See Emily Slay part IV (Apocalypse Year II)

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As Emily looked down at the blood seeping through Jewels fingers, she felt like it was her that had been shoot. Jewels had become a huge part of their small family over the last year. Besides becoming her father’s lover, the former EMT had all but adapted Emily and her younger brother.


Spence lost it at once, audibly crying as tears poured down his flushed cheeks. “Dad, dad, what are we going to do?”

Always being a fast thinker, their dad flew into action. “Emily, get over there and help Jewels apply direct pressure on the wound. She’ll help you do it. Spence, SPENCE, listen to me! I need you to go grab Jewels’ first aid kit and give it to her.”

Emily looked over at her father as her silent tears mixed with the blood below.

He drove a fresh magazine into his rifle while he scanned the hills below for the masked shooter. “I lost sight of him,” He crouched down near her. “Em, I know you’re scared, but Jewels needs your help. It won’t do us any good, if this guy sneaks up behind us while we’re helping her. I’m leaving you in charge here.”


“Wait, dad, no.”

“No waiting. You’re in charge, Em, I’m going to try to lead him away or at least flush him out.” Then, without another word, he rushed off into the desert chaparral.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no,” she began to chant like a mantra.

“Emily,” Jewels tried to smile up at her, but the girl could tell she remained in a lot of pain. “I’ll be okay. Just try to relax. You can’t help me and your family, if you get too upset.”

Emily struggled to control her breathing as Jewels moved her hands so they covered her wound better.

“Keep the pressure here. Spencer, look into the side pocket of my bag and get those big bandages out of there.”

Emily jerked when shots rang out. They didn’t come from her father’s gun. She feared the worse, but then heard her father return fire and hoped that was a good thing.

Blood Bath Zombie

Blood Bath Zombie

Spencer held up some four inch by four inch pads. “Are these the ones? What should I—ahhh.”

Emily looked over while horror froze her face. A zombie had Spencer by the hair and was pulling him back into a cluster of wait-a-minute bushes.

“Spence, Spence your gun!”

“I’m okay,” Jewels hissed, “go help him.”

But Emily had bigger problems because two more zombies had emerged behind the first one.

Her rifle felt large and clunky in her hands as she hurried to rise up the barrel. The first zombie had leaned in to take a bite and its head was dangerously close to Spencer. She had to take the shot, but if she missed…

The shot rang out and the zombie fell away.

Spence wasted no time getting on his hands and knees. He was about to crawl for her, but then headed back toward the other two zombies.

They reached for him.

In her panic, she missed with the first shot.

Emily got a shotgun

Spencer’s wide eyes met hers somehow as he snatched up the fallen bandages.

She nodded, aimed, and put a bullet through the center of the next one’s skull. The last one she dropped with just one shot. “I am getting better at this.” Thanks dad.

After scanning the area for more zombies, she dropped down, joining Spencer near Jewels.

Spencer looked up at her. “Oh no, Em, she’s passed out. What are we going to do?”

In the distance, she heard more shooting, but it seemed further away. Much closer at hand, more zombies could be heard moving up the hill.

“I’m not sure Spence. I’m not sure.”

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Spencer and Emily

Spencer and Emily

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