See Emily Slay Part VII (Year Two)

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As the undead came at them from both east and south, Emily felt a sick fear bubbling up inside of her. The unliving crashed through the cactus and wait-a-minute brush with fierce disregard for their own bodies. Their moans grew in volume almost as if they had some group think or were members of some malign hive.

Three Red Zombies

Looking down at the still body of Jewels, she said, “Come on, we don’t even have enough bullets to fight all of these freaks off. We gotta grab Jewels and go.”

“But how, Em,” Spencer protested. “You’re thirteen and I’m ten. How are we going to be able to transport a grown woman uphill through the desert?”

“Well we gotta try, don’t we? We can’t just leave her here.”

Spencer didn’t have a comeback for that and went to grab Jewels’ ankles while Emily lifted her up from under her shoulders. They had only moved her thirty feet before Spencer tripped on a rock and all three of them went down.

Emily hoped the impact might somehow jar her Jewels back to consciousness. With Emily’s father fighting the madman that got them all into this mess, she would really have liked having an adult around, even if to only give them advice.

“We have to keep moving,” she said, as the zombies gained ground on them.

“Okay, okay,” Spencer voice had begun to sound frantic as he struggled to lift Jewels up again.

The zombies broke through the brush and grew closer. The siblings could not move as fast as some of them with their burden.

“Em, they’re right behind us.”

Bloody Zombie

“Keep going. If they get too close, we’ll have to stop and waste them. Remember, dad could be showing up to help us at any moment.”

“But where is he? He promised to never leave us and I haven’t even heard any shooting down there for a long time.”

“Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe dad got that shooter.” She said, but then they saved their breath for hiking.

After another three minutes, it became apparent that some of the zombies had broken away from the pack and were getting too close. They had also reached an incline of lava rock that would be putting their strength to new tests.

ZOmbies behind us

“Okay, Spence, put her down and get your pistol ready. Let’s see if I can get my broken mag to work.” She had more bullets and two empty magazines, but doubted she’d have time to load them. Her third magazine hadn’t worked before, but she tried it again. It still wasn’t working.

“Damn it, what’s wrong with this thing?” she cursed as a good six zombies limbered closer. Spencer started shooting, but in his agitated state, he’d only dropped one before he finished the rest of his pistol’s magazine.

“Spencer, remember what dad said. One well aimed bullet is better than a quickly spent clip. Take your time. Put those bastards down right.” Having said her piece, she looked over the magazine. She could have punched herself, when she found a small pebble had somehow become attached to the top of it. She pulled it out and jammed the magazine home with a satisfying click.

“Alright, let’s do this!” she said and she put down the rest of the zombies that had drawn near. Others could be seen and she slowed her breathing, took her time, aimed at each one in turn. “One bullet, one kill,” she said under her breath mimicking what her dad had drilled into her.

Emily's got a gun

More came as soon as she shot the next line down. She stayed where she was. With her dad in trouble and everything else, she figured she should thin their ranks while she had the advantage and could do it safely. With their back cleared, it would give the siblings a chance to make it up the incline behind her.

She had cleared out every zombie within her sights, but then three more rose over the hill below them. She took aim, but the rifle clicked empty. “Oh well, let’s get Jewels up this rocky part and then we’ll reload our clips, okay Sp-”

Her words were interrupted by Spencer crying out as Jewels grabbed him by the back of his hair. Emily looked on in horror as the reanimated body of Jewels moved in to take a bite out of her brother’s face. And the first thought that entered her mind was that neither of their guns were loaded.

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See Emily Slay Part VI (Year Two)

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Spencer bound Jewels wound, but she still showed no signs of regaining consciousness and her breaths came in shallow wheezing gasps. Of their father there remained no sign, other than the sporadic gunfire that sounded from below.

“How could he just leave us up here?” Spencer asked, as he got to his feet.

Emily and Spencer

Emily and Spencer

“He must have some serious problems of his own,” she replied. “We’re going to have to save Jewels ourselves. Now get your pistols out, both of them, because here they come.”

Emily brought her rifle up as at least thirty zombies topped the cactus studded ridge to the west. Closing one eye, she took aim. A crack sounded and the first one fell. Within ten seconds, she had dropped three more.

Spencer tried to help, but the preteen wasted more bullets than undead.

“Spence, stop. Wait until they get closer. Right now just make sure we aren’t getting any surprises from behind.” Yet almost as she uttered those words, the zombies moved closer. She might have dropped ten more, but when she paused to insert a new magazine, they gained ground.

