See Emily Slay Part II (Year Two)

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“Get down!” he father yelled and all of them dropped to the dirt.

“Can you tell how many there are?” Jewels, whispered.

“It might just be one,” he said back. “But that doesn’t mean there might not be more around, or his shooting isn’t summoning more dead-heads.”

Zombies on the march

A loud rattling was heard next. Emily couldn’t tell what it was. It sounded like rocks banging around in a rolling trash can.

Spencer yelled, “Look out!”

It took her a second to understand why, but then she saw it too. Somehow the shooter had freed the zombies and they began to lurch toward her family.

“Alright no one panic,” Her father said over the growls of the approaching undead. “That’s what he’s going to expect us to do. He also is going to expect us to shoot the zombies, which will help give away our position, so right now no one fire. You got that?”

No one argued with him and the zombies drew in closer.

“Dad, what are we going to do?” Spencer asked.

“Hold tight,” their father said, while looking through the scoop of his rifle. “No one shots at my family,” he said under his breath. When the zombies drew within twenty feet of him, he took out his dagger and rapped it on the barrel of his gun. The metal tings proved enough to draw the attentions of all three undead and they lumbered his way.

Ten feet.

Five Feet.

Emily panicked. “Dad, what are you doing?”

Emily with Bat

“Stay put and aim your rifle to the left side of the baseball dug out other there.”

She did as he asked.

Then, when the zombies stood over him, her father bolted to his feet. Shoots rang out, but only impacted the zombies, as he father backpedaled a few feet. He brought up his gun and fired. Emily joined in with her rifle.

“Emily keep firing. Jewels, grab Spence and retreat. I’m aborting our mission for today.”

The unknown man fired off a few rounds, but then retreated. Her father grabbed her arm and soon they did the same. For a few tense minutes they retraced their steps while keeping the fleeing forms of Jewels and Spencer in sight.


Once they reached the desert he took them up to the top of a small rise and stopped. Her father looked back the way they had come.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Whoever that was is following us.”

“But why would he do that?”

“I hate to say this sweetie, but he might want you.”
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Zombies before the red sky

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See Emily Slay, Part I

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Her dad had stayed an individual. He thought every issue through like he was the first man on earth. The past decisions of others or expected norms meant nothing to him. He made every move his own way, the way he believed to be best. Someone else might call him stubborn or ego driven.


But maybe that was why they were all still alive.

Case in point. Instead of her father and Jewels making a run into northern Tucson and leaving the siblings behind, her father insisted that they always stay together…always. He had told her once that having her and her brother along on all the raids kept him from doing anything too risky and that alone might have helped keep him alive.

Emily had just turned thirteen and her once thin form had begun to show the first signs of womanhood. Spencer teased her about it and she couldn’t wait until he was a teenager so she could return the favor. She sighed as the moved through the giant saguaros. That would take three more years and she wondered if there was any hope that they could somehow live that long.

Emily's got a gun

Her rifle lay heavy over her shoulder and the sun felt like it already roasted her flesh, but she wasn’t about to complain. She left that to Spencer.

“Damn, maybe we should just do this at night. It’s so hot, I feel like I’m walking on lava.”

“Don’t be a moron. The dead are more dangerous at night. We’d have to be-”

Her father made the sign for them to stop and he and Jewels crouched down behind a large prickly pear tree. Her dad whispered something into Jewels ear and the woman dropped back to them.

She said, “Emily, your dad wants you to move up to his position carefully.”

She did as he asked, without question, keeping low. Upon reaching him, she saw that the desert opened up into a sun baked park below them. Maybe a half dozen of the walking dead lingering there.


“Em,” he said, looking her way. “We need to cross through this park. It’s safer because we can see them in every direction for hundreds of yards. Yes, the gunfire attracts them, but I think it’s worth the risk to have our path cleared and more importantly give you some more target practice.”

Keeping her thoughts in check, she replied, “Okay dad and leaned the barrel of her rifle against the top of one of the cactus. Taking aim she dropped the first one.

That’s the easy one, she thought to herself. Once they heard the shot, the others began to move her way. Lurching and stumbling through the brown grass. She dropped another one, but it took two shots. The next one took three.

“Dad, I don’t want to waste too much ammo.”

“I’d rather waste every bullet we have than not have you know how to shoot. We can find more ammo. I can’t find another you.”

Biting her lower lip, she took out the next one in one shot. They moved closer.

“You need to shot faster, honey.”

She missed the next shot, but then put a bullet between one’s eyes. Two remained, but they were too close. She went to fire, but her rifle was empty. “Dad?”

“Don’t panic, you know what to do. Draw your pistol.”

She did and killed one with three shots, but the last one was only feet away.

