Is That Where She Is?

May 15, 2015 at 6:09 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Ned grabbed a hold of his wounded brother trying to draw him back up the hill as the zombies Jonny had attracted lumbered their way.

“Oh damn,” Jonny said.

“Keep it down,” Ned snapped, “You don’t need to attract more than you already have.”

“Screw that, shot them. They’re getting too close.”

zombie 350

Ned remembered that the sheriff had destroyed Jonny’s gun. With a curse, he raised his rifle one handed and fired a burst into the closest ones. A few fell, but more than he shot turned at them at the sound of his gun. He cursed again and focused on just moving Jonny up the hill as more of the roaming geeks joined in the chase. He cast one last glance over his shoulder at the building that his youngest brother had dragged the girl into and wondered if Temple was already enjoying her or if the zombies had got him.

The building loomed silent and offered no answers. Letting out a third curse, he hurried up the hill as fast as his wounded brother could manage.

* * *

The only thing that amazed Dells more than seeing the man run down the zombie filled street is when Henry slowed to a stop when he saw the Sheriff leaning his gun out of the shattered post office window. Still, Dells had seen this before. Due to Henry’s immune system somehow allowing him to survive a zombie bite, he was now ignored by all the walking dead. The sheriff had seen him smash zombies in the face with eggs and literally kick their asses, but they never turned on him and just went ahead on their way.

“Sheriff, sheriff! Fosters said he saw some asshole grab my sister. Where is she?”

“I’m just trying to clear out a passage before I head over to that building over there.”

“Is that where she is?”

Dells was forced to pause as he shot down six zombies that were drawing in on his position.

“Is that where she is?” he screamed.

Insane Haeds


“Yeah the gray building…” Dells didn’t even finish his sentence before henry took off.

“Damn stupid kid’s going to get us all killed,” he lamented, but then, against his better judgement, climbed out the window and shot down zombies as he tried to keep up with the running youth.
Check each weekend for another episode in Dells fight to save his town from the Eternal Aftermath


Zombie last II


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