See Emily Slay Part V

November 17, 2012 at 12:46 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

The First Episode Appears 10/13.


The small group of survivors made it past the zombies that tried to cut them off, mostly by the EMT Chris getting aggressive and charging them with his axe and makeshift shield. Sarah cried out when strings of gore covered the man’s uniform as he took his axe to two of the shambling things.

Man with axe, equals minus one zombie

Man with axe, equals minus one zombie

The first one Chris axed in the head and it stayed down, but the second one he smashed through the heart. This one didn’t fall, but instead lurched forward trying to grab the EMT. Only the long handle of the axe kept the thing at bay. On either side of them more of the infected people stumbled toward them in groups of twos and threes.

As Chris wrestled with the impaled man, Jewels screamed, “Just leave the axe! We need to keep going.”

“How can there be so many so fast,” Emily whispered to herself.

Spencer ignored her comment and instead rushed toward Chris. “I think you have to hit them in the head!” her brother yelled and then swung his aluminum bat at the base of the impaled man’s skull. The thing staggered, but the others drew closer.

“Give me that,” Chris ordered, as he snatched the bat from Spencer’s hands. He laid in on the one with the axe stuck in its chest. Two smacks later and it had stopped moving. “I think you’re right, kid.”

Two more of the madmen had moved in closer to him. One wore torn hospital scrubs and the other might have been someone’s kindly old grandmother, if she wasn’t drooling blood onto her gory summer dress. Chris went at each of them with the bat, while yelling at Spencer. “Free my axe, kid.”

Zombie Bloody Zombie

Zombie Bloody Zombie

While Spencer went to work trying to tear the axe free, Jewels grabbed Sarah by the hand, once more, and lead her through the intersection. As she hurried by, she addressed Emily. “How much further is your house?”

“Only two more blocks,” she started to say, but then had her heart catch in her throat when she saw a stray blood covered man in a jogging suit lurch toward her brother’s back. Spencer continued pulling at the embedded axe and hadn’t seen the thing coming at him. Chris still fought anything that came near him and Jewels had moved too far away to help.

It was up to her.

Zombie Jogger

Zombie Jogger

With a yell, she charged the blood covered jogger. She wasn’t sure what to do, so she went low with her shovel and connected with the thing’s right knee. A loud snap sounded and the thing almost fell, but then continued to ignore Emily and head for her brother. Spencer noticed the man and his eyes went wide as he redoubled his efforts to free the axe.

Emily stayed behind the murderous man and went for the same leg. This time she used the blade of the shovel to hook the thing’s ankle and pulled. The shovel was almost torn from her hands, but the effort proved enough to trip the jogger and send him crashing face first onto the pavement. Emily started to smack it on the back repeatedly, but soon moved to just using the shovel to keep it pinned.

“Spencer, hurry!” Her young voice sounded full of panic to her own ears and she just hoped that another one of these horrible things wasn’t about to grab her.

The axe finally came away with a jet of blood. Spencer dashed to her side and brought the axe up like he was splinting a log, but split the thing’s head instead. She cried out when a blast of grey matter splattered her t-shirt, but then hurried Spencer toward Sarah and Jewels. Chris ran to join them

As the group began their half-jog, Jewels looked over at the EMT. “You got yourself covered in blood and now the kids are too. Who knows what that might do? You could be infected now.”

“For all we know it’s a gas leak,” he countered, “and we could all be infected. Better to risk a blood bath than get bit or torn apart by these freaks.”

She didn’t comment, but instead turned toward Emily again. “Now where is your house, hun?”

“It’s over there, but OH NO!”

“What’s wrong?” Jewels asked.

“My dad’s car isn’t there!”

To be continued next Saturday…

You can discover where Emily and Spencer enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!

Zombie Boy

Zombie Boy

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