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Devon road in the armored SUV with Fines, Duggen, and Hutchins, while Icepick drove. The only good thing about being the runner remained he didn’t have to sit bitch in the back, because he might be asked to sacrifice his life running through the streets at any moment.




He’d already raced ahead to lure the undead away three times. He felt amazed to still be alive, but each time as he hid panting in his sweat soaked clothes, he’d felt even more amazed when the men had bothered to pick him up.


As they drove through the desolate trash ridden streets, Devon noted how quiet the streets looked. “There’s something wrong here, guys.”


“What too you mean?” Fines said from up front in the shotgun seat.


“Where are all the dead? I’ve only seen two over the last 4 blocks, there should be twenty times that number.”


“Yeah, he-” Icepick began, but got cut off when the front two tires of the ride blew and he struggled to keep the ride under control. “Son of a bitch!”


“You aren’t kidding,” Devon yelled. “Look!”


Zpmbie herd


All around them the doors must have been rigged to open somehow for undead came pouring out of the fronts of over ten stores.


Icepick slammed on the breaks. Once they had skidded to a stop, he yelled, “Grab whatever you can, We’re all runners now.”


Devon was the first out of the ride. As the runner, he traveled light, and besides his leather vest, he only had his medieval mace and single pistol with him. He hurried to try to race through the closing gauntlet of zombies before it grew too late. Screw the others, they can follow me or not. He didn’t care enough about the commoners made criminals to stay to hold their hands through this trap.


Zombie bad


He watched as the moaning walls of dead flesh moved to cut off all escape before him. He would be the first to reach the gap, but it might not be enough. He shot two of the lead zombies, to the right, in the head and smacked back another with a left handed blow from his mace.


His actions proved enough for him to burst past the clinging grey fingers before the undead met in the center of the road.


Zombie Masses


He heard shooting behind him and cursed when a bullet tore past his ear like an angry wasp. He heard Icepick cursing. The cursing grew in volume when living snipers took shots at their group. Devon ducked down and for once the presence of the undead aided him, for they might have blocked the snipers from getting a clean shot on him.


He looked back and saw Hutchins wasn’t so lucky and two blasts took him in the back. This, more than anything else, distracted the undead. They paused to tear his screaming form to pieces, which enabled the four remaining men to race around the corner. Sporadic gunfire spat at them and Duggen cried out and almost fell when a bullet tagged his arm.


Devon turned, but Icepick yelled, “Keep going. Scout a way. Fines, grab Duggen and tell him if he can’t keep up, he’ll be left behind.”




“Shit, man,” Fines started. “We’re heading back to the base right?”


“Fuck we are. We were sent out to see this and we’re not heading back until it’s done. Now get your ass in gear.”


Devon shared a look with Fines, but then jogged ahead to find a way to get them through the gathering undead.


Zombie Skin



Tune in next Weekend for the next episode of Devon’s mad journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath




Learn more about the Eternal Aftermath here!




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