The Climax of Run Girl Run

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Dane took a step forward and his outline became visual in the near darkness. A lighter flicked to life illuminating the sneer on his face before it moved to ignite two half used candles. Outside of the door they just passed through, the first sounds of the arriving zombies could be heard. Moans mixed with bangs filled her will a deep fear, but right then she would have traded the zombies for Dane.


Sara Zombie

“Wanted to ditch me, huh? I bet you wish I had ended up like Buzz. Didn’t work that way did it?” Turned toward Davey, his voice grew louder. “What were you thinking, you little fag? Opening the door and letting them in on purpose and for what, to save this slut’s dignity. I doubt there’s a bitch on this whole planet with any dignity at this point.”


She glanced at the candles and an idea came to her, but she needed to stall for time. “Maybe we should just try to work together so we can all survive this.”


He gave a dark laugh. “Why should I work with the fucker that caused this problem in the first place?” He eyed Sara. “I might consider saving you though. I haven’t even gotten a taste yet.”

Jack Face

She needed a little more time.


She lowered her voice. “Is there a way to escape?”


“Of course there is. The window in this room leads to a hallway with a back door. But I’m not happy about it.” Glaring at Davey, he continued. “We’ve been collecting gear for almost a year and now we might have to throw it all away just because we were going to get some puss. What’s the problem, you liked getting my cock so much she made you feel jealous?”


Davey let out an animal yell and charged Dane with his dagger in the murder position.


Dane stepped forward and used a sideways block. He kept the blade from being driven into his chest, but the tip caught his forearm drawing an angry line of red along it. A string of curses erupted from him. With a growl he gave Davey one of the meanest right hooks Sara had ever seen. Davey went down hard and she heard the knife clatter across the floor.

Face Biter

“Get something to bind this,” he said while inspecting his wound. “If you help me, I’ll make it sure you get out of here breathing.”


She waited. He looked her way when she didn’t answer. That was when she grabbed both candles and dashed two strings of molten wax into his eyes.


He drew back with a cry.


She ran toward him with her dagger.

Three Red Zombies

A lucky swing with his arm knocked the knife out of her hand.


“You fucking bitch!”


Just as he turned toward her, Davey’s small form crashed into Dane. He stumbled back a pace. They started wrestling, but Dane got the upper hand at once.


While the young men fought, Sara tried to find a knife in the darkness. Her hands came upon one of them she thought it was Davey’s. She grasped it just as she heard a foul snapping.


“Ha, one less wuss in this world.”


She heard Davey’s body hit the floor and Sara let out a little whimper.


He walked toward her. “Can we put all this crap behind us now? I’ll still let you live girl, but you are going to owe me huge after all this.”


He reached down and grabbed her by the hair.


She stabbed him in the stomach.


He released her hair and stumbled back with a gasp. “Oh shit, why?”


“You’re worse than the flesh eaters,” she said and rushed toward where she had seen the window. His voice called at her in the darkness. She heard him crashing through furniture.


Somehow her hands found the window and slit it open. His hands grabbed her ankle as she tumbled through the opening. With a yell she kicked back and her heel hit his face and he released her.


For all she knew the hallway was full of zombies, but she didn’t care. She rushed down it, with the sounds of Dane’s screaming at her back. A small window let in some illumination and she embraced it running toward the dim light. A door was bolted from the inside.


She stopped for a moment and caught her breath. She had no weapon, food, or even a canteen. Running is where she had started and she was about to have to do it again.


She opened the door and headed out into the night.


Sara Running



Hope you enjoyed Sara’a battle. Come back next Saturday as a new hero continues his quest to survive into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath



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