Three students, Hordes of Zombies, and a Rapist.

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“Get them,” Pritch yelled as Mar and Cindy dashed into the back room of the house. Mar saw a door leading outside and just kept running. Reaching it, she quickly scrambled to open the lock.

Lenny appeared behind them and grabbed a handful of Cindy’s hair and she tumbled back onto the floor screaming.

While Lenny continued to wrestle with Cindy, Pritch regarded her, while holding the bat that was already coated with at least three people’s blood. “Where do you think you’re going, Chippee? You want to run back into the arms of the hungry dead?”

Brain Splattered Emily

Brain Splattered Mar

“Better them than yours,” she yelled as she flung the door open. She noticed three things at once as soon as she could see into the place’s back yard. First was a good sized truck already filled with supplies, second was the place had no fence, third was the three zombies stumbled down the alley, but had turned their attentions to her.

Should she risk it—but how could she leave her friend to be abused by these villains? Her hesitation cost her and Pritch grabbed her by the arm and tossed her across the floor.

He was just closing the door when Allen tackled him from behind. They fell into the open doorway.

Mar watched in horror as the three zombies drew near.

Mar's Eternal Aftermath

Mar’s Eternal Aftermath

Uncertain as to what to do first, she hurried to her feet. Lenny punched Cindy in the gut hard enough to leave her quivering on the floor. He would be on Mar soon. Her eyes sped over the room. A pile of items that hadn’t been loaded leaned against the wall and right on the top was a rusty red toolbox. She grabbed this up over her head and brought it crashing down on Lenny’s.

He gasped once and then collapsed like a pile of wet laundry.

Looking back, she saw that Pritch had wrestled the wounded Allen onto his feet and taunted the freshman. “You want out so bad. Come on, you freaks. Want a snack?” His back was to her and he pushed Allen out before him, between him and the zombies.

Mar went to hit Pritch in the back of the head, but he proved too tall and she only hit his shoulder. Still he cried out in pain and loosened his grip on Allen enough for the man to get away.

Allen tumbled to the ground just feet away from the lead zombie as Pritch turned toward her. Behind them, she heard the sounds of the front windows being broken through.

Without thinking, she threw the tool box at Pritch. He raised his arm, but cried out again. “You fucking bitch!” he yelled. “I’m going to rape you three times a day for this!”

“You’ll never speak to a woman like that again!” Allen shouted as he rolled into Pritch’s legs from behind.

Wet Zombie

Wet Zombie

Pritch’s knees buckled and he fell back over Allen. He struggled up and raised his fist to punch the prone man, but the front zombie grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him away. Pritch struggled, but then the second and third zombie had him. He tried to grab at Allen, but Mercy smacked at his fingers with a fallen wrench.

Allen struggled to his feet with Mar’s help. “We need to-”

He began to say, but Cindy yelled, “Go!” while tossing him a set of keys. Mar saw that her friend was right, for the front of the house had already begun to flood with zombies.

While the three from the alley feasted on Pritch, the three students ran to the truck and started it up.

Allen looked over at Mar and she said, “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

His bruised face managed a smile before the truck raced away from Pritch’s fading screams.




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