Rolling with the Apocalypse

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Rollie scanned the room. Brad’s words came back to haunt him. Four men, four women. Jack, the man that had been keeping them alive the whole time, was gone. Last seen being overwhelmed by over twenty of the insane infected who did their best to kill everything in their path.

Yet as quickly as these thoughts tore through his mind, they were pushed aside as the moaning and stumbling infected poured into Scallywags’ back stage.

All of the women hurried to the opposite side of the room, like only men should be required to keep them all alive.

Looking down, Rollie saw that his hand still clamped down on the makeshift club Jack had given him.

Brad appeared to have frozen and clutched his Jonnie Walker to him like it could somehow see him through this.

“Come on,” Will yelled to Steve and together, they pushed a huge amp into the legs of the grocery store clerk that lead the pack. This broke one of the clerk’s legs and two others tumbled behind it. One, a young man in a soldier’s uniform, moved past his fallen comrades.

Bloody Teenaged Zombie


Rollie tensed. He was the only one with a club. He had to step up. With a yell, he rushed forward and aimed for the man’s head. The infected soldier tried to block it, but the blow landed home. The man didn’t drop. Hands came at him. Crescents of skin were torn off the right side of Rollie’s neck.

He might have screamed something, but he grabbed his club two handed and laid into the horrid thing. Fingers grabbed, but fingers broke. Still it kept coming. It seemed like nothing he could do would kill it, until the zombie tripped on a mike cord. It fell and Rollie smashed it with all his might. It finally stopped moving.

“Nice,” Will yelled, as he threw a large round table down the loading dock hallway.

Steve had brained at least two of the infected with the mike stand. “Stay back Zoey.” Then looking his way, he yelled, “Someone has to shut that door!”

Zombie Mailman

Zombie Mailman

A high pitched scream broke out and Rollie saw Andy sprawled across the floor with a tall man in jeans and a blood drenched cowboy shirt tearing mouthfuls of flesh from his face.

Rollie leapt that way. It took three swings, but he dropped his second madman. Looking around, he saw Will and Steve taking out two more of the infected freaks. Then, beyond the men, he heard a loud slamming sound, which was quickly followed by a click.

“What the…” Will started.

“Maybe it’s Jack,” Sammy cried.

Heavy footsteps echoed up the hallway and for a moment Rollie thought it was another of the brain dead murders. Then he saw the he bulk of the injured Bouncer, Diamond.

The huge black man looked over at him and said, “Four men and four women huh? Well, I guess that’s true now.” He winced as he touched his bitten arm. “In case you were wondering, I managed to shut the other door before more of those damn cannibals got in.”

Suddenly Steve’s girlfriend Zoe Screamed, “Look out. Look out!”

But it was too late. The bartender had gotten up, his eyes as mad as the rest, and had taken a tearing bite out of Julie’s neck.



Check in next Saturday for the next Chapter of Eternal Aftermath!
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Zombie Blood Face

Zombie Blood Face

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