Flesh Eaters in My Home

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Devon had just finished placed his box spring over the French doors in his bedroom, when he heard Nicole cry out.

Andy already ran toward the sounds in the back of the house, which would leave the front undefended.

“Son of a…” Devon started. Casting a quick glance toward his wife, he said, “Try to make sure this is secure, I’ll go see what’s happening.”

“How should I do that?”

“Damn it, Trace, any way you can. Throw the desk against it, anything!” Devon had already rushed out the doorway before he’d finished talking. Andy and Nicole stood only a few feet in front of him. The man Devon had just rescued lumbered at the couple, while Andy tried to keep it at bay with a chair.



The thing growled and pushed against Andy. Due to his wounded arm, he wasn’t able to keep the chair aloft and it crashed to the floor with a loud bang.

Devon raced forward and kicked it in the chest. It went stumbling off his feet, which made enough space for Devon to dash into his kitchen. For some reason gripping the butcher knife felt more brutal that using the bat, but he didn’t let this slow him. The man was just regaining his feet when Devon grabbed him by the hair and slashed his throat.

Nicole screamed as blood fountained over the floor.

Devon backed away, and looked down as his red washed hands.

How can all of this be happening? How can I have killed so many men tonight? What kind of man am I?

The bubbling moan beneath him was noticed before Andy’s shout.

The man had recovered and clutched at Devon’s legs. With a cry, Devon punched forward with his knife, more to keep the head away than anything else.

The man’s mouth opened and closed seeking to rend his flesh. Only the pressure of the knife point against the thing’s face kept it at bay.

With a growl of his own, Devo twisted the knife across the man’s cheek, which created another splash of red. Then, with a push, he drove the knife into the man’s eye. The man that had so recently been speaking to him slumped to the floor.


Angry Tracy

Angry Tracy

“Devon,” his wife gasped. “What’s happening to you? How can you be doing all of this?”

“I’m… just trying to keep us alive.” Again he looked down at his blood drenched hands and clothes, but he didn’t drop the knife.

Andy took a step closer to the newest victim. “I for one don’t mind getting his help. The world’s gone crazy.”



Tracy turned on Andy, “How do I know you aren’t going to go crazy next? Devon I want these two out of here!”

“You can’t be serious,” Nicole gasped and as if to drive the point home, more loud bangings sounded from the front of the house.

Devon glared his wife’s way. “If he goes crazy, I’ll put him down like the others, but right now I need his help.” He had to raise his voice to be heard over the multiple hammering the house started to take. “We can take one or two of these things, but not a dozen. We need to secure this house and do it now if any of you want to see the next sunrise!”

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Friend or Foe, Whose to Know

July 19, 2014 at 10:14 am (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

The two couples jumped when the truck crashed onto one of the palm trees lining the front of Devon’s yard. Devon made it to the shattered window first. He didn’t like what he saw. A blood covered man wrestled with a woman in the front of a large and quite damaged pick up truck.

Andy had moved to the den window. “Oh man. The noise of that crash is attracting more of those things.”

Devon saw that the man’s words rang true and no less than four of the mind dead cannibals stumbled toward his home. When he turned his attentions back to the pickup, he saw that the driver had unbuckled his seatbelt and toppled to the ground.


Twenty Zombies

“I’m going to go help him,” Devon said. “You guys watch the door.”

Tracy stopped him from opening it. “We can’t just keep letting all these people in. We aren’t sure what’s making these people go crazy. How do we know that this guy isn’t going to go crazy in a few minutes?”

He looked down as his scarlet haired wife. “I’m willing to take that chance. Besides the more people we have, the easier it will be defending this place if we have to.” Then before she could argue, he headed outside.

The four approaching stumblers moaned louder when they saw him, but Devon just rushed to the injured man’s side. On the way there, he saw the woman in the passenger seat thrashing about, but she didn’t appear to be able to do something as simple as unbuckling herself.


At the car window

At the car window

Reaching the prone man, he said, “Are you alright?”

“I’ll never be alright again. My wife is dead and just tried to kill me.”

Devon looked at the struggling woman. “Why do you think she is dead?”

“I saw her die. She stopped breathing and then came back alive and bit me on the shoulder.”

Devon felt his chest tighten, but he hurried to help the man onto his feet. A minute later they were both back inside of his home.
“Tracy you and Nicole help get this guy onto the guest bed. Andy, help me prop this sofa over the broken window. More of those things are coming.”

Tracy stood where she was and made no move to help Nicole. “Devon, this house is not strong enough to defend. Even if we protect the two front windows, what about the French doors in our bedroom?”

