The Climax of Snapping Jaws

October 17, 2014 at 1:04 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , )

“Flippin’ figures,” Max said as the jacked up truck barreled through the zombies on a crash course straight at him.

On one side of him was the burning apartment complex, which he had so recently thought of as home, while to the other was a ring of waiting zombies. Burnt, crushed, or torn apart, yep, a usual kind of day for me.


Striving to pull off the impossible, he waited as the high beams rushed toward him like the eyes of a demon. At the last conceivable moment, he yelled, “Crazy bitch,” flipped her the bird, and then dove to the side.

He felt the fires burn into him for a moment and then a titanic crash sounded as she drove into the wall of the apartment.

Sparks and ambers flew, as he scrambled to his feet. The heat felt like a fist assaulting his back as he took a few steps closer to the truck. He quickly saw that not only was this chick crazy, she was also an idiot, for she had neglected to buckle her seatbelt. The front window had a huge spider web of cracks, but it was hard to determine whether these were caused by her head or the crash.


Another few steps took him to the passenger door. The fires still kept his side clear of undead, but they already assaulted the driver’s side of the truck. He opened the passenger door and hit the door lock, just to be sure.

Looking over the girl, it pissed him off how pretty she looked even with her face covered in blood. He knew you weren’t supposed to move people that had been through accidents like this, but said, “Screw that,” and dragged her slight form into the passenger seat and then scrambled over her into the driver’s seat.

Wet hands smacked the side windows and some zombies had already crawled into the bed of the pick up.

“I guess if this truck doesn’t start up, this will be all we wrote, huh, you crazy, dumb bitch.” He moved himself into the driver’s seat and adjusted his sword so he could sit. “If it doesn’t start, I’ll leap into the fire, but I’ll leave you here for them, how’s that.”


She didn’t say a word. Not even a moan.

The moment of truth was upon him and he threw the car into reverse. It moved. It still ran.

The zombies hemmed them in, but he pulled back toward the fire where they were fewer. Next came the strangest three point turn of his life. Fire lined one side, zombies the other, with the crumbling wall of the apartment behind them. But whoever this chick’s former friends were, they had chosen their ride well and he was able to ram through the wall of undead and break free just as the sun began to rise over the Rincon Range to the east.


Zombies still lurked everywhere in Tucson, but he was able to weave through them enough to keep going. He headed east toward the nearest desert. He needed time to think.

The sky changed from thick purples to a fading orange as he drove. Looking down, the girl seemed so calm, miles away from the maniac that had tried to kill him twice. He had visions of her grabbing the steering wheel and trying to murder them both, but nothing of the sort happened and the buildings were replaced by bigger houses as he roared toward the desert.

He was just thinking that maybe he should try to hold up in one of the bigger houses, at least for the day, when the girl growled and reached for him. At first he thought she was going for the wheel, but instead she attacked his person. Her fingernails dug into his arms painfully, and she pulled his right arm toward her mouth.

It was only then that he realized she had turned. The crash must have killed her somehow.

The truck weaved and started to drive off the road. With a powerful jerk, he pulled his arm away and slammed on the breaks. This ceased her small body to fly forward.

It didn’t stun her for long and like an insane vampire, she lunged at him again.

“Screw you!” he yelled, while opening the door and dashed out of the truck. She followed. Drawing his sword he said, “Too bad you were such a crazy bitch or we…never mind.” A second later her decapitated head rolled to his feet.

A few stray zombies headed his way, but he allowed himself a moment of introspection. “Well, it looks like I’m going to be staying a post-apocalypse virgin for a bit longer.” After wiping his arm across his brow, he signed, jumped into the truck, and then drove off into the sunrise.
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