Three Girls and a Madman

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Cindy clung to her and sobbed while Mar tried to wrap her head around what was happening to them. These three men had just murdered Dave before her eyes and for all she knew Allen’s unconscious form could be next. And these three old dirty hicks wanted to kidnap Mar, Cindy, and Jenny and take them out to some run down shack in the woods just so they can do the nasty with them for as long as possible while the world went to hell.

And she had thought the zombies were bad.

“So what is our game plan now?” The man named Sully asked.

Pritch rested the barbwire covered bat over his shoulder. “Well, I was thinking we should wait until these idiots kill each other off, but now that we have these chippies, I’m in the mood to get this party started.”

“Why can’t you just let us go?’ Cindy pleaded. “Our families will be worried sick about us.”

Mar in Tatters

Mar in Tatters

“Screw your families,” Pritch said with a mean sounding laugh. “Most likely they are all already dead. Do you know what’s happening out there? The boonies will be the only safe place left. You should be getting on your knees thanking us, if we hadn’t found you you’d all be dead by now.”

“I like the idea of them thanking us on their knees,” Lenny said with a sick smile.

“Shutup and get all our gear ready to be loaded into the truck. Sully get our guns together and make sure we grab every can of food we got here.”

Lenny moved into another room, but Sully stayed and asked, “what about this guy?”

“I was thinking maybe we could use his as bait. It might keep the zombies off our back while we load the truck or something.”

“You’re sick,” Cindy cried as tears rolled down her young face.

Cindy Loses it

Cindy Loses it

“And you’re cute. I like your fire. Maybe I’ll keep you for myself.”

Cindy cringed against her, but Mar racked her brain searching for a way to get them out of this before they ended up lost in some ‘Hills Have Eyes’ situation. Allen appeared to be hurt bad and Jenny hadn’t moved since the car crash. She worried about her friend. She looked pale and Mar couldn’t even see her breathing.

Not sure what else to do, she said, “I think my friend Jenny might need medical attention in a bad way.”

Pritch laughed again. “Haven’t you heard a word I said?”

Sully smiled. “Looks like we got some real bimbos on our hands, huh.” A chuckle escaped from his lips. “Just the way I like them.”

Pritch spoke again and glared down at her as he did so. “A hospital has gotta be the worst place in the world to go. Where do you think these first zombies would have been taken? I’m sure every hospital out there has become an epicenter for death. We wouldn’t be able to get within a mile of one and if we could, any doctor we could find would just be trying to bite your face off.”

Mar wasn’t sure how to answer that and just took a step back and Cindy was quick to follow her.

Sully leaned down over Jenny. “Uh, Pritch, I hate to say this, but I think she might be right. This chick doesn’t look so good and that sucks because she’s the hottest one.”

“Well if she doesn’t get better than one of you is screwed. I’ll be taking big mouth over here and that will leave you two to fight over Goth girl if-”

Sully didn’t even scream when Jenny suddenly sat up and grabbed a handful of his hair. “What the hell? Girly, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll—what? Ahhhh!”

Pritch shouted with the rest of them when Jenny leaned in and took a bite out of Sully’s cheek.

Jenny is Hungry

Jenny is Hungry

“Son of a bitch!” Sully yelled and then slapped Jenny across the face. The force of the blow proved enough to knock the big chunk of flesh from her bloody lips. She looked like she couldn’t have cared less and latched her teeth onto Sully shoulder. Sully screamed again and pushed her away. Jenny didn’t get a mouthful of the man this time, but she did bite hard enough to draw blood.

Sully pushed her down again and hurried onto his feet while holding his ravaged cheek.

Jenny moved to stand up as well, but Pritch didn’t afford her the opportunity. The bat came down on her head and this was enough to knock her back to the floor. When she kept moving, he hit her again and again. Meaty whacks had Cindy crying again. It was a horrible sight and Pritch didn’t stop his attack until Jenny’s once beautiful face had become an awful bloody smear.

Sully was saying, “Thanks man,” as Lenny rushed back into the room.

“What happened?” Lenny asked.

“Never mind that,” Pritch said. “Dude you were bit, I’m sorry but you’re going to become one of them.”

“Wait how can you be sure? It might not be like the movies, man!”

Face Biter

Pritch had already made up his mind for the bat lashed out again and took his friend in the face. Sully only got one scream out before a second blow sent him tumbling to the floor. The scene repeated itself as Pritch continued to hammer Sully’s skull until their wasn’t much of a head left and his brains joined Jenny’s in a thick soap that spread across the floor.

Lifting his bat so that it dripped strings blood onto the gory floor, he said, “Guess we figured out the dude to chick ratio again.”

They all jumped when a bloody hand slapped against the outer window. This hand was joined by another and yet another.

“Oh damn,” Lenny said. “The screams must have drawn them here.”

Behind the men, Mar saw Allen twitch, but couldn’t be sure if this might mean he was coming too or he was about to join the hungry dead. Either way, she hoped these bastards wouldn’t notice until he could kill one of them. So, before they had a chance to notice, she feinted panic and yelled, “We have to get out of here,” then she grabbed Cindy’s hand and ran into the room Lenny had just exited.


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Eternal Aftermath

Eternal Aftermath

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Three Villains and a Murder

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Dave led the way into the dark house. Mar and Cindy quickly followed. Allen, who still carried Jenny’s unconscious body, came in last. As soon as the tall teen had entered, the door was slammed shut behind him. Mar turned just in time to see a man standing behind the door smash Allen in the back of the head with a club of some kind.

Allen groaned for a moment, but then he and Jenny both toppled to the floor.

