Mar’s Apocalypse Year One, Part I

June 26, 2015 at 12:40 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

“I knew it. I fucking knew it!” Mar screamed so loudly that her little brother covered his ears. She hated scaring Benny, but since he was the only member of her family that she had been able to rescue almost a year ago, when the zombie apocalypse started, she refused to ever let him out of her sight. She only wished that what she saw before her had never entered her line of sight.


There, in the bed she had claimed in the abandoned mansion, were her supposed lover and her best friend going at it. When they tried to cover their sweat drenched bodies, it only made her angrier.

“So what, my brother and I are out there risking our necks over a few bags of old rice while you two are fucking in my own bed!”

“Mar please,” Allen began. “Stop shouting. You know that brings the geeks down on us.”

“I should bring my pick down on your head!”

Cindy spoke as she hurried into her panties. From the look on his face, Benny could have had worse things happen to him that seeing the teen naked. “Mar, calm down. You knew this had to happen. How long could I last just sitting on the sidelines and watch you bed down the only adult man around.”

“Until you found a man of your own would be the answer to that, you bitch!”

Allen looked like he was about to tell her to avoid attracting zombies, but a dry moan sounding from outside beat him to the task.

“Crap, now look what you’ve done.”

She grabbed her brother’s hand. “What I’ve done? I should just let them eat your asses.”

Then, without waiting for a reply, she drew her brother with her and headed toward the front door. The area they had taken over was in the northwest part of Tucson close to the edge of the Catalina Mountain range. The houses were spread further apart and they had all done their part thinning the horde of walking corpses in the area.

But there was always more.

Already a six undead stumbled across the cactus studded front yard. “I have more than half a mind to just leave those loser’s here,” she said while brushing a loose strain of ebony hair behind her ear.

Zombie face

“We can’t do that.” Benny said. His green eyes met her blue. It had often occurred to her that they barely looked like siblings. She had hair darker than midnight and flesh paler than a sun dried ghost, while Ben’s hair shone in the half light like an electric pulse of auburn and his tanned skin was dotted with a healthy amount of freckles.

Mar at 18

She almost contradicted her brother, but realized that even if she wanted to abandon her friends, she couldn’t leave behind all the food and gear they had struggled to gather over the last few months.

Feeling indecisive and torn, she was saved from having to make an immediate choice by the appearance of Allen running toward her in just his jeans. “I’m not sure what you guys did, but those few moaning in the front yard must have attracted a herd. More than a hundred geeks are heading our way.”

Zombie bad

Looking out the window, she saw that this was true. Both sides of the street were covered with a filthy pack of roaming undead and the moaning of those few in the front yard sent them straight at their house.

“Oh Goddess,” she whispered as her brother’s hand squeezed his fingers tighter.

Mar at 18 II



Check each weekend for another episode in Mar’s fight to survive the Eternal Nasty Female Zombie

You can explore more of the Eternal Aftermath here!



Mar's Eternal Aftermath

Mar’s Eternal Aftermath

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