Broken Glass, Brains, and Blood (Spiking it, Part III)

January 5, 2013 at 3:53 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

Within seconds the first bloody slaps were heard as the undead hands pressed against the windows of the car. An obese man, without a shirt on, began to pound the passenger side window just inches from Spencer’s face.

The man’s throat had been torn away and his mouth sprayed blood through the two inches the window left down. Spencer raised his pistol. It felt cold and awkward in his nine-year old hands. But, as he took aim, the gnashing teeth caused him to hesitate. Are those strings of human flesh hanging between his teeth?


Fat Faced Zombie

Fat Faced Zombie


It snarled louder and smashed the window with his fist. Spencer screamed when the window shattered. A second later, he squeezed the trigger and his bullet hit the zombie in the nose. His head jerked back and it tottered for a moment, before toppling back onto the asphalt like a chain-sawed tree.

“Emily,” he yelled, “my window broke. They can get me!”

“All dad’s extra guns and ammo are in here.” But more of them were coming. Emily shot down the two nearest to her and then began to crawl into the driver’s seat. “Did dad leave the keys?”

“Yeah, but-”

His words were cut short by a violent arm being thrust through the open window. It clawed at his face and Spencer cried out when a few hundred strands of hair were yanked from his head.

Again he fired, but his four shots were too low and took the thing in the guts.

“Aim for the head,” his sister said.

“I know, I know!”

There was a loud retort and the clutching zombie fell away. “Dad, is it dad?” Emily said.

“No, it’s Chris. He’s still helping us.”

“Good, keep them back while I get the car started.”

“But Em, you don’t know how to drive.”

“How hard can it be?”

Zombies surrounded the entire car. They were only one deep, but the gunshots were drawing others. Despite her brave words, Spencer could hear the uncertainty in his sister’s voice. He braced himself as he aimed for the zombie that was trying to crawl into the car through the broken window. His shot hit it in the forehead. The bang was loud and Emily screamed when half of the interior windshield was painted with brains and blood.


At the car window

At the car window


“Get it out of the car,” She ordered, but Spencer saw that the body actually helped protect them by blocking the broken window. But this didn’t last long. A zombie, with a bleeding gash where one of its eyes should have been, began to jerk at the dead body and tried to pull it away, Spencer went to attempt to shoot it, but quickly realized that his pistol was empty.

With a yelp, he hurried to load the revolver. He was just getting the box of bullets out, when their car jerked forward and smashed a parked car. The box slipped from his hands and the bullets went flying in every direction. The one-eyed zombie had held onto the lodged body and it had tumbled away when the car moved. Other flesh-eaters had fallen and one might have ended up under the car, but their bodies hurried to right themselves with stiff movements and loud moans. Soon they would be surrounded again.


Lurching Dead

Lurching Dead


Spencer yelled, “Reverse!” as the one he had just been fighting, power-walked toward him. Short fingers fumbled for bullets and he picked up a handful of them.

He managed to hold on to them when Emily threw it into reverse and hit another parked car. Somehow through the chaos, he could hear that Chris still shot at the zombies that attacked them, but he was on the other side and the same one-eyed zombie charged at the open window.


Angry Zombie

Angry Zombie


Spencer had managed to load two bullets into the revolver before the angry zombie’s hands thrust in at him. Two of the fingers of one hand were missing, but this didn’t keep it from clawing and gouging at him. It grabbed his shirt and started to yank Spencer out of the car. He screamed and pulled the trigger as fast as he could.


He braced his legs against the door.


One-eye grabbed him with its wounded hand as well.


His face was only inches away from the snapping teeth and then his world became a shower of red and gore. He moved back toward Emily with a gasp. The Gods of fate somehow aided them, for his head hit her arm in such a way that the wheel turned and they bounced over a curb. The blow sent everything in the car flying, yet they had driven into the apartment complex and were closer to their father.

“We need to drive to dad,” she said.

“What about Chris?”

“We…” But even as the children looked back, they saw that Chris’ gun had run dry and the walking dead closed in on him from every side.

“We need to help him…” Spencer never finished his sentence for as the siblings watched, a zombie came up from behind and torn into Chris’ shoulder with its teeth. Another pushed him onto the ground and the constant moaning was drowned out by Chris’ high pitched cries as the things tore him apart.

Emily had tears on her face as she aimed the SUV the direction their dad and Jewels had headed and drove deeper into the apartment complex.


To be continued next Saturday.


You can discover where Spencer and Emily enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!


Zombies Feasting on Chris

Zombies Feasting on Chris

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