So Bad, So Quickly

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It took a moment to sink in that everything had gone so bad, so quickly. Spencer had gone from the hero who had saved his father to a ‘little boy lost’ locked out of the sniper’s bunker while the evil puke that had killed Jewels was about to molest his sister and do who knew what to Spencer’s unconscious father. Add to this, his ammunition was running low and zombies headed toward him from every direction.

He took a few seconds to try the bunker door, but it resisted his ten-year-old muscles easily. He thought about shooting through the door and trying to hit the lock, but with his low supply of rounds and his family being on the other side, he just couldn’t take the chance.



Figuring that there had to be another way in, he thought back to the beginning of this mess and remembered that the sniper had first attacked them while they were crossing the park. Looking to the east, he spotted the outskirts of the park and headed that way.

The moans increased when the zombies saw his dash across the sun baked earth. Dust and pebbles churned under his sneakers as he dodged through the clinging undead. Hands grasped and mouths snarled, but he broke through the ring before it could close around him.

New problems found Spencer, however. More zombies lurked before him while others joined in the chase. Looking back, he saw that he already had thirty zombies spread out behind him. He could stay ahead of them, but they gave him little room for error.

zombie 30

Reaching the park, his frantic eyes searched for anything that could resemble another entrance to the bunker. Remembering where the sniper’s first shots came from, he headed in that direction. Picnic tables and untended cactus gardens flew past his vision. Sweat pooled in his armpits and he realized that he hadn’t stopped to drink any water since the whole situation had started.

Then he spied something that looked out of place. A corrugated steel shack had been set up in the middle of a grassy field and it looked newer than most of the debris covered grounds and buildings. With this discovery also came new problems. A full nine zombies roamed through the field.

After casting a glance over his shoulder, he knew he wouldn’t have much time. He drew both his pistols and hurried forward. With loud groans, the nine undead pivoted toward him. He took a careful aim and dropped the closest two with as many shots.

Zombie Head Shot

He found himself needing to make a choice. If he fired from a distance, he might miss them and waste bullets, but if they got too close he could find himself pinned between them and the zombies moving in from behind. He picked a third option. Instead of rushing them, he ran to the eastern side of the field. The zombies turned to follow him in mass. He shot the most eastern one, but it took two shots. Pausing, he aimed and emptied his first pistol. Two more fell, but the ones from behind him had drawn in dangerously close.

“I’m only going to get one chance at this,” he said aloud as he arced around the remaining zombies toward the shack. As he reached the shack, he said, “If I’ve guessed wrong, this could be all she wrote.”

Zombie Couple

A heavy chain hung loose with a padlock on the end. He took this as a good sign and he took the chain too. Rushing into the shack, he threw the door shut behind him and looked around.

He hadn’t found anything before the first meaty hands started banging on the outside. The door had a bolt lock, which he pushed home even as he began to think that his gamble might have just cost him his life. Alone and almost out of bullets, Spencer began to panic. There would be no way for him to fight his way out of the shack and those zombies would pull it apart before too long.

He moved around the shack. Some hand to hand weapons lined the walls as well as bike pumps, first aid kits, and other valuable items that had been scavenged. It seemed like he was on the right track, but…

Then his toe caught on something.

Gazing down, he spotted a square outline in the sand. The sounds of the moaning grew in volume as the undead attacked the outer walls of the shed. He hurried to clear the sand and found a trap door. “Nice…”

It resisted him at first, but with the help of a crowbar that he found in the shed, he was able to force it open. Darkness greeted him, but again the shed supplied for his needs with a box of flashlights. He spent a nervous minute fumbling through them while the shed started to get torn apart, but he found one still functioning and moved back to the opening. He was about to enter when the sound of his sister screaming reached his ears.

“Son of a bitch,” he cursed as he descended into the darkness.




Spencer and Emily’s tale is not over yet, so turn in next weekend for a new chapter in the Eternal Aftermath!


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Zombie Last

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Son of a Shitstorm

February 20, 2015 at 7:26 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , )

Without bothering to remove his face concealing helmet, the sniper’s muffled voice disturbed the tender moment. “We need to get moving. These men call themselves the River Road Rangers and there’s a lot more of them out there and it isn’t like this shooting isn’t drawing attention.”

Masked Sniper II

“Why should we do anything you say,” Emily blurted out. “Jewels is dead and you’re the one that killed her!”

Spencer’s father looked at Emily and said, “Please keep it down Em, these undead will be finished with their feast soon and come looking for more.” Then his eyes softened. He looked Spencer’s way. “Is it true? Did Jewels die?”

Emily Rifle

Emily answered for her younger brother. “Of course it’s true. I had to put a bullet through her head myself.” Her lower lip began to tremble. “and…and…” she couldn’t hold it together any longer and burst into tears.

Spencer watched as his father took Emily into a huge hug and Spencer’s tears joined his family’s as they lamented the loss of Jewels.

