The Climax of Last Room in the House

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The sounds of his wife’s screams for help drew him back to the attic entrance. He was about to jump down to aid her when he heard the sounds of the French doors splintering.

“Devon! Get down here and help me. Andy is coming for me!”

“No baby, climb up here. We’ll be safer up here.”



She cursed up a streak that would have made a six-tour marine blush, but rushed into the closet and slammed the door shut behind her. “You son of a bitch, why won’t you come down here?” She said and he started to climb up toward him.

“Because our house is lost, baby, this is going to be the only safe place.” As he spoke, he set down his bat. He reached down and grabbed her arm with both his hands. She was hauled more than climbed toward him.

Behind her, the closet door flung open and Andy grabbed her ankle and leaned in to bite her calf.

Tracy screamed so loud he almost dropped her, but with a powerful jerk he pulled her up and away from Andy’s snapping teeth. Soon he had lifted her slight body into the attic itself.

Angry Tracy

Angry Tracy

Beneath him, Andy growled and spat a mist of blood from his red rimmed mouth. Soon he was joined by more of the walking dead that pushed into the closet. All around he heard the sounds of the dead rampaging through his home and destroying everything he owned.

“What are we going to do?” she whispered.

“We’ll see,” was all he said. His hand found hers and silently led her over to the hole in the roof he had created. With a bit more smashing, he widened it up enough for them to push themselves through.

Tracy started to say something, but he made a motion for silence with a finger over his lips. Looking over the side of the roof, he saw that most of the undead in his back yard had funneled into the house seeking their flesh.

A roof covered his back porch and the couple climbed down to it as quietly as possible. Four of the moaning corpses still lingered in the back yard, so Devon jumped onto the back yard first. The closest zombie got a steel baseball bat to the temple. It didn’t get back up.

He rushed as the next two and they suffered a similar fate, as Tracy climbed onto the back porch. He moved in to finish the last one, when Tracy cried out.

“Ahh, Devon help. The ones inside saw me.”

Twenty Zombies

He watched in horror as a half a dozen of the lumbering dead stumbled out of the house only feet from his wife.

“Come on,” he yelled and pushed the last zombie away from him with the end of his bat.

She came running.

He snatched her hand and without a look back, they dashed through his back gate. A lone zombie reached for them, but he hit the thing so hard its neck snapped and the big male zombie fell against the wall with a loud wet thud.

Devon spared one look back at his ravaged house as he grabbed his wife’s hand again and they raced off into the night.


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Darkness and Screams

August 22, 2014 at 4:26 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

It didn’t hurt that the entrance to the attic was in the closet of his bedroom. He opened it easily and, after a moment of hesitation, he climbed into the stygian darkness. Below him, the hammering of the infected beat a chaotic rhythm on his bedroom door. The disturbing sound pulsed like a sick heartbeat as he got his feet onto one of the two-by-sixes that ran along the floor of the attic


They had suffered through a small leak during the last monsoons that he had not gotten around to fixing and tried to make his way toward it in the dark, Crouching low, he heard the women talking in angry voices, but could no longer make out what they said.

As he passed by a ventilation window, he paused to glance outside. He couldn’t be sure if the presence of the first few zombies had drawn others, but in just his side yard, he could see at least ten of the infected madman stumbling around and trying to break through the secured French doors.


Working his way over where he guessed the leak was. He felt out with his hand hoping to find some weakened wood. He cursed himself for not grabbing his tool box before fleeing into his bedroom, but he hoped his metal bat would be enough.

After two minutes of blind searching, he found a place where the wood felt frayed. Once he had positioned himself under it, he got to work smashing it with his bat. Dust flew and threatened to get into his eyes, but he closed them and got busy.


Hammering with a bat in a confined area proved difficult, but the wood began to crack and give. Soon his near constant blows drowned out both the women’s voices and the beating on the bedroom door. After what felt like hours of hard work, his bat broke through the roof and a thin ray of light created a dim circle of illumination under his feet.

Devon had paused to catch his breath and was about to start up again, when he heard a horrific screaming from below. From his position he couldn’t be sure if it was Nicole or his wife.

Clutching his bat, he hurried back to the attic door. Long before he got there, he heard Tracy screaming up at him.

“Devon, oh my God, hurry! Andy became one of those things. He has Nicole and he’s eating her. Oh no, he heard me. He’s coming for me. Devon! DEVON!”

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Last Room in the House

August 8, 2014 at 4:07 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Devon threw the radio onto the table and rushed toward the back door as Andy cried out again.



“There are more back here than we thought. They pushed the nails right out of the wall. The whole door frame is falling apart!”

Damn cheap ass house, Devon was already thinking before he reached the man. Turning the corner, he saw Andy holding a horde of the flesh eaters back, by keeping the dislodged door between himself and them.

Two thoughts tore through Devon’s mind. Andy is in a shitload of trouble and there is no way in hell we’ll ever be able to reattach that back door.

Devon could see Andy had passed into a pure panic mode, but quickly yelled the man’s way. “Andy, fall back to the kitchen and lodge the door sideways.”

