Zombies Through the Gate, F-ing Great

February 19, 2016 at 4:29 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , )

The crash of the gate being torn down still echoed though the canyon as Rollie yelled at the two armed teens. “That’s your gate’s coming down. We’re all in a world of trouble, so we have to decide real quick if we’re going to be working together or just providing the zombs with a warm dinner. You guys killed my…best friend, so after everything I think we’re more than even.”

Zombie Gate

“Even,” one of them yelled. “You just destroyed our home!” The youth ran straight at Rollie firing as he came. Bullets tinged off the boulder Rollie hid behind and kicked up dust when they hit sand.

Rollie had never been much of a shot. He had never learned how to fire a gun before the zombie apocalypse. He couldn’t even be sure how many bullets remained in his pistol, but he was sure that he sent them all at the angry teen.


His last shot hit the charging teen in center of his chest. He looked more surprised than hurt, but then tumbled back into the murky pool.

For a long moment, Rollie stood there just trying to catch his breath. He had never killed a man before and felt like he might faint, but the moans of the approaching horde drew him back to the present.

There was still one teen and Rollie was out of bullets.

“Hey, ah what’s your name kid?”

“Billy, I mean Bill.”

“Do you feel like having the day end without you being either shot or eaten?”

“Can’t say it would bother me.” Bill paused as the sounds of the zombies grew in volume. “I’m going to come out. Please hold your fire.”

“You have my word no shots will come from me.”

New Stalwarts

The teen, not much more than a boy really stepped out holding his pistol by putting one finger through the trigger guard.

“So how many of you are there and what’s your story?”

“Are you sure this is the best time?”

Rollie found the dead teen’s pistol. And tucked it into his belt while saying, “Give me the condensed version.”

“We were part of a private school that was camping out in the Catalinas. At first there were about twenty students and four teachers. Mr. Fennel brought us down here straight out of the mountains. We raided the area before it got too bad. He knew we’d need water so he set up this wall so we could keep ourselves mostly safe. Two of our teachers died before we finished and Mr. Fennel went out one morning and never came back. Our last teacher died of a heart attack six months ago and we’ve been on our own ever since.”

“A regular Lord of the Flies, huh?”

“I never read that book.” The teen was skinny with a tangled mess of orange hair. He looked like he was about to say something, when the first zombies came into view. “We had better get going.”

Zombie Mess

“How do I know I won’t be shot on sight?”

“Um, I’ll do my best to stop them, but we can’t stay here.”

“You got that right.” Rollie had just turned to start deeper into the canyon when the sound of a vehicle racing down the old road reached his ears. “Looks like we might be meeting your people faster than we thought.


Zombie Crawl
Come back new weekend for the finish episode of Rollie’s journey into the first year of the Eternal Aftermath.

Zombie bad face
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Zombie Moon Ergg

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