“Look, I’m sorry about what happened,” the helmeted man said. “Shooting an innocent woman would have been the last thing I’d want to do, but this gang has been trying to kill me for months, but right now I think they’re the least of our problems.”

Zombie Sunset

Spencer quickly saw what the guy meant. Although most of the zombies in the area still struggled to get a mouthful of the gang Spencer had just doomed, more undead were still responding to the gunfire from every direction and many had spotted their group and headed toward them.

Without waiting for an answer, the sniper said, “Follow me. I can get us out of this.” As the man moved past his father and Emily, Spencer noted something. The man’s gaze seemed to linger over his sister for a moment too long.

He frowned as he fell in behind the rest, but followed them as the masked sniper led them between houses. Soon they had left the big pack of undead behind and were able to make good progress through the luxury homes that doted northern Tucson.

No one was more surprised than he, when they reached a secret bunker the sniper had without much opposition. They’d had to hack and bash their way through a few small groups of zombies, but they’d managed to do so without firing a shot.

The man opened his bunker with a long drawn out shriek of metal on metal. He held the door open so that Spencer’s family could go in first. Spencer’s father led the way with Emily going in next.

Spencer was just about to head in when the man grabbed him and tossed him onto the sand. Spencer wasn’t sure what was happening, until the dropped bunker door hit his father on the head and he collapsed with a grown.

The black helmet glared his way. “Enjoy playing with your new friends, punk,” he said. “I’m about to teach your sister how to play house.”

Eyes without a Good Side

With a growl, Spencer rushed to his feet, while drawing his pistol, but it was too late. The bunker door slammed shut with his unconscious father, the sniper, and Emily inside.

Before this could even set in, Spencer heard the moans of approaching zombies and they seemed to be coming from every direction. “Son of a shitstorm.”

Blonde Zombie

Blonde Zombie

Spencer and Emily’s tale is not over yet, so turn in next weekend for a new chapter in the Eternal Aftermath!

Zombie Face
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Rock and Roll

February 13, 2015 at 5:09 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , )

If schools still existed during the Zombie Apocalypse, Spencer wouldn’t have finished Elementary School yet. But there he stood trying to take in a situation that most adults couldn’t handle. It didn’t surprise him that the shooting had attracted a few hundred zombies. It also didn’t even surprise him that along with the zombies a handful of living raiders had shown up. What he couldn’t wrap his head around was seeing his father fighting alongside the sniper who had killed Jewels. How was that possible?

Masked Sniper

Another thing that didn’t seem possible remained how he might be able to rescue his dad on a rooftop surrounded by frantic zombies while four shooters kept them pinned down. With just two pistols, he also wasn’t sure how he could help and where was Emily? He refused to believe something could happen to his sister, but where was she?

He couldn’t worry about her, he had to figure out a way he could help his dad, but what could he do?

His young mind thought of plans, but then rejected them just as quickly. It all came down to not being able to get anywhere near them due to the large number of zombies.

Desert Dust

It was then that one of the four men’s heads exploded in a red flash of gore.


But his joy proved short lived for the men spotted her as well and laid down fire. It remained difficult to tell if they just kept her pinned or if she’d been hit, for Spencer saw no further movement on the hill she had fired from.

The men had found some old barbecues and other supplies to hide behind and once again the firefight drew out with each group taking sporadic shots at each other, but not making any more progress in their small war.

Spencer's pistol

It was three on three, but Spencer didn’t like those odds at all. They had already lost Jewels. He didn’t think he could make it a day if something happened to his father or Emily.

Angry at his own uselessness, he kicked a rock off the cliff he stood on. As he watched, the stone fall it came to him and a wicked smile spread over his face.

Zombie Fence

The fenced in tennis court that held their enemies was right below him and down the incline. Two hundred zombies surrounded it, but they were spread thin. Looking around, he saw what he needed.

Rushing to the side of the cliff, he looked at the large boulder shaped like a jagged goose egg, it weighted a good ton. He pushed against it, but might as well been trying to move a mountain. That wasn’t going to work.

He dreaded exposing himself, but with the gunman focused on his father and Emily, he had to hope they wouldn’t look over their shoulder or he’d be as good as dead.

Rushing to the lower front part of the stone, he began to scoop handfuls of dirt away with his small fingers. More concerns filled his mind for he realized that if the rock came away too quickly he could be crushed, but soon he had new problems. Three approaching zombies had spotted him and lumbered his way. The rocky incline slowed them down, but they would reach him soon. He hurried to dig faster.

Rocks and dirt came away and the boulder shifted an inch. Behind him the zombies moaned. He had to hurry. He put everything he had into the digging until his fingers bled. A skull sized rock was jammed into the space. Drawing his bat from off his back he used it as a lever and went at the stone. Sweat poured from his skin and the hairs on the back of his neck rose as the zombies neared.

