The Conclusion of Lock Down, Bite Down!!

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Dells’ life became a living horror as he and Becca were forced to move to the back of the cell, next to the groaning Mickey, as more of the walking dead pressed against the outer bars. Dozens of arms gasped for them. Bleeding tore faces disregarded all pain as they pressed against the bars and stared at them with milky vacant eyes.

“That asshole,” Becca cried as tears stormed down her cheeks. “Is he ever coming back? How could he do this to his own sister?”

Zombies outside the window

“I hate to say this to you, kid,” Mickey said, as he wiped a hand across his feverish brow, “but your brother is either insane or evil and probably both.”

She tried in vain to wipe back the tears. “The sad thing is, I can’t even argue with you.”

“Let’s not give up hope here,” Dells said, although the words sounded hollow to his own ears. Forcing himself to go on, he said, “I still have a gun and ammo. We aren’t helpless.”

Becca looked like she hated herself for her words, but said, “But will that matter if we’re locked in here and my brother has the keys?”

Having the young girl witnessing his disgrace only made things worse and knowing that she and Mickey still counted on him to keep them safe when he felt so helpless was like a dagger in his guts.

Screaming Zombie

Screaming Zombie

Mickey shuddered and rolled over on his side with a moan.

Dells looked the man over. Sweat poured off him in rivers. His flesh felt so hot that Dells sensed the heat five inched before he placed his hand on the injured man’s forehead. With a motion of his hand he drew Becca to the side of the cell away from Mickey.

“I’m worried about Mickey. What if what your brother says if true and he will become a zombie?”

“But my brother doesn’t seem to be about to become one.”

“He might end up as bad off as Mickey… who knows. Maybe the bites affect people differently.”

She looked doubtful. “Even if he does or the zombies start to notice him. It won’t help us any. We’ll still be locked up in here.”

“Maybe I could shoot the lock off.”


“Let’s wait to see what our future holds before we waste any of the bullets you still have, please. Maybe my brother will somehow come through in some way.”

Again Dells wondered why he was taking advice from a teenager, but regardless of her age, the advice seemed sound and he sat down on another bed and became a bit surprised when she joined him. He smiled her way, but that was the best he could do.


At the car window

At the car window

*         *         *

Several hours passed and despite the constant horrid moans, Dells had begun to nod off. Becca had curled up next to him and he had placed his arm around her shoulders. He tried to tell himself it was just to keep her warm.

He leaned back against the wall. Again he tried to fight it, but sleep began to cling to him again. He had just entered the stage where you think you are awake, but you were actually unconscious when he heard Becca screaming.

“No, no! Get off!”

He awoke with a start. Mickey was tugging on Becca’s arm. Blood stained teeth were only inches away from biting her.

Without thinking, he grabbed his pistol. Mickey had become mad with a sick bloodlust and Dells knew he was gone. His law enforcement training kicked it and he took aim.

The shoot sounded impossibly loud within the close confines of the cell. Mickey fell back in a bloody mess. Becca looked at him for a moment and then rushed into his arms and wept. He held her for a very long time.


*         *         *


“Oh isn’t that special,” Henry’s snide voice called out to them.

Only when Dells had regained consciousness, did he notice the distant screams. The screams registered first, but the pleading weren’t far behind.

Looking up, Dells saw that Henry had two hostages positioned in front of him. The station had been cleared of zombies and the screams gave him a good guess to how this was done.

So the kid’s become a murderer, was the first thought to pass though his mind.

“Sheriff, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Even though Becca was his sister, Dells stood in front of her. Despite the distance, he could tell he had a rifle pointed at him from between the two prisoners. He recognized both of them. One was the high school teacher, Fosters. The other was this year’s high school homecoming queen, Anna. Both were tied and held close to Henry.

“Okay good. Throw your guns through the bars and no one will get hurt. If you don’t, I’ll shot these two, then Becca.”

“You sick puke. You’d shoot your own sister?”

“Or maybe I‘ll just shoot into the cell and see what happens. I could just wait for four days and starve your ass and them come in there and kick the gun out of your hand, but I’m more of a get things done now kinda guy.”

The girl was whimpering and the teacher was wide eyed with terror.

Sweat poured down the sheriff’s face. He considered many things, but most of them were too risky.

“Come on Sheriff. The zombies still ignore me. You need me. I can help you, but since they ignore me, that means I’m in charge. Throw me your fucking gun.”

The gun made a loud rattle as it skidded across the tiles.

Henry chuckled.

“Good, now we can really have some fun.”


 They Are Coming to Get You Emily


To be Continued…


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You can learn more about what happens to Dells and Becca here!


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Zombie March

Zombie March

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