Her father put a bullet through its head. “Come on,” he said and motioned for the others to follow. “That was great shooting, sweetie,” he said as they hurried across the park.

“But you had to kill the last one.”

“Yeah, but you could have done it, if you needed to. I would never take any risk with your life.”

He drew out the last words as he halted. Before then the southern side of the park had been converted into farmland, but had three spaced out walkers chained to the ground.

“Why would someone put walkers in the middle of a place they’re trying to grow food?” Jewels asked.

“I think they’re using them for scarecrows,” his father said, just before gunfire broke out.
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EMily and Zombies

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The Climax of Snapping Jaws

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“Flippin’ figures,” Max said as the jacked up truck barreled through the zombies on a crash course straight at him.

On one side of him was the burning apartment complex, which he had so recently thought of as home, while to the other was a ring of waiting zombies. Burnt, crushed, or torn apart, yep, a usual kind of day for me.


Striving to pull off the impossible, he waited as the high beams rushed toward him like the eyes of a demon. At the last conceivable moment, he yelled, “Crazy bitch,” flipped her the bird, and then dove to the side.

He felt the fires burn into him for a moment and then a titanic crash sounded as she drove into the wall of the apartment.

Sparks and ambers flew, as he scrambled to his feet. The heat felt like a fist assaulting his back as he took a few steps closer to the truck. He quickly saw that not only was this chick crazy, she was also an idiot, for she had neglected to buckle her seatbelt. The front window had a huge spider web of cracks, but it was hard to determine whether these were caused by her head or the crash.


Another few steps took him to the passenger door. The fires still kept his side clear of undead, but they already assaulted the driver’s side of the truck. He opened the passenger door and hit the door lock, just to be sure.

Looking over the girl, it pissed him off how pretty she looked even with her face covered in blood. He knew you weren’t supposed to move people that had been through accidents like this, but said, “Screw that,” and dragged her slight form into the passenger seat and then scrambled over her into the driver’s seat.

Wet hands smacked the side windows and some zombies had already crawled into the bed of the pick up.

“I guess if this truck doesn’t start up, this will be all we wrote, huh, you crazy, dumb bitch.” He moved himself into the driver’s seat and adjusted his sword so he could sit. “If it doesn’t start, I’ll leap into the fire, but I’ll leave you here for them, how’s that.”


She didn’t say a word. Not even a moan.

The moment of truth was upon him and he threw the car into reverse. It moved. It still ran.

The zombies hemmed them in, but he pulled back toward the fire where they were fewer. Next came the strangest three point turn of his life. Fire lined one side, zombies the other, with the crumbling wall of the apartment behind them. But whoever this chick’s former friends were, they had chosen their ride well and he was able to ram through the wall of undead and break free just as the sun began to rise over the Rincon Range to the east.


Zombies still lurked everywhere in Tucson, but he was able to weave through them enough to keep going. He headed east toward the nearest desert. He needed time to think.

The sky changed from thick purples to a fading orange as he drove. Looking down, the girl seemed so calm, miles away from the maniac that had tried to kill him twice. He had visions of her grabbing the steering wheel and trying to murder them both, but nothing of the sort happened and the buildings were replaced by bigger houses as he roared toward the desert.

He was just thinking that maybe he should try to hold up in one of the bigger houses, at least for the day, when the girl growled and reached for him. At first he thought she was going for the wheel, but instead she attacked his person. Her fingernails dug into his arms painfully, and she pulled his right arm toward her mouth.

It was only then that he realized she had turned. The crash must have killed her somehow.

The truck weaved and started to drive off the road. With a powerful jerk, he pulled his arm away and slammed on the breaks. This ceased her small body to fly forward.

It didn’t stun her for long and like an insane vampire, she lunged at him again.

“Screw you!” he yelled, while opening the door and dashed out of the truck. She followed. Drawing his sword he said, “Too bad you were such a crazy bitch or we…never mind.” A second later her decapitated head rolled to his feet.

A few stray zombies headed his way, but he allowed himself a moment of introspection. “Well, it looks like I’m going to be staying a post-apocalypse virgin for a bit longer.” After wiping his arm across his brow, he signed, jumped into the truck, and then drove off into the sunrise.
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Bat Shit

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Max doubted he had ever been more confused in his life. Why would a woman, whose life he just saved, betray him and then accuse him of killing her friends.

Looking down at the fire, he mumbled, “Like I’ve even seen a living soul in a last year.”

She screamed at him again, “Burn in hell, you bastard. How could you do that to them?”


“Lady,” he screamed back. “I don’t know was sort of crap you’ve been smoking, but do you think that maybe, in a world full of zombies, one of them might have killed your friends.”