Wet Zombie

Wet Zombie

He struggled. Every inch of him strained with all his might. The zombies were only ten feet away. This could be his last chance—his only chance to save his dad.

The rock came away, but the boulder didn’t move. Dodging past the three zombies, Spencer ran up to the top of the boulder. He pushed. Nothing. The zombies climbed after him. He kept pushing. “Come on!” he could feel tears welling up in his eyes as the undead reached for him. “Come on, please, please, please.”

With a loud growl, the biggest zombie lunged at him and Spencer had no choice but to dive away. As he lay there with a mouthful of dust, the most remarkable thing happened. The big zombie hit the rock and they both went tumbling down the hill.

Spencer’s mouth hung open as the large boulder raced down the hill picking up more rocks as it went. Twelve seconds later it crashed through the fence that surrounded the tennis courts. The men gazed in wide-eyed horror as the zombies funneled in. The shooters tried to gun them down, but it was hopeless.

Soon the zombies surrounding his father moved away to join their fellows and Spencer saw his father and the masked gunman climbing down the back of the building.

He sprinted down the hill toward his father. From the other side of the valley, he saw Emily doing the same, but he beat her there.

“Dad, DAD!” he yelled.

His father caught Spencer up in his arms and gave him the biggest hug Spencer could remember ever getting. He whispered in Spencer’s ear. “You saved me, Spence. You really pulled through. You saved us all. I’ve never been more proud of you.”

Spencer couldn’t remember being happier since the apocalypse had started and when Emily joined them in their hug all three of them burst into tears.

Spencer, Emily, and their Father

Spencer, Emily, and their Father

Spencer and Emily’s tale is not over yet, so turn in next weekend for a new chapter in the Eternal Aftermath!
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Masked Gunman

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Heart Shaped Plan

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“Stupid heart-shaped plan,” Spencer mumbled to himself as he dashed between the clustered cacti. Speaking out loud might have been a poor choice for his voice attracted the gaze of several zombies heading toward the sounds of shooting that raged before him.

He flipped them the bird and pushed his ten year old body faster. He rounded corners and sped between clusters of prickly pear. Soon the zombies fell behind him, but they remained everywhere. Again, it was only the distraction of the constant shooting before him that enabled him to move through their ranks so easily.

Zombie female

As planned, he curved out and past the shooting and circled back to the conflict from the north. He and his sister figured zombies would be less thick in that direction and whoever shoot at their father would be less likely to expect people coming in from the north.

The shooters worried him most, but soon he realized the amount of zombies could be his real problem. Before he even spotted his first shooter, the undead grew thick. Groups of ten and twenty stumbled through the thick desert. As long as he stayed behind them and amid the cacti, he’d be fine, but if he went into the open he could quickly find himself stalked by dozens of the flesh seekers.


He took a moment to figure out where he stood. Between he and Emily stretched a narrow valley. Most of it looked like it was covered in cactus, but at its center was a swimming pool, long since dry, four tennis courts, and a couple of out buildings. Playgrounds for the rich and undead, he mused silently.

Drawing one pistol, he let his war spike fill his left hand and set off working his way through the chaparral. A rocky area rose to the north and he headed toward it. The zombies came in from the south and the cliffs had stayed clear so far and he made it up to the crest without much worry.



A lone zombie lurched through a flat area within the rocks and turned at his approach. “Say hello to my pointy friend,” Spencer hissed while running forward. His fist lashed out and drove the tip of his wooden spike deep into the creature’s eye. It toppled over and wouldn’t be getting back up.

Feeling more confidence, he reached the edge of the cliffs. He had a better view of the situation below him and it didn’t look good. Four shooters had locked themselves inside of a fenced in tennis court, which was surrounded by a hundred growling zombies. How they intended to escape, he had no idea, but it didn’t seem to concern the shooters for they still focused their bullets on a building fifty feet to the north of them.

Could that be where dad is? He wondered. He tried to spot Emily, but couldn’t see his sister yet. Hope she’s okay. It might be harder for her to get this close if there’s no cliff over there.

He gazed back at the shooters. From the looks of things, at least two of them had already been shot down. He would have liked to have added to that count, but with just a pistol, he would have been hard pressed to do more than lose the advantage of surprise.

So he waited. He couldn’t be sure how this would play out or how his dad would get out of this mess, but for the moment Spencer reamined safe and could at least see what went on below him.


After watching for another three minutes, there remained no sign of Emily. He had begun to consider looping around and looking for her when he spied movement below. Two figures had made it to the roof of the building the shooters fired upon. Looking more closely, he saw that one was his father. Finally. But then he drew back in shock. The second figure was the masked sniper who’d shot and killed Jewels and from the looks of things he was working with Spencer’s father!


Check in every Saturday for a new chapter in the Eternal Aftermath!
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