Rolling Trouble

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An older woman glared at Rollie as she passed the outdoor seating at Scallywags. He was used to such things when he went out with his boyfriend. It probably didn’t help that Will wore a bright pink shirt and had his hair spiked up in some sort of slacker Mohawk.




“You see how she looked at me?” Will joked. “You know she was mad because she wanted some.”




“I think she looked like she wanted was a super big pair of channel-locks to pull that bug out of her-”

“You want something else, Rollie?” Sammy asked. He’d known Sammy for a while and she always made sure he had anything he needed whenever he had enough money to treat himself to a trip to his favorite place.


“You want another round?” he asked.

“Maybe, but I might want to shift gears.”

Sammy tried to smile, but he could tell she was beat. “What’re you in the mood for? Wine or maybe a mixed drink?”

Will looked over at him with a wicked grin.  “Let’s do some shots.”

“It’s not even five yet,” Rollie laughed, “I think-”

A shout interrupted him. “What the,” Sammy said.

Will had already bolted up from his chair. “It’s that old lady. Some dude is grabbing her.”

Rollie’s gut reaction would be to say, ‘screw her,’ but he knew his knight in shining armor wouldn’t let it go. He finished his beer, because with the way these things tended to go, he might not get a chance later.

Turning, he saw a man in a business suit grabbing and pulling at the woman who had scowled at them.

“Leave me alone,” she cried.

Then, after a savage pull, the man leaned forward and bit her neck. Rollie just stared for a moment, but when his mouth came away with a huge bloody piece of her neck, his pint glass slid out from between his fingers and shattered on the floor.


Bloody Business Suit

Bloody Business Suit

He still starred, but Will had already sprinted toward the fight. Rollie had barely left the courtyard by the time Will had reached the man’s side and pushed him hard enough to knock the guy off his feet.

But the woman had lost her footing as well and lay on the pavement moaning. Rollie figured Will could handle himself, so he ran to help the woman. She didn’t look good. His gut told him she wouldn’t be making it. He applied direct pressure anyway and screamed toward Sammy. “Call 911!”

His eyes looked toward Will again and he saw that the man he fought refused to stay down. Will pushed him away again and again, but no matter how much abuse he took, the man kept coming. Rollie almost lost his lunch when the man opened his flesh filled mouth and growled.

Two bouncers showed up. One’s name was Jack, but the big black guy was new to him. Jack stopped by Will side and drew him back. “Let Diamond handle this.”

The man, Diamond, crashed into the red mouthed man and slammed him against a brick wall, but Rollie looked back toward Sammy because she was screaming.


First Zombie

First Zombie

Rollie saw that a man had leaned over into the courtyard and had attacked a pair of women and one was being pulled onto the pavement by her hair. But as soon as he looked that way, his attention was drawn back to the men, for Diamond shrill scream now competed with the others. Rollie looked on in horror as the suited man went in and took a second bite out of his arm.


To be continued next Saturday.


You can discover where Rollie entered the Eternal Aftermath Here!

They are coming to get you Rollie

They are coming to get you Rollie

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