Back Stage Blues

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The three men didn’t hesitate when Jack told them to run, but Rollie stopped to look back at the bouncer once he reached the stage. Jack fought an impossible battle against the horde of infected men and women that pushed their way into the bar.



“Just go!” Jack yelled, as he picked up a table and threw it into three lurching freaks.



Will grabbed his arm and pulled. “Come on, Rollie.”
More of the infected poured in and many locked their milky eyes on the men standing on the wooden stage. The bartender had already rushed back stage.
“Come on,” Will said again. “Before those idiots end up locking us out here.”
The last Rollie saw of Jack was him fighting with a table leg as the growing mass backed him into the main dining area.
Once they were in, Will slammed the door behind them.
Raquel was quick to ask, “Where’s Jack?”
“He’s not down yet,” Will answered, “but the bastards were backing him up the other way, toward the bar.”
Silent tears began to stream down Sammy’s face and the two waitresses hugged and didn’t let go until the first dull slap banged against the door they had so recently passed through.
“So what now?” Steve asked, “We’re just trapped in here. Who’s great idea was this, oh yeah, the guy’s who just died.”
“Don’t say that!” Sammy yelled and it startled Rollie.
The bartender, Andy, fell into a chair and opened up a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. “Here’s to Jack. I hope he’s still kicking their ass.”
Rollie watched as his lover’s eyes scanned the room. “Okay, we have four men and four women here.”
“Oh great, we can repopulate the world once this is over,” Andy said, before taking another long pull.
“I don’t think these two would be fighting us for the privilege.” Steve said.
“Hey watch it,” Will said. “I’m not in the mood to hear a load of shit right now.”
“I’ll say any damn thing I want.”
Rollie got between them. “Maybe we should be doing something besides drinking and arguing.”


The louder banging against the stage door helped emphasize his point.
“Yeah,” Will was quick to agree. “There’s all sorts of things we could use to fortify this door.”
“So what, you’re a carpenter now,” Steve asked.
“I actually worked as a stage hand on many sets,” Will countered.
“What musicals?”
Will turned red, but actually smiled, “Yeah, but I think we should brace this door with these stray one by sixes and then roll the amps in front of it.”
For once he got no argument and Steve, Will, and Rollie did as suggested.
Once they were done, the crying woman who had just lost her friend said, “Julie.”
“What?” Andy asked.
“My name is Julie.”
“Okay,” Steve started, “Now that we know everyone’s name and have this place reasonably safe, what do we do now?”
“Not sure, actually,” Will answered.
Outside of the door the banging grew louder.
“At least we have some food,” Rollie said.
“How long do you intend to stay here?” Steve asked. “Personally, I’d like to sleep in my own bed tonight.”
The bartender pointed to a hallway behind him. “There is always the musician’s loading door if you’d care to try.”
Will grew serious. “What, there’s another door into here?”
“Well yeah.”
“We need to make sure-”
But before he could finish his words, a horrid moaning filled the hallway behind them. Their heads turned as the shadows of lumbering figures appeared on the wall.

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Fighting Back

Fighting Back

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Rolling Apocalypse

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The glass continued to crack as the mad men pounded on the glass separating the patio from the interior of Scallywags. For an elongated moment, the cluster of patrons and employees eyed each other with fear filled faces until the woman who had just lost her friend outside yelled, “We have to do something.”

Breaking their way in

Breaking their way in

“Yeah, but what?” the bartender said.

“Maybe we should just make a break for our cars through the front,” Will suggested.

“As long as you’ll cool with some of us not making it,” Jack said. “Who knows what’s out there? The cops could be moving in to help us. I would hate to have people die when this whole thing could be wrapped up in a few hours. We’re safer as a group where we can defend ourselves!”

Rollie spoke up. “But if they break through the glass this place won’t be too defendable.”

As if his words brought forth a curse, the first window shattered in a rain of jagged shards. Most of the women let out screams, but Jack was quick to act. Snatching up a table, he threw it at the pair of blood soaked freaks already lumbering into the bar. This toppled them over. Then, instead of fleeing, Jack attacked them with his chair leg.



He kept smashing one in the head until it final stopped moving, but the other had gained its feet, while behind it, a full dozen followed the first two into Scallywags.  

“Come on!” Will yelled. “He needs help.” Rollie’s boyfriend grabbed up a chair and rushed forward smashing the one approaching Jack’s back.