Mad man behind the door

Mad man behind the door

Cindy gasped in horror, as Dave rushed toward the attacker, which Mar could see welded a bat with several loops of barbwire wrapped around its business end. But before Dave could get within ten feet of the bat welder, two men leapt out of a side room and tackled him. Dave fought like a wildman, but before Mar could even think about how she might be able to help, he’d been pinned to the floor.

“Man, I think this kid broke my nose,” one of the men said. Mar could see they looked older and had to be at least twice her age.

“Shut the hell up, Lenny,” The other man wrestling with Dave yelled. His head was clean shaven and reflected the dim triangle of light that bled into the room. Looking up to the man near the door he said, “We don’t need a guy do we, Pritch?”

His face stayed cloaked in shadows, but a deep voice boomed out, “Nope, I don’t think any of us swing that way.”

“Then if you will do the honors…”

“Sure thing, Sully,” he said before bringing his bat up over his head and then slamming it down on Dave’s skull like an executioner’s axe.

Dave didn’t even have time to shout. His body when into a seizure as blood poured out of the open wound on his forehead.

The seizure didn’t last long and Cindy sobbed as she threw herself into Mar’s arms. “He isn’t dead is he?”

Mar couldn’t bring herself to answer. Instead she said, “What do you want with us?”

Mar's Eternal Aftermath Begins

Mar’s Eternal Aftermath Begins

Pritch stepped in closer. She could see he had a brutal face. Years of drinking left the man looking bloated, like his skin could barely contain his stretching bulk. “What do you think we’re doing, sweet thing? It probably shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Even a little bimbo like you should be able to see that his is a good thing.”

“What do you mean?” her lips trembled as she tried to force her words out.

“Well any fool can see we got the end of the world on our hands. Me and my buddies have a hunting cabin in the woods north of Catalina. We had planned to wait until all the idiots kill themselves off and then head up there, but when Sully saw you three hotties heading by it seemed like a gift too perfect to refuse.”

Sully chuckled. “Yep, three of us and three of you.”

“What do you mean?” Cindy stammered. “You can’t take us away. I need to get to my family and see if they’re alright.”

“In the contrary, little one,” Pritch said. “At this point I think we can do whatever we want.”

Villain with a bat

Villain with a bat




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They Never Sleep

They Never Sleep

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Three Zombies and a Doorway

December 7, 2013 at 2:55 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie)

The shortest of the college students lead the way as the group ran through alleys and avoided the bigger streets. The sounds of screaming echoed from every direction, but seemed to be worse from behind them, so they kept going. Mar and Cindy tried to stay in the middle of the men, who were really barely more than boys and she figured they were probably freshmen.


The shorter guy led them on. Sometimes he moved so fast they almost lost sight of him. A few times, he would discover an area blocked and hurry to retreat and take them through a safer way. The tallest one tried to keep up with the little guy and big beer belly boy, but ended up dropping back closer to where Mar jogged. “Hi, my name is Allen. Speedy Gonzales up there is Dave. The other tall guy’s John and we have Bogart guarding the rear.”

Mar wasn’t sure how to react. Part of her would have been happy getting attention from a tall, strong college student, but proved hard to be happy about anything when the world was ending. “I’m Mar, this is Cindy, and you are er… carrying Jenny.”

Allen tried to smile, but with strings of blood covering his face, it just looked scary. “Looks like we found ourselves in the middle of the apocalypse, huh?”


“Yeah,” Bogart began from behind him, but then screamed like a small girl, when two zombies stumbled out of the alley at him. One grabbed his hair while the second barreled into them, knocking all three onto the ground. Dave and John were quite a distance ahead of them, but turned around and began to sprint their way. It took Allen a few seconds to lower Jenny to the ground, before he could do anything. Cindy only screamed.

As he rushed forward, Allen yelled, “Watch over your friend and try to get her to stop screaming. It could attract more.”

But as soon as the statement left his lips, it became irrelevant, for poor Bogart screamed like the damned when the zombies began to pull huge chucks of flesh off his body. Allen let out a string of curses and drove forward with what looked like a World War II bayonet. He stabbed it thorough one of the attacker’s eyes and it went limp. He kicked the second one off and Dave finished it with a heavy pipe he had found some where. He must have smashed it a dozen times, before he finally stopped.

John leaned over his friend, but already his life leaked out of him.

“Look out, more are coming,” Cindy whimpered.

Closing the circle

Closing the circle

Looking back the way they had come, Mar saw that it was true. Scores of these walking dead lumbered at them from every direction. Gone were the hordes of college students and their small group seemed to be the only normal people left.

Mar looked back at the scene unfolding before her. John still leaned over Bogart trying to stop the bleeding from his face and neck. “Come on buddy, stay with me.”

“You might want to get away from him,” Mar said slowly.

“What do you know?” John said, with anger rising in his voice. “We could still save him.”

“Maybe you can’t and-”

But it was too late. Bogart’s eyes had gone glassy and with a savage jerk he leaned forward and tore into John’s throat with his teeth. He came away with a chuck a flesh big enough to clog a drain and wolfed it down with wet slurps.

They wanted to do something, but the rest of the evil horde was drawing too near.

“We gotta go!” Dave yelled.

Once again, Allen threw Jenny over his shoulder and the group set off. They had made it around the corner when a voice yelled to them. “This way. In here!”

Allen and Mar shared a look, but then he said, “What choice do we have? We need to get off the streets.”

“Hurry before they round the corner and see where we went,” Dave hissed.

Allen nodded and the group rushed toward the opened door.




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Zombie Blood Face

Zombie Blood Face

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