Death and Night and Blood

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Devon turned the fan up one level higher and then hopped back onto his bed. Since his wife lay on the sofa, having passed out after drinking the healther half of a bottle of wine, he had decided to read a few pages of the horror novel his brother had given him.

In the novel a warrior fought against different races of serial killers as he rode across America on his motorcycle. The hero of the novel was dealing with two beings that killed people by possessing their bodies.

Death and Night and Blod

Death and Night and Blod

Devon had just reached a creepy part when his wife appeared out of the shadows behind him. “I just heard someone knock on the front door. None of your dumb-ass friends is supposed to drop by are they?”

He groaned. Only got two damn pages read. “What, at eleven? On a work night? No.”

She flowed into his arms, half silk, half flesh. “Whoever it was knocked like three times.”

He smiled down at her. “I’ll go check, why don’t you get into bed.”

She smiled back. “Be careful, but if it’s one of your friends kick their ass.”



He rolled his eyes and headed past her into the hallway. On a lark he grabbed the folding knife he had bought at the gem show. Drawing near the door, he flicked it open. Bear chested, with just a pair of jeans on, he still felt the heat of the Tucson summer when the door opened.

The hot darkness attacked him like a living thing. Nothing lingered on his front porch or in the yard other than gravel, dirt, and two large palm trees.

After shutting and locking the door, he headed back inside. He thought about grabbing one last beer, but then saw Tracy had already turned off the bedroom light. Pausing only long enough to flick off a few lights, he soon joined her.

As he set the knife on his dresser, he wondered if she’d be ready for some fun, but his short absence had proved long enough for her to fall asleep again. He had to work in the morning anyway, so he figured he might as well just call it a night to.

She rolled onto her side and said, “Hold me.”

After adjusting his pillows, he joined her and took her small body into his arms. He didn’t hold her forever and rolled onto his back. After a little tossing, he drifted off

Something might have woken him up. He couldn’t be sure. Darkness still claimed the land.

A loud thunk sounded from the back of the house. He froze still and listened. He heard something else and then a loud tinging sound as a beer bottle bounced onto the kitchen floor.

“What is that?’ she asked.

He shushed her.

“Did you lock the back door?” She asked.

“What difference does it make,” he said under his breath,” you can just pull the damn thing open.”

A second later it was on him.

The tall dark shadow felt wet as Devon pushed himself away from the growling man.


It came at him again.

Being naked didn’t help him feel more secure and holding up the blanket between him and the figure just caused the brutish man to tear it aside. Tracy had already tumbled off the other side of the bed and Devon joined her. When the growling freak got onto the bed on all fours on their bed, Devon grabbed the mattress and lifted it as high as he could. Once he got it three feet of the bed, he pushed forward, with all his strength, and the man hit the floor. Devon kept pushing until the mattress fell on top of the guy.

It kept growling and Devon saw that instead of being stunned, the man had already begun to crawl out from under the mattress.

Then he remembered the knife he had left on the dresser.

Tracy had already fled into the bathroom and had turned to light on.

The light helped him see his knife, but it also helped him make out more of the man as his intruder freed himself. The first thing that stabbed into his conscious was the blood. The man’s shirt dripped with strings of blood. The side of its neck looked torn away.

He had two thoughts, what sort of madness is this and this guy should be already dead.

With a yell, Devon jumped onto the mattress. This pinned the man’s legs for a moment and allowed Devon to grab his knife.

Knife versus zombie

But then the bleeding man grabbed his ankle.

Devon pulled free at the cost off ribbons of his flesh being flailed away. “Son of a bitch,” he yelled.

“Devon, hurry in here.”

He suffered a moment of indecision and then hurried into the bathroom.

She locked the door seconds before the man’s large body collided with it. The door shook.

Devon flicked opened his knife. “Great, now we’re trapped.”

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Zombies at the window

Eternal Aftermath

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