The Midnight Hour

November 5, 2016 at 10:38 am (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath) (, , , , , , )

Night had fallen over the ill-fated group. It had allowed, with the aid of Devon’s scouting, the party to creep through the back alleys and yards and avoid the larger clusters of the walking dead.




It surprised Devon, when Icepick insisted he switch out and take point, but it also led him to believe they must be nearing their goal.


Making sure Duggen kept pace stayed Fallen’s major goal. Devon respected him for his concern. Duggen’s wound had left the man sweating and struggling to keep up, but after a short break and downing a few bottles of water they found, the man had caught a second wind and appeared more determined to see the mission though…whatever it was.




The midnight hour had passed before Icepick called back to him in a harsh whisper. “Come on, you slackers, we’re here.”


Devon led the way to where Icepick crouched down behind some concealing bushes.


“A fucking mall. You brought us all this way for a mall. What the hell is this, Dawn of the Dead?”






“Not the mall, dumbass. See that car dealership located right across from the Autozone? We scouted it out. The place is full of batteries and the gear you need to jumpstart them. We can each grab a vehicle and load up a couple of trucks with all the batteries they can hold. Once we get back, we can have the biggest working fleet in Tucson. We’ll be able to control this burg.”


The others had caught up and were listening. Duggen said, “But what about all the biters? This area is crawling with them. There must be a thousand out there.”


Icepick’s pale face flashed a grin in the darkness. “Relax, you think I’d come all the way out here without a plan?”




“Well, let’s hear it,” Devon said. “We won’t be ruling over shit by our bodies becoming bite sized chunks of flesh riding in zombie bellies.”


“Simple, we’re right near the Santa Cruz wash. It’s filed with dry bushes and debris. Fallen and Duggen will work around to the wash and light some giant fires. The walls of the wash are forty feet high so they’ll be safe.”


“Once the fire distracts the freaks, Devon and I will break into the Autozone. We’ll gather the rechargers and batteries while Fallen and Duggen make their way to us. We’ll have four batteries charged up by then. We’ll replace the batteries, load the trucks and go.”


“I can see a lot of things going wrong with that plan,” Devon said.


“You got a better one, Captain Cockolded.”


Devon let loose a grunt which was almost a growl. “Yeah, we head back with our lives.”


“So said the pussy of the group.” Before Devon could retort, Icepick ordered the other two men off. Turning back to Devon, he said, “Come on tough guy, come show me if you got what it takes.”


“I’ll be showing you something before the night is over.”






Tune in next Weekend for the next episode of Devon’s mad journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath


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