Lock Down, Bite Down Part IV

August 24, 2013 at 4:26 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Mickey managed to keep silent for about as long as it took Bill to jump into the back seat with Becca so Sheriff Dells could ride up front. “So what’s going on, sheriff?”

“I wish I knew.”

“I can tell you,” Becca spoke up from the back. “Little Mary came back from Tucson with a nasty bite. The doctor was checking her for a fever or something and she bit out his throat. A minute after that, he stopped moving. A minute after that he killed Tom Simpson. I think that if they bite you, you end up like them, sooner than later. Oh, my brother. He was bitten. I didn’t know what to do. I left him there.”

tears, dark, girl, gloomy, gothic

“I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Bill said.

“No he won’t!” He scream sounded far too loud within the truck. “These crazy things are eating people. My brother is dead,” She wailed before breaking down into tears.

As the group tore around the corner, he saw a sight that froze his blood. Emma, the older woman he had just assisted crouched over Molly Atkins and violently pulled Molly’a bowels from her blood drenched body.

“Holy hell,” Mickey gasped, while Bill lost his lunch all over the back of the truck

As the scent of vomit filled the cab, Dells yelled, “That’s it, pull over.” Mickey was quick to comply and Dells hurried from the truck. He approached Emma slowly with his pistol drawn.

Before he had gotten within twenty feet, the sounds of tearing flesh assaulted his ears, but these proved mild compared to the sickening slurping and grunting of Emma crewing on poor Molly’s organs.

“Emma…” Despite everything, he still wanted to believe there was some explanation. But when Emma’s milky eyes looked up over her blood painted face, Dells knew true fear. A moment later, she rose to her feet and started stumbling toward him.

“Shot here. Shot her!” Becca screamed.

The front of his former teacher was bathed in blood and she let loose a deep moan.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Jansen,” he whispered before putting a bullet between her eyes.

He couldn’t be sure how long he stood there staring at the kind old woman he had just killed before Molly sat up like a vampire in its coffin. Her head jerked toward him, and as she began to rise to her feet, her bowls spilled over the hot pavement like overflowing pasta.


Becca didn’t need to instruct him this time and he shot her in the chest. But the woman kept coming. “The head shot worked before…” and it did again.

More shouting could be heard back the way they had just retreated from.

“Come on, Sheriff,” Mickey yelled.

He didn’t need more encouragement than that and rushed back to the truck.

Becca spoke toward him before he opened the side door. “So do you believe me now?”

“I think I believed you before. I just hadn’t wanted too.”

“So what now?” Mickey asked.

Dells opened his door. “Same plan as before. We get to my station and stock up on arms. We need to save our town.”

He was just about to climb into the car when Becca’s brother appeared and grabbed Dells from behind.



Check in next Saturday for the next Chapter of Eternal Aftermath!



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