Lock Down, Bite Down, Part VII

September 28, 2013 at 2:03 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Sheriff Dells and Mickey carried a bloody and screaming Bill back into the sheriff station, while Becca hurried to slam the door behind them.

“More are coming sheriff,” she said as she threw the lock.

“They’ll have to wait,” Dells said while he wrapped a towel around Bill’s tattered neck bite.

Dead Bill

“Just kill him now, before he turns.” Henry called out from his cell.

Mickey lifted his face that had become smeared with his friend’s blood. “You were bit, should we kill you too?”

“You’ll probably have to, but I’d rather wait to be sure these bites kill like in the movies.” Henry shrugged. “You never know, the movies could be wrong.”

“Will you two stop blabbing,” Dells ordered. “Becca get me some more towels. Mick, help me lift him onto Johnson’s desk.”

By the time they had Bill on the desk, he had stopped crying out and his breath came in jagged gasps. “Come on, we could still save him. Becca you help me. Mick, you keep an eye on those freaks out there and grab your cell phone and start calling everyone you know. Tell them to stay inside or meet here.” Blood squirted through his fingers, “And if they came here, make sure they bring every weapon they got.”

Mickey started to press a few buttons of his phone while he looked out the windows. “I’m not sure why they’re coming here Sheriff or why we got so many so fast, but there must be at least twenty of those nasty bastards out there now.”

Twenty Zombies

“Yesterday those nasty bastards were our family and friends, so-”

A loud moan broke his concentration and he jerked back as Bill’s bloody mouth lurched for his arm. “Mother of—Becca look out!”

But the girl needed no warming from him. With a startled cry she dashed away toward the cell that held her wounded brother. In the other occupied cell the undead UPS driver started to thrash and got even crazier than before.

“Kill it, kill it,” she shouted.

While the sheriff was disturbed to hear Henry laugh and say, “this is so cool,” under his breath.

What was once Bill, rolled off the desk and made to grab for him again, while outside, the first sounds of fists banging against the door could be heard. Since Dells rifle was leaning against the wall, he went for his pistol, but before he could grab it two things happened. The first was Mickey shouting out as an arm burst through one of the front windows. The second was Bill grabbing the sheriff’s arm, so that he couldn’t pull the pistol free.

Dells started backpedalling and it probably saved his life, for Bill’s teeth snapped shut just inches from his face. The sheriff kept moving until his back crashed against a wall. Bill growled loudly and threw himself forward. Dells looked on in horror as the bloody teeth came at his face.

A loud retort sounded and Bill’s head jerked back. A second later, his body toppled to the floor.

Looking over, he saw the teen standing on the other end of the smoking barrel. “Ah… thanks.”

Becca With Gun

“Don’t sweat it,” she said actually cracking a smile.

“Quit congratin’ each other,” Mickey shouted. “We got real problems here!”

Dells’ eyes grew wide with horror as he saw the first bloody form trying to force itself through the window.



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