Watch your back

Watch your back

Rollie still possessed the chair leg Jack had given him and joined his lover near the carnage, but almost as soon as he had, he wished he hadn’t. Blood covered people of every age and size tumbled in at them. A woman, wearing a shirt full of pictures of fat tomatoes, growled as she came stumbling toward him.

Hitting a sick person went against everything he believed in. Will screamed something at him, be the words didn’t register. She drew in closer and he could smell the blood on her.

Then she clawed at him. He might have cried out and went to push her away, but, she had a hold of his shirt. It was the sight of two larger freaks moving in behind her that snapped him into action.

With another yell, he smashed forward with his makeshift club.

She acted like she hadn’t felt a thing.

The others were almost upon him.

With a louder shout, he put everything he had into the next blow. No one would have been more surprised than he, when she toppled to the ground with a dull moan.

Will grabbed him from behind. “Come on!”

Jack yelled to the bartender. “Take everyone backstage!”

An ear piercing scream tore at his ears and Rollie saw a madman had made it past them and grabbed one of the women. This helped convince the others to retreat up onto the stage.

The dying woman sadly aided them, for Rollie, Will, Jack, and Steve made it to the stage safely. For a moment the men took in the grizzly feast and only their loud gasping for air competed with the grizzly tearing of flesh below.



Jack addressed them. “There are still a lot of supplies we could gather in case we need to lock ourselves into there for the long haul. I only see about ten on those fuckers and they’re all screwed up. I say we take them out and then grab some food and water. Who’s with me?’


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Bouncers, Babes, and Breaking Glass

March 1, 2014 at 1:54 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

As soon as the four men had made it through the doorway, Sammy slammed the patio door shut. An audible click sounded over their panting and for a long moment they all eyed each other while they tried to catch their breath.

A wet slap jarred them back to reality when the man Rollie had fought pressed his bloody body against the door’s window.

“What the hell is going on?” Will demanded.

Jack looked up from where he sought to bind Diamond’s arm with a table napkin. “We’re in serious trouble. That’s what’s going on!”

Rollie only noted the woman he had helped rescue when she started talking. “My friend. He ate my friend. He ate HER!”

“I don’t have time for this,” Jack began, but when the other waitress rounded the corner, he said, “Raquel, take care of this woman.”

“Shouldn’t we make sure the front door is locked,” Will asked.

Strings of Raquel’s raven hair had already tumbled from her pony tail. “I already did when Sammy told me to.” She tried to comfort the woman, but she had broken into a high pitch keening.

“What about delivery doors?” Will asked.

Jack eyed Will who looked pretty determined despite his pink shirt and silly mohawk. A second later, he tossed Will a set of keys. “The bartender’s name it Andy, Get him to help you. Lock them up and then bring anyone in Scallywags back here.”

“Shouldn’t we just go home or something?” Sammy said.


Jack moved away from his moaning partner. “How many people do you have to back you up there? How secure is it? How much food do you have?”


“At least we have food here.”

Rollie spoke up. “What are you talking about? Sammy’s right. If there was some sort of chemical spill nearby, we should get away from here before we end up like him.” Rollie pointed back at the man banging on the window, but took a step further into the restaurant when he saw that two more hulking forms had joined the madman out there.


“Do you know of any chemical plants around here?” Jack asked while wiping blood onto his jeans. “For all you know you could be heading into more of a mess than you’re leaving.”

“So what we’re going to get all post-apocalypse in here?” Rollie asked as the much bigger man stared him down.

Jack answer was to put his foot through the seat of a wooden chair.

Rollie jerked back and then flinched when Jack tossed him a club sized chair leg.

The bouncer said, “I heard what Sammy said about not being able to reach to police.”

“Yeah, I’ve been trying too,” Raquel said, “and it’s not working.” The women with her had started to calm down and listen to what the others said.

“That means it’s not just happening here,” Jack said. “I’m not telling anyone what to do, but,” he jerked a thumb toward the door, “I wouldn’t be in a big hurry to go back out there until we learn a lot more about what is going on.”

Will returned to the dining area with the bartender and five other people. Only one was female, a skinny mouse haired girl who clung to her big boyfriend’s arm. Her boyfriend spoke first. “I’m Steve and this is Zoe. We heard screaming. Now the front door is locked. What the hell is going on?”

“We’re trying to figure that out,” Jack said.

Then Rollie heard a cracking. His head jerked back toward the patio. “Look out! They are breaking through the glass!”


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