“Okay, Spence. Now, I need some help.” He opened fire and dropped two, but her magazine stuck. It wasn’t going in right. She had to pull it out and try again. Something was wrong. It didn’t click like her dad said it needed to.

The zombies drew in closer.

Zombie March

Zombie March

Spencer panicked and began to miss his shots again. “Emily, come on. Just put in the other one.”
“That will be my last one, though,” she said, but then saw that a dozen zombies were only twenty feet from them. Their thorn covered bodies made them fouler than their normal brethren and they looked like demons from that movie Hellraiser that she and her friends had secretly watched before the world had died.

She raised her rifle again.

Brain Splattered Emily


One, two, three.

Nine left.

One, two, three.

Six left.

Spence shot down another two.

Emily's got a gun

Four left, but the lead one reached out for her, she shot it through the forehead, but the one to its side grabbed a handful of her hair, which caused her to cry out.

While she struggled she saw Spence shoot down another, but the last one moved past the siblings and headed for Jewels.

“Spence, save Jewels,” she cried.

“But you’re in trouble and I can’t get a bead on the one fighting you.”

“Just do as I say!” She yelled and she tried to push the big zombie away with her rifle.

It leaned in and proved to be much stronger than a thirteen year old girl.

She wanted to bring her rifle up, but if she pulled it away from the zombie it would be able to get her.

She heard a three shots go off and hoped that was a good thing, but as it pulled her hair harder, she whimpered in pain.

She gasped when he face was sprayed with blood and gore.

Spencer’s young face wore a shit-eating-grin. “Quit fooling around.”

Feeling stunned, she wiped the blood from her face as she looked around. They had killed the group, which had come for them, but know they had new problems. More undead approached them. This time they were more spread out and there was a lot more of them.

“Oh no, she whispered.

“Where the hell is dad?” Spencer said. As if in answer, more gunfire and even more moaning sounded from the west.

“Come on,’ Emily said. “We can’t fight off that many even if we had enough rounds.”

“But how are we going to move Jewels?”

“I…I don’t know.”

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Emily and Spencer

Emily and Spencer

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See Emily Slay Part V (Year Two)

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She struggled to keep her voice even as she rose to her feet and scanned the thick desert for any signs of the walking dead. “Spencer, open those bandages and put them on Jewels as fast as you can.”

“Ok, Em. I can do it.” Her younger brother’s words were half-soaked in tears, but even though he was only ten, Spencer had become a tough kid. Living through a year of the apocalypse will do that to a person. The sounds of him tearing open the bandages competed with the growing moans.

All the gunfire was summoning them. The only thing they had going for them was they remained in the desert, if they’d entered deeper into the streets of Tucson, they wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Emily’s fingers stayed coated with Jewel’s blood and they felt slippery on the trigger as she pointed her rifle at a noise to the east.

Sonoran Desert

Three undead crashed through the thick patches of cactus. Already their bodies were covered in thick spines and balls of jumping cholla. She raised the rifle. A breath filled her lungs as she took aim. She father had always said, ‘if you have the time, take time.’ She centered the sight.

Three Zombies

The first one’s head exploded with a red mist of raining flesh. The second dropped just as easy.

She was just taking aim on the last one, when Spencer cried out. “There’s more behind us, Em. I can’t take the pressure of Jewel’s wound. Every time I do it, she leaks more blood.”

“No, keep the pressure on her, I got this.” A year ago, she might have left the one she had in her sights, but she knew better than to leave an enemy behind her. She grew a little frantic and the first bullet missed. She heard the new group coming as she took aim again.

“Hurry Emily, I can see them.”

She could now see that the last zombie was a younger college student. From the looks of things he might have once been a handsome young male. “So much for my Prince Charming,” she said, right before she put a bullet through his eyes.

Moving quickly, she dashed to Spencer’s side. Two zombies lumbered her way and she dispatched them before they posed a threat. But she had new troubles. More zombies stumbled up at them from the east—a lot more.

But before that could sink it, she heard more shooting the other way. Two guns battled each other.

“Dad’s still in trouble!” Spencer yelled at her, “and his shooting is attracting even more zombies than ours is.”

“We’ll just have to hope he can handle himself. Our job is to protect Jewels.”

Sunset Zombies

“But there’s more coming. How are we supposed to do that? There may be too many to fight off and even if it was safe to move Jewels, she might be too big for two kids to manage through a desert with zombs on our tail.”

“Then we’ll just have to figure something out. Now hurry up and bind that wound.” As a full thirty zombies began to move their way, she said, “Because I think we’re going to need both of us shooting.”

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Emily Concealed

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