See Emily Slay Part VII

December 1, 2012 at 2:45 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , , , )

Emily screamed when her best friend was dragged into the kitchen by the bloody faced, cannibal man. The two adults remained too busy keeping the front of the house from being overrun to be able to come to the children’s aid.

Spencer yelled, “Grab a gun, hurry!”

Emily’s small fingers grabbed one of the heavy pistols that lined the bottom of the gun safe. She lifted it with both hands and aimed at the growling thing that Sarah tried to keep at bay.

The gun clicked empty.

“The bullets, the bullets,” Spencer stammered and the siblings cracked heads as they each rushed to grab magazines.  Their fingers fumbled for a moment, but then Spencer handed her one, “Here, here!”

She slammed the clip home, but it was too late. The evil thing leaned forward, and even as she watched, took a bite out of the middle of Sarah’s forehead. The young girl let out a shriek, which was the most horrible thing Emily had heard in her short life, and started to thrash and flail her arms. The bloody man lost his grip while his focus shifted to chewing and Sarah fell back and hit her temple on the side of their wooden kitchen table. The screams were cut short as her friend toppled to the floor.

The infected man moved toward Sarah, as if to take another bite, and that was when two shots from Emily’s gun crashed into its chest. They didn’t do much more than get the thing’s attention and it lurched at them.

They Are Coming to Get You Emily

They Are Coming to Get You Emily

“The head!” Spencer shouted, as he grabbed up a pistol of his own. “Remember Chris said to aim for the head.”

She paused and took aim as the thing stumbled closer. Ten feet, five feet.


It toppled over without so much as a twitch.

A second later, Chris let out an intense cry of pain from the front of the house. This was quickly followed by Jewels yelling, “We need those guns up here, hurry!”

Emily tossed her backpack to Spencer. “Fill this with everything in the safe.” Then she grabbed two more guns and rammed their magazine home. As she did this, Emily took in the scene in the front of the living room. The adults were abandoning the shattered window while as least a dozen of the infected mad man poured into her house. Chris appeared to be clutching a bleeding arm.

Jewels shouted. “Help me shut this door. It will buy us some time,” and the two adults paused to close the wooden door that separated the living room from the hallway that led to the kitchen.

“Emily,” Spencer drew out her name while fear owned his voice.

Expecting another group of murderous fiends cutting off their escape, Emily turned to instead see her friend rising to her feet. Sarah gained her feet slowly and then took small steps toward them, like a person in a daze.

Sarah Walks Again

Sarah Walks Again

“Shot her!” Spencer yelled. “She’s one of them now.”

“I can’t. How can you be sure?”

“Look at her. She’s one of the infected now.”

While Sarah drew closer, her arms stretched out as her mouth opened and released a sick wet moan.

Sarah Bloody Sarah

Sarah Bloody Sarah


“I can’t. I can’t”

Sarah approached closer and her reaching hands grasped at Emily. When her best friend neared her, its head suddenly exploded and sprayed Emily with a shower of blood. Her eyes went wide and she opened her mouth the scream, but nothing could come out. It took her another second to realize that Spencer had still been loading his pistol, then who…

But before her eyes could even focus past the red haze, she heard Spencer cry, “Dad!”


Brain Splattered Emily

Brain Splattered Emily

To be continued next Saturday…


You can discover where Emily and Spencer enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!

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