The Climax of Sheriff Dells’ Battle

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With Ned shot, and being devoured by the ravenous dead, Sheriff Dells get his feet under him. He measured the distance between the roof he stood on and the roof of the building where the last marauder, Temple, held Becca. It looked too long for any sane man to attempt, but he was already running.

david dells

He dropped his empty rifle along the way and drew a final breath before he launched himself into space. As soon as he had taken air, he realized it was too far. Below him a dozen zombies growled and gnashed their filthy teeth.

View from the Roof

View from the Roof

He struggled, but his feet missed the edge by a foot. He started to fall. Hands reached out and fingers grasped. Like a zombie crawling at his victim, Dells fought for a hold Somehow his fingers grabbed a pipe angling out from the roof and he brought his descent to a halt. For a moment he just hung there breathing and the undead below him went berserk.

Three bullets passed through the building. The last singed his hair as it passed. In a mad scramble, he hurried to climb into the roof. With a growl, he rolled up and onto the roof. His shoulder hit the hot shingles and he just kept rolling. A big shotgun blast blew through part of the roof where he’d just been.

Three Red Zombies

Dells was just thinking that the huge hole might end up being his enemy’s undoing when he heard a shattering of glass below. A second later he heard Henry laughing. The laughter proved short lived and was replaced by a loud grunt, but it had bought Dells some seconds.

He hurried to the opening in the roof and aimed his pistol through the hole, only to find a smiling Temple pointing his shotgun up and straight at him. Henry lay at his feet unconscious and from the looks of things had suffered his second head wound of the day.

Temple grinned. “Looks like you’re a bit too slow, sheriff. But this place seems secure enough for me to enjoy the rest of my life as I see fit. Rape and murder were always my two favorite things.”


“Son of a…” Dells started, but then Temple stumbled forward. Dells eyes opened wide in shock when he saw a blood splattered Becca, naked to the waist, wielding a three foot two-by-four.

With a yell, Dells leapt into the air and his boots came crashing down on the large hole in the roof. They broke through and he just kept going. He landed hard, but had kept his grip on his pistol.

Temple had been dazed, but turned toward him with the shotgun raised.


Dells didn’t waste a nano-second. He emptied his pistol into the evil freak. Even when he lay on his back unbreathing, Dells put his final shot between his eyes.

Becca had checked on her brother, but then raced into Dells arms and hugged him with a fierce abandon. Dells couldn’t help himself, he gave her a kiss for the first time. She didn’t seem to mind. Quite the opposite and their lips stayed locked until her brother started to stir.

Becca Beautiful


It wasn’t the easiest thing they had ever done, but the survivors cleared the rest of the undead out of their lonely desert town. The losses they suffered from both the maunders and the walking dead hit hard, but Dells had the silver lining of his new relationship with Becca.

The only lingering cloud was Henry. The boy had never been well balanced, but his multiple head wounds had caused him to take a turn for the worse. He also didn’t approve of Dells seeing his younger sister and said as much on many occasions. Dells figured it might become a problem, but as he lay next to Becca, he allowed himself to, if only briefly, relax and enjoy at least part of this sad excuse for a life he’d been dealt.

Thanks for reading Sheriff Dells Adventure with took place within the first year f The Eternal Aermath


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