Helpless In Hell

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Mar fought with all her strength against the two foul, filthy men that attempted to rape her. Her shouts did nothing to raise her brother or her two former friends from their drugged slumber. The shouting did work up the zombies filling the yard outside of the mansion and their moans and their growling increased in frenzy.

Mar at 18

Miles remained on top of her, his body sitting over her hips, while Miles held her hands outstretched over her head and pinned to the floor. She continued to fight, but nothing she did seemed to help. Both men stank and dots of white foam strayed out onto Link’s ratty beard as he looked down at her like a starving wolf. His eyes were mad with hate and lust, and she had never felt more afraid.

Gloom Crazy Mabden

With a sick grin, Link tore her shirt in half exposing her chest. “Wow, black lace bra, even during the apocalypse. See,” he laughed, “this is my kind of woman.” He reached down to unhook her bra and when he discovered that its clasp one on her back, her drew a long life off his belt.

“I’d stop struggling if I were you. I’d hate to poke you,” he gave a sick laugh, “at least when I’m not trying to.”

The blade of the knife lowered between her breasts and Mar did stop struggling. He was just moving in to cut the cloth that connected the cups when he made a choking sound.

Mar looked up from the knife to the rapist’s face. At first she wasn’t sure what was happening, but then she saw just the smallest tip of a knife protruding from the center of his throat. This was quickly followed by a thin stream of blood.

Miles yelled something and Mar used the opportunity to pull her hands free. Her body twisted and this time Link went sprawling off her and revealed her brother on his knees behind the collapsing man.

Benny didn’t look good. Despite the intensity of the situation, his eyelids remained half closed and his body trembled. He was still obviously feeling the effects of the drug and Link’s falling body had pulled the knife he’d used out of his hands.

Ignoring Mar, Miles yelled, “you little shit!” and dove at her brother. He tackled Benny to the floor easily and in his current state, Benny could do little to fight back against the tall man.

Miles had already punched her brother in the face by the time Mar had struggled to her feet. Then his hands moved to find her brother’s throat and he started to choke him.

“Get off him, you ASSHOLE!” she screamed and then smashed an empty wine bottle down on the center of his head. It shattered in an explosion of glass

Mar Young

Miles stayed conscious and refused to let her brother go. She heard Benny making sick noises and her fingers fumbled for anything she could use as a weapon. Her hands came away with a huge glass bong and she swung it like a bat and the ceramic bottom connected with the base of Miles head.

He fell over, but she didn’t stop there. She smashed him again and again. She didn’t cease until long after he stopped moving.

She hurried to check on Benny. He lived, but had lost consciousness again.

Miles began to twitch and the last thing she figured she needed was a zombie animating on the secured second floor, so she hurried to drag the body out to the balcony that overlooked the first floor of the mansion.

The area below was filled wall to wall with undead. Her screaming had brought them into the house by the dozens. Their mangled bodies fought with one another as teeth gnashed in frustration.

Her slight form fought to lift Miles to the top of the three foot wall. If proved difficult but she got him up onto the wall. “I hope your still alive so you feel every second of this, you fucker.”

Three Red Zombies

She was just about to push him over, when Link grabbed a fist full of her hair from behind and pulled her away from the wall. He cursed at her, but it came out as a blood soaked gurgle.

Spinning around, he saw that the dying man had retrieved his dagger and lifted it to deliver a killing blow.

Mar drew back her fist and punched him square in the nuts. He let out a gasp and doubled over. His hand released her hair as he did so. She ducked to the side and then with a pain filled yell she pushed him from behind.

Link stumbled forward and his legs hit the wall while his upper body hung over it suspended from the zombies who went berserk under him. “No wait. Please,” he managed to get out.

“Yeah right,” Mar yelled and with a kick sent him toppled over the wall into the hungry mouths below.

Miles body went over before Link had stopped screaming. Never had screams sounds so satisfying to her ears and she wondered about her own sanity for a moment, but then hurried to check on her brother.


Mar Black
Check each weekend for the conclusion of Mar’s fight to survive the first year of the Eternal Aftermath

Zombies after you
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Mar and Chain

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