“Lair. Even if they were bit you would have made it back to me.”

“This girl has no clue. How could she have survived this long?” Then he thought back to where he had found her, trapped on the top of the ambulance. Without his rescue she would have been doomed. Could it be possible that her friends had sheltered her all this time? Could she really be as naïve as she seemed?

“Look at this place. I have no car!” he yelled down at her. “Besides saving your ungrateful life, I haven’t left this apartment for over a month.”

Insane Haeds

“Lair. David and Billy were pros. They would never be stupid enough to let the zombies take them. It must have been you!”

What, just two of them, he drew back. And she thinks that would make them bulletproof?

But quickly the raging fire engulfing the apartment became his primary concern. But that wasn’t the only thing raging. “That damn bitch can go drive her truck off a cliff. I try to be a nice guy and what do I get?” he grumbled, while collecting his meager gear. “Fucking nothing.” Throwing his backpack over his shoulder, he continued. “Tell you one thing, she had better say out of my way or I’ll stop being so nice.”


Grabbing up his emergency fire ladder, he raced to the apartment as close to the fire as he could be without being caught in the inferno, but he knew that could quickly change.

Without hesitating, he dropped the ladder out the window and scrambled down. The fires kept the zombies back, for it was the one thing they feared, but as soon as his feet hit the ground, he felt daunted by the ring of undulating flesh that surrounded him. In the darkness, he couldn’t be sure how thick the circle was, but as he saw the fifty pair of milky eyes glowing in the firelight, he didn’t favor his chances. “The fucking bitch has killed me.”

No sooner did the word leave his mouth, when she saw her trying to make his words true. With a roar, her monster truck smashed through the ring of undead and barreled straight at him.

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Wet Zombie

Wet Zombie

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October 3, 2014 at 12:04 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

This serial started 9/16/14

Max hurried over to where the girl, Jennifer, had dropped the ladder into the alley, but she had already scrambled down the back of the next building.


Damn it, He cursed silently. I just saved her. How could she betray me like this?

Reality set in and he realized she’d done what she’d done. The only thing that mattered would be for him to find a safe way out of this mess and with him perched on top of a roof of a building surrounded by a few hundred zombies, this might be no easy feat.


Looking around, he didn’t see much on the roof that could help him. He had his sword and a few knives, but he needed to figure this out. He did a quick circuit of the roof. As he had suspected, far more zombies trashed around the front of the store than the back, but there was still plenty back there. He might have been able to fight his way through, but again, he might not.

Then he spied the entrance that led down into the store from the roof. After looking down and insuring no undead lingered inside, he hurried down the ladder.


Dust and the flailing arms of zombies veiled the light and created a grey obfuscation, like his eyes looked through a dirty glass. Any hopes of finding weapons evaporated when he saw he was within a former flower store. Besides a few pairs of shears and some old boards, there wasn’t much he could have used as a weapon.

Then a thought came to him and he moved toward the rear door of the place. His stomach churned as he thought over his options. No need to delay, he thought. It will just give them time for more of their kind to show up. They always do.

After grabbing the door handle, he took a deep breath and pulled. “Damn it,” he cursed out loud this time, when he saw the bolt was still driven home. He pulled back the bolt and then banged his free hand on the window a few times. “I’m in here you losers.”

That got their attention and with a quick jerk he opened the back door.

The zombies came pouring into the store, but Max had already started moving. He dashed to the ladder and sped up to the roof. After sneaking to the back of the building, he looked over the side.

As he had hoped, the undead back there had funneled into the building. After giving them another minute, he felt himself smile once only a few remained in the alley. Max climbed down and only had to hack through a couple to clear a way out for himself. Two minutes later he sprinted back to him apartment, cursing Jennifer the whole way.

* * *

The commotion down the street must have lured most of the zombies camped out around his apartment away and it was a simple matter to climb his emergency ladder to the second level and then pull it up after him.

It had been a tiring and horrid day and he collapsed onto the bed he’d been using without even taking off his boots. For a while he allowed himself to wallow in self pity, but soon that got old. After throwing an old tie-shirt over his eyes, he willed himself to sleep, and hoped tomorrow might be a better day.

* * *

He awoke an indeterminate time later. Darkness had fallen across the desolated city, but for some reason a chaotic jumble of lights played over his bedroom wall. Outside it sounded like the zombies were going crazy and that was what had probably woken him up.

Rushing to his window, he froze. Somehow his building had been lit on fire. Flames rose and already licked at the second floor windows. But what grabbed his attentions was a giant monster pick up truck driving in wide circles just beyond the fire’s light.

The window rolled down and he spotted Jennifer at once.

Her angry voice screamed up at him. “This is what you get for killing my friends, you prick!”
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