Is There a Safe Place?

May 1, 2015 at 4:16 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Ned watched his youngest brother jog down the step hill. He bounced boulder to boulder and appeared oblivious to the shots being fired or the hundreds of zombies pouring into town. Their plague spread slowly like an overturned barrel of black mud leaking through the streets.

As Ned watched, the girl that Temple had his eye on turned and saw him rushing toward her. She paused uncertain and that was all it took.



“Help me,” Temple shouted. “I’ve been hounded by walkers for days. I had no idea people still lived here.” He drew in closer. “Is there a safe place…” His brother didn’t even bother finishing his sentence. Instead he cold cocked the girl in the jaw so hard that she lost consciousness.

Becca With Gun

Jonny started to chuckle until bullet shattered the window next to Temple’s face.

Temple gazed in the direction of the gunshots for a moment before crouching over and pulling the girl upright before his body. He walked backward for a moment and then kicked at the door to what appeared to be a tax company. It took him a few tries, but the door burst inward.

They Are Coming to Get You Emily

He had just started to drag her inside the buildings when grey arms reached out, and almost like they were aiding him, pulled both Temple and the girl through the doorway. Ned had barely been able to absorb what he’d just seen, when he heard Jonny cry out. Ned turned just in time to see his brother spin in a half circle and then drop to the ground.

* * *

The only thing worse than seeing the woman that you secretly love being dragged into a building by a half-mad marauder, would be finding out that the building is also filled with undead.

Why are these buildings filled with zombies when I personally saw to it that the entire town was cleared? Sheriff Dells thought, but when he saw two other men racing downhill toward the building that held Becca, he opened fire on them. He might have dropped the biggest one, but then found himself with new problems.

The zombies had arrived outside of the post office he had held up in. The first one on the scene grabbed the barrel of his rifle and it was all Dells could do to keep it from being pulled out of his hands. He drew back into the building, but cursed when the zombies pushed through the shattered glass and followed him.

Closing the circle

Closing the circle

More came in after the first ones and he was forced to retreat, but he barely noticed his own safety for it remained Becca’s fate that concerned him the most. As more shots rang out, Dells turned his back on the stumbling zombies and raced toward the back of the post office.


Sunset Zombies


Check each weekend for another episode in Dells fight to save his town from the Eternal Aftermath




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