“Dude, I already killed someone tonight…”

June 27, 2014 at 4:07 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

For a moment the couple just stood and watched the growling man stumble and lurch across the parking lot toward them.

Devon broke the silence. “I’m going to try to talk to this guy. Maybe I can learn more about what’s happening.”



“What? He looks as crazy as the man you just killed. From the looks of things, he’s a doctor or a nurse. Maybe he got a disease or something.” Her fingers grabbed his arm. “Maybe we should stay away.”

The figure let out a loud moaning as it reached the street separating the parking lot from their front yard.

Devon’s fingers gripped his bat tighter. In a low voice, he said, “Stay behind me and get ready to shut the door.” Then louder, “Hey, why don’t you stop right there. What’s they matter with you? Do you need help? Did something happen at the hospital?”



The man’s eyes never left his and Devon could see they appeared cloudy, whiter.

“Devon, he isn’t going to stop.”

The blood covered nurse had reached their side of the road and only twenty feet separated them.

“Dude, I already killed someone tonight…”

The man kept coming.

“Devon! Get inside.”

“And what leave him out here to break in? Screw that.” Devon moved to the top of his stairs that lead to the yard. “Last chance buddy.”

The man growled and looped forward.

Devon readied his bat like he expected a pitch and then nailed the guy on the side of the temple. The figure swayed for a moment, but then crashed to the ground.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have hit him so hard. Looks like I’ll have another body to explain to the cops. Shit.”

“I’m glad you hit him hard,” she said. “He looks like a monster.”

Just then, more screaming broke out in the apartments across the street. One voice screamed on and on like her guts were being torn out, but it became almost worse when the cries were replaced by silence.

“Maybe we should be helping people,” he said.

“We don’t even own a car and the emergency numbers are down. What can we do?”

Another young couple raced from the apartments and, much like the last group, ran to their car.

Devon tried to get there attention. “Hey wait. What’s going on over there?”

“People are going crazy. That nurse’s wife is eating someone.” The man’s girlfriend had already gotten into the car. “We’re getting the hell out of here.” And then they were gone.

“What should we do?” She asked.

“I’m not sure,” Devon said slowly.

More screams and cries came out from the apartment complex. And then another couple ran into the parking lot. They spied Devon and Tracy and ran their way. The man clutched at his arm, which appeared to be bleeding.

“Help us!” he yelled. “We have no car and things are going crazy in there. I tried to help my neighbor and the damn bitch bite me. Bit me bad.”

“Maybe we should say no,” Tracy whispered. “They could have some disease.”


Devon looked at her and then back at the couple. “We have to find out what’s going…” but then his words dried up when he saw three figures, moving in that awkward manner of the others, follow the couple into the parking lot.

“Come on!” he yelled. “They’re right behind you.”

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