“We’ll figure something out. One thing we do have going for us, is besides the two front windows off the porch and those French doors, the rest of the windows are too high off the ground for them to get through. Hell, that woman can’t even unbuckle her seat belt.”

The first banging rattled the front door and a growl sounded outside of the broken window.

Devon hurried to say, “Andy keep pushing against that couch and I’ll brace it with more furniture.” While he tossed a chair against it he said, “Trace, get our bed pushed up against the French doors.” When she didn’t move he added, “Please.”

When Nicole came back into the room, he said, “Nicole, go to the closet in the dining room and grab my tool box. Give it to Andy and then help Tracy with the bed.” The flesh eaters pushed against the sofa with greater determination.


He's coming for you

He’s coming for you

Tracy came back in and put the tool box near their feet. But before she left, she said, “That new guy isn’t doing to good. I’m not sure if it was the bite or the accident, but he’s just laying there groaning.”

“Just help Tracy. Once we get this place secured, we’ll try to figure things out.”

Andy and Devon spent a dozen troubled minutes using ropes, nails, and furniture to barricade the front window. He was about to move into the den to block that window when he heard Nicole screaming.
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Devon Avis

Devon Avis

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Bites, Broken Glass, and Bullshit

July 12, 2014 at 12:07 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Devon and his wife Tracy watched as the other couple ran faster. The three distorted figures they had seen emerge from the apartment took up the chase, but could do little more than loop after them.



Tracy tensed as the couple raced up onto their porch.

The bleeding man threw a look over his shoulder. “Can we please come inside? We need to get away from those things.”

Devon thought that calling people things, no matter what their state, was strange, but let the people follow his wife inside. Once the four of them stood in his living room, Devon slammed the door shut and shot the lock home.

The couples eyed each other until Devon broke the silence. “So how bad is your wound?”

The man removed his hand and revealed a grizzly wound on the top of his forearm. “The bitch took a bite out of me.”

Tracy looked pale, so Devon sent her off to get her first aid kit. “So what are your names?”

“I’m Andy and this is Nicole.” Andy’s tall body towered over his blonde girlfriend, but she might have actually outweighed his rail thin form.

“So,” Devon said quickly. “Do you have any idea as to what’s going on?”

The sounds of fists slamming into the door caused Nicole to jump. Once the pumping started, it grew in volume and gave no indication of slowing.

Andy’s eyes darted to the door and then back at him. “I’m… I’m not sure. There’s a male nurse that lives a few doors down from me. I think I heard screaming from his apartment first. Some people went to check and this guy and his girlfriend attacked them. A bunch of people ran back to their apartments, but when they came back out, some of them started attacked us. It got pretty confusing after I got bit and we just ran.”

In his periphery vision, Devon saw his wife returning.

She looked into the room and screamed. A second later, the first aid kit fell to the floor and broke open.



Devon followed her gaze to the window that looked out onto their front porch and froze. There, glaring at them, was a women with half her face and throat torn away. There was no way she should have still been alive, let alone moving, but she snarled at them and then thrust her hands through the window.

The cuts and lacerations on her arms did nothing to slow her down and she had already gripped the back of the sofa and tried to pull herself into the room.



Without really thinking things through, Devon took a long step forward and swung his bat straight into her forehead.

She grunted, but kept coming.

His second blow landed on the back of her skull like an axe splitting wood. She released a gasp and fell across the couch unmoving.

Yet, before Devon could enjoy his success, the other two blood covered freaks began to push their way through the broken window. He stepped up and laid into them with his bat. He didn’t aim his blows and focused on just hitting them as fast as he could. Blow after blow fell. Fingers broke and teeth spiraled across the room.



After a blow to the center of his forehead, the first one through the window went limp, but the second madman rolled over the sofa into the middle of the living room. It tried to struggle to its feet, but Devon didn’t give it a chance. With a wild roundhouse swing, he hit it in the jaw so hard that its neck snapped and it crashed into their television and both toppled to the floor.

“Holy shit, dude,” Andy said. “That was pretty hard core.”

“I don’t play around when it comes to the safety of me and mine,” Devon replied while wiping sweat from his brow.

“But you just killed three people,” Nicole said.

“Yeah and there’s another one in the bathroom and another guy in my front yard.”

The couple looked at him like they might not have been sure if they picked the right house to hole up in and that was when they heard a screeching of tires. A loud scream sounded and then a crash as something big smashed into one of the palm trees that lined Devon’s front yard.

“What the hell now,” he cursed and ran toward the door.


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