy of them when he returned to the street. “Here he said, while tossing the woman his crowbar. The man had found an axe and seemed rather pleased with himself. He also carried a trash can lid which he held in front of himself like a medieval shield.

Glancing back, he said, “We had better move.” After they put an additional twenty yards between them and their pursuers, he asked, “So what is the game plan? My car is still parked at Bookmans. It’s only a few blocks away. We could try to get it.”

“No, we need to get to my dad,” Spencer said.

Emily finally snapped out of the trance that had fogged her mind since the nurse had grabbed her. “He’s right. We’re only about ten blocks from there. Our dad has guns and stuff.”

“I hope he has a lot of bullets,” the guy said, “Because those things keep following us.”

“I think she’s right,” the EMT said. “These back roads won’t have as many of whatever the hell those things are. It must be some terrorist attack. Some kind of chemical. If we aren’t infected we need to keep it that way. And after I saw what happened to Jerry, once you’re infected, I don’t think there’s any coming back.”

She continued as they passed through another intersection. Off to their right was a scream, but they just kept moving. “Bookmans might be crawling with those things now. Their father will have a car. If we’re going back for your car, I’d rather have wheels and a gun in my hand first.”

“No argument there. My name is Chris by the way.”


“Hey, here comes a car,” he yelled.

The two adults started to wave their arms in an attempt to flag down the approaching Black Tahoe.

“Spencer come here,” Emily ordered, while grabbing her brother’s hand and dragging him to the sidewalk. “I have a bad feeling…”

The SUV wasn’t slowing. Sarah screamed as it bore down on her and the adults.

“Son of a bitch,” the woman cried, just before she scooped the slim form of Sarah into her arms and ran for the curb.

“Asshole,” Chris screamed after the racing car.

Emily watched as the things marching behind them forced the vehicle to put on its breaks. Seconds later, it flew into reverse, but it had happened so quickly that the rear of the Tahoe slammed into a parked car.

The murdering people stumbled up to it. Bloody hands left smears on the hood and side walls. The vehicle sped forward and half a dozen of the things were thrown or run over. But the Tahoe had been at a standstill and it didn’t have enough speed to plow through so many. The mangled freaks surrounded it. One of the run over people had gotten struck in the wheel well, which further slowed the vehicle. They were on all sides now and banged against every window with complete disregard for their own bodies. Bones snapped and flesh tore. Sarah turned away and buried her face in Jewel’s stomach.

A resounding window crack could be heard over the constant moaning.

Zombie At The Car Window

Zombie At The Car Window

“Should we try to help them?” Jewels asked.

“Screw em’ they nearly ran you over. With them distracting those pukes we might be able to make it to these kids’ house without a whole damn horde of those things on our heels.”

Several of the pack broke away and continued toward the small group. Sarah screaked when two more appeared around a corner in the direction they still had to travel.

“We had better go before we get cut off,” Chris said. “What the hell happened at your damn hospital anyway that could have caused all this?”

Jewels only stared at him a moment, before she grabbed Sarah’s hand and starting in the direction that Emily prayed would lead them to dad.

Crusty Zombie

Crusty Zombie

To be continued next Saturday…

You can discover where Emily and Spencer enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!

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