Andy retreated, but Devon couldn’t be sure the man understood what he asked, so he raced forward, while drawing one of the large steak knives he had stashed in his back pocket. A big zombie’s face loomed around the side of the dislodged door. Devon took careful aim and stabbed it through the eye. It fell back tripping up some of the others. He repeated the process when a black man’s face came into view around the other side.


Using his free hand, he drew Andy back. “Wedge the door. It will slow them down enough for us to retreat.”

While he helped Andy move the door sideways, a young female was pushed over the lowered door. With a growl she grabbed Andy’s dreadlocks and drew in for a bite.


Devon at the door

Andy fell back screaming as a fountain of red erupted from his shoulder.

Devon stabbed the woman in the mouth and left his knife there. After insuring that the press of madmen kept the door pinned to either side of the kitchen doorway, he pushed Andy back toward the front of the house.

“Everyone get into our bedroom,” he yelled, as he snatched up his bat. Looking back, he saw the first two blood covered freaks toppling over the pinned door. Once he was sure the two women were in the bedroom, he slammed the door shut and then pushed the wide dresser in front of it.

It only took ten more seconds for the first fist to pound against it.

Once Devon was sure it remained secure, he hurried over to where Nicole had already begun to help Andy. Blood poured from his shoulder and Devon turned to his transfixed wife. “Go into the bathroom and get the first aid kit.”

“But that body’s in there.”

“There will be a new body in here soon. Do it!”

She hurried to comply.

It took another five minutes, during which, the sounds of banging grew, but they were able to get Andy’s wound under control. Devon addressed Nicole as Andy just groaned in pain. “Keep direct pressure on it for a while and we’ll check on it in ten minutes, okay?”

She just nodded.

Tracy had her hands on her hips. “So what are we going to do? Not much else we can retreat back into now and those things are going to ruin everything in our whole house.”

“Why do you have to be such a bitch?” Nicole cried. “My boyfriend could be dying and you’re worried about your possessions.”

“Look, bitch. This is my house. For all I know your boyfriend is infected. The fact we don’t throw you off the roof is a lesson in tolerance that-”

“Wait,” Devon said. “The roof. Good idea.”

“What?” She asked.

“If we can get onto the roof, I could distract them all into the back yard and we might have a chance to escape.”

“You’re out of your mind,” his wife said.


Tracy 1


“Maybe, but the real thing we’re out of are options. No help me move the table into the closet.”



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First Night of The Apocalypse

August 1, 2014 at 12:44 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

A loud crash from outside made Andy’s head jerk up from where he used one of Devon’s t-shirts to rebind his bite wound. “What was that? Are those French doors still secure?” Sweat seeped from his flushed face as his manic eyes darted to the side of the house.


Zombie 3

Devon looked over from the weapons pile he’d been collecting. “No, I think it’s something else.”

“What?” Nicole asked from where she hugged her arms around herself in the corner.

“I’m pretty sure that would be my old fence being torn down, which means we need to make sure the back door stays secure. Luckily the windows in the back are a good six feet off the ground, so we are safe there.”

Tracy called out from the living room. “I thought we were letting these people stay here because they were going to help us, but I’m the only one watching the front windows and now they will be in the back yard too.”


zombie 1

Devon eyed his wife. The moment stretched. “Before we get to involved, let’s each grab a weapon.” He already had a hunting knife strapped to his belt, but he put two steak knives into his back pocket while saying, “I’ll stick to my bat, but there are plenty of extra steak knives. I think we learned that only head shots kill these mutants. So go for the eyes if you can. Andy I have a hand axe you can use. Nicole, I’ll give you our biggest butcher knife.”

She eyed it with a certain level of disgust, since it had already been blooded.

“What about me?” Tracy demanded.

“I was wondering if you’d like to use that machete I bought in high school.”

Without saying a word, she walked forward and picked it up off the table. A broken window caused her to jump. “Devon, we need to do something, those freaks will find a way into here soon.”



Setting his jaw, Devon said, “Then we had better get busy. I brought out all the tools I have. I’ve got a lot of nails. Let’s start boarding this place up. I have that stupid waterbed frame. We’ll start with that.”

* * *

An hour later, but still many long hours before sunrise, they had done most of what they could to secure the house. The downside turned out to be the noise of the hammering had attracted more of the madman and Devon guessed there already might be as many as thirty of the blood covered cannibals circling his home.

Tracy came up to him as he finished the last board over his office window. “Andy doesn’t look to good. I think he might be becoming one of those things.”


zombie 4

“All the others seemed to change quickly. He’s been a huge help to us. What do you want me to do, smash in his head with a hammer in front of his girlfriend?”

“You could ask them to leave.”

“So they help us work our ass off making this house safe and then we toss them out there to be torn apart?”

Nicole walked into the room. “I… I hope I’m not intruding, but I was wondering if there is any way we could do something with the bodies we have in here? Andy was also wondering if you had a television.”

“We don’t have cable, but, wait… we could turn on the radio.”

She struggled to smile. “That could help.”

Devon grabbed the radio and walked toward the dining room when he heard Andy cry out, “Help, Help! The broke through the back door. Help!”
Check in every Saturday for a new chapter in the Eternal Aftermath!
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