Lock Down, Bite Down, Part VII

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Sheriff Dells and Mickey carried a bloody and screaming Bill back into the sheriff station, while Becca hurried to slam the door behind them.

“More are coming sheriff,” she said as she threw the lock.

“They’ll have to wait,” Dells said while he wrapped a towel around Bill’s tattered neck bite.

Dead Bill

“Just kill him now, before he turns.” Henry called out from his cell.

Mickey lifted his face that had become smeared with his friend’s blood. “You were bit, should we kill you too?”

“You’ll probably have to, but I’d rather wait to be sure these bites kill like in the movies.” Henry shrugged. “You never know, the movies could be wrong.”

“Will you two stop blabbing,” Dells ordered. “Becca get me some more towels. Mick, help me lift him onto Johnson’s desk.”

By the time they had Bill on the desk, he had stopped crying out and his breath came in jagged gasps. “Come on, we could still save him. Becca you help me. Mick, you keep an eye on those freaks out there and grab your cell phone and start calling everyone you know. Tell them to stay inside or meet here.” Blood squirted through his fingers, “And if they came here, make sure they bring every weapon they got.”

Mickey started to press a few buttons of his phone while he looked out the windows. “I’m not sure why they’re coming here Sheriff or why we got so many so fast, but there must be at least twenty of those nasty bastards out there now.”

Twenty Zombies

“Yesterday those nasty bastards were our family and friends, so-”

A loud moan broke his concentration and he jerked back as Bill’s bloody mouth lurched for his arm. “Mother of—Becca look out!”

But the girl needed no warming from him. With a startled cry she dashed away toward the cell that held her wounded brother. In the other occupied cell the undead UPS driver started to thrash and got even crazier than before.

“Kill it, kill it,” she shouted.

While the sheriff was disturbed to hear Henry laugh and say, “this is so cool,” under his breath.

What was once Bill, rolled off the desk and made to grab for him again, while outside, the first sounds of fists banging against the door could be heard. Since Dells rifle was leaning against the wall, he went for his pistol, but before he could grab it two things happened. The first was Mickey shouting out as an arm burst through one of the front windows. The second was Bill grabbing the sheriff’s arm, so that he couldn’t pull the pistol free.

Dells started backpedalling and it probably saved his life, for Bill’s teeth snapped shut just inches from his face. The sheriff kept moving until his back crashed against a wall. Bill growled loudly and threw himself forward. Dells looked on in horror as the bloody teeth came at his face.

A loud retort sounded and Bill’s head jerked back. A second later, his body toppled to the floor.

Looking over, he saw the teen standing on the other end of the smoking barrel. “Ah… thanks.”

Becca With Gun

“Don’t sweat it,” she said actually cracking a smile.

“Quit congratin’ each other,” Mickey shouted. “We got real problems here!”

Dells’ eyes grew wide with horror as he saw the first bloody form trying to force itself through the window.



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Nasty Female Zombie

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Eternal Aftermath, Live, The Zombie Apocalypse on film or at least the Author

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 Eternal Aftermath


Michael D. Griffiths



It is five years deep into the Zombie Apocalypse when Devon and his allies attempt to free themselves from the oppressive military base that has housed them since the plague began. Their group is betrayed and General Sulter uses Devon to set an example for others. Once Devon is stripped of his weapons, socks, and shoes, he is dumped into the middle of zombie filled Tucson and things get worse from there.

 It is five years deep into the Zombie Apocalypse when Devon attempts to free himself from the oppressive military base that has housed him. He is betrayed &Devon is stripped of his weapons, socks, and shoes, he is dumped into the middle of zombie filled Tucson and things get worse from there.


Enter the Eternal Aftermath and join Devon as he moves from just trying to stay alive to daring to hope that he can somehow free Tucson and rebuild civilization, one survivor at a time.

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Breaking their way in

Breaking their way in

Eternal Aftermath II, No Haven


More than five years has passed since humanity fell and then stood back up cold, dead, and hungry. Devon has survived through the Zombie Apocalypse long enough to gather stalwart allies, but will his struggling group of refugees be enough to fight off the only things more dangerous than the stumbling hordes of undead—the mad man that seek to rule over the scraps of the old world.

Devon is different, instead of looking back, he seeks to move forward. Build a utopia that was never before possible. He has claimed the Sonoran Desert for his group. Yet, with multiple armies organizing against him and swarms of zombies covering the lands, will he even be able to keep the people he has gathered alive?

