Devon’s Dash

December 11, 2016 at 12:37 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

It felt like they had passed one degree shy of forever, while Devon and Icepick waited for Fines and Duggen to light a fire in the giant wash to their north. As the pair listened for the others, they progressed as close to the Autozone as the crowds of zombies would allow them. They made it within a few hundred yards, but a wide, debris filled, five lane road separated them from the AutoZone and the car lot Icepick wanted them to raid.




The tall man’s pale face regarded him as they found relative safety behind a large dumpster. “We’ll stay here until they fire get started,” he whispered.


Devon only nodded while he prepped his steel Mace and let his pistol ride in his left hand.




After ten minutes turned into thirty, Devon was about to suggest they make a move in a lull between passing herds, but then he saw a glow rising from the wash.


“Looks like they finally got it going,” Icepick hissed. “We’ll give it another two minutes, then make our move.”




Devon waited behind the dumpster as the undead noticed the rising fires in the wash. Fines and Duggen must had created a huge pile, for soon the tops of the flames could be seen rising above the lip of the wash.


A bead of sweat rolled down the side of his cheek, but he made no move to brush it aside. As the time to move drew near, most of the zombies headed toward the wash and the street had cleared. Despite his true wishes, he had to admit, Icepick’s plan had proved successful.


Just as that thought passed through his mind, the first scream tore out of the wash. Devon thought it sounded like Duggen. Duggen’s screams continued. He couldn’t tell if Fines had joined in the screaming because they echoed loud enough to tremble his guts.


“Time to go,” Icepick said and a nano later his long legs ate up the space between the dumpster and the AutoZone.


For a couple seconds, Devon contemplated leaving Icepick to succeed on this own, but then he thought of Tracy, In spite of her betrayal, if he wanted to return to where they lived, he would have to see this though with Pick, at least long enough to the evil bastard fall.


The final item, which tipped the scales was he wanted a ride. Whatever he chose to do, when he returned to the complex, all choices would be easier with a ride involved. He’d hide it in the nearest park if he had to.


A handful of undead lingered in the street, but they dodged past them and Devon took down two which got to close.




Icepick slammed into the AutoZone door and then withdrew a set of keys.


As he fumbled through the keys a drew a silver one free, Devon said, “How the hell do you have keys to this place?”


“Just mind your own business and keep the geeks off me.”


Devon took down four who wandered too close before Icepick had the door open. He noted the screaming below had ceased. For a moment, he thought Icepick might leave him locked outside, but he held the door open and allowed Devon to run inside.


“Alright Avis,” he said with a smile as he locked the doors. “We’ll be safe enough while we charge up two batteries. Let’s do it and get those rides before the geeks work their way back over here. We continue with the plan.”


“Yeah, we all have a plan.” Devon said under his breath.





Tune in next Weekend for the next episode of Devon’s mad journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath





Learn more about the Eternal Aftermath here!




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