Check out the more intense Zombie series of the decade and enter


The Eternal Aftermath

Mar Imprisoned

Mar Imprisoned

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Lock Down, Bite Down Part VI

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Henry!” Becca gasped, as her brother rushed into the sheriff’s station holding a blood soaked arm.

Dells knew the boy. He wasn’t a mastermind of crime or even a punk drug dealer who fancied himself some sort of half-assed gangster. No, this late teen was more of the type that got into trouble doing stupid bullshit like lighting the desert on fire with bottle rockets or getting busted stealing bottle of booze from their small town’s only grocery store.

“Were you bit?” Mickey was quick to ask.

In the background, the smell of fresh blood seemed to be exciting their prisoner and he thrashed himself against the bars with complete disregard for his own body.

“Yeah and it hurts like hell.”

Mickey turned to face Dells. “Then we need to get rid of him. You saw what happened to Janice and the others. He could be becoming one of those things.” As if to emphasize his point, a high pitch scream could be heard in the distance.

“Hey, wait a second,” Henry complained. “I’m not dead. I think they’d have to kill you first.”

Dells pointed at the trashing UPS driver. “I don’t think he drove all the way here after being dead.”

Bill said, “Do you really think he’s dead?”

“I shot one in the chest and it kept coming,” Dells said while moving toward his desk. “Whatever they are, it isn’t good. But the kid is right. They aren’t talking once they lose it.” Looking Henry’s way, “I’m going to have to lock you up though, just to be safe.”

“Screw that!” Henry yelled. “I’m not going to sit here and be trapped while the town goes to shit.” He made a break for the door, but Mickey and Bill grabbed at him. He tried to fight again them, but with his wounded arm, he didn’t have much chance.

“Becca, Help! Don’t let them do this to me.”

She walked behind the men while the sheriff opened the door. “Come on Hen, this is the safest thing. They could just be putting a bullet through your eyes.”

“And we still might if he turns into one of those things,” Mickey said.

“Put a lid on that crap,” Dells ordered. “The only way to test your theory is to do something like this anyway. It doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting help soon, so we need to figure out what’s going on ourselves and with most of our medical experts dead, it’s up to us, okay. Okay?”

“Yes sheriff.”

A series of loud moaning sounded from outside.

Bill stood closest to the window and said, “Holy Jesus, they’re here already.”

“How many?” Dells asked as he lifted his M-4 off his desk.

“Looks like three, but one of them is Fran Tucker and Vinnie G is out there. Oh man, he’s a mess. Half his throat is gone and the whole front of him is covered in blood. His arms have nasty holes in them.” He turned back toward the others. “How could this be happening so fast?”

Mickey had made it to the window. “No living man could be walking around with wounds like that. They have to be dead.”

“They’re zombies,” Henry whispered.

“What?” Bill asked.

“He said they’re zombies,” Becca answered for her brother. “Henry was always into Dawn of the Dead and that kind of shit.”

Bill said, “Quiet down, I think they heard us. They’re coming this way.”

“Alright,” Dells started. “Let’s move then before they reach the doors. Remember to shot for the head. Becca watch your brother.”

“I can fight too.”

He glared at her.

“Okay, okay.”

Dells lead the way as the three men moved onto the faded grass of the station’s yard. At once, the three jerking forms lumbered their way. Dells didn’t hesitate this time and Vinnie’s head was pierced by his first shot. Fran Tucker went down next. It took Mickey three tries, but the third moaning killer took a head shot.

“While we’re out here, let’s get my one of the sheriff trucks and-”

But his words got cut short when Father Garcia rounded the corner of the building and grabbed Bill’s shoulder. Bill began to scream, but there was nothing they could do to stop priest’s teeth from tearing a huge chunk out of Bill’s jugular.

“Holy hell!” Dells yelled and raced forward and kicked the priest away. But the damage had been done. “Get him inside now!” he yelled before putting a bullet through Garcia’s skull.

Becca opened the door and helped Mickey get Bill inside.

Dells was just about to join them when he saw that the shots had drawn others. Nearly a dozen gruesome forms headed their way. “How could this happen so fast,” he whispered.

“Sheriff, come on!” Becca frantic form screamed at him.

He wanted to stay and put these poor folks out of their misery, but realized that Bill could become a real danger quickly so he hurried into the station and slammed the door behind him.



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