Devon Versus Icepick, Part I

December 17, 2016 at 2:49 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , )

Icepick knew about a side door. Devon had noted there was a great deal about this AutoZone Icepick appeared familiar with. After he opened two docking bays, the pale thin giant addressed him.




“Once we have the vehicles, we’ll drive them into these loading docks. A few geeks might work their way in here, but once we get the doors shut they won’t be anything we can’t handle.”


Once ready, they opened the side door and each ran to the car lot with a freshly charged battery under an arm. A sliver of moon illuminated the streets, which stretched as dead as the corpses walking across them. As their feet slammed over the asphalt, Icepick looked his way. “The geeks are pretty thin thanks to the fire and screaming, I’m going for that jacked up white Tundra. Keep them off me until I get the battery in. If anything goes wrong, we’ll meet up at the loading docks.”




More than a few things had surprised Devon over the last twenty-four hours, but when Icepick pulled keys out of his pocket and opened the door to the Tundra.


“Got any more of those?” Devon asked. A fat zombie blocked his path and he brought his mace down like a sledge hammer in the center of its head and it toppled over without so much as a groan.




“Nope, just the one. You know how to hotwire right?”


“A couple of times I’ve been forced…” Devon started to say, but Icepick was inside the cab and popping the hood.


Devon cursed under his breath and took up a defensive position. Their allies sacrifice had helped considerably and made the task possible, but it remained far from easy. At least twenty undead slowly stumbled his way.


Instead of waiting for them to box him in, he charged two and took them down with his Mace. Then he moved to the other side of where Icepick worked on the battery and took down two more. The zombies weaved and were uncertain as to which way to go, just to have him change his position again.


While he fought, Devon spied a jet-black Tahoe. Fighting his way there, he set his battery on the roof of the cab. Hurrying back over to the Tundra, he was just able to strike down four zombies about to lunch on Icepick’s legs. “Are you almost done here? It’s going to be a lot harder getting my ride going without the keys.”


Icepick slammed the hood while throwing a glance his way, after a non-hurried stroll into the truck, he started the engine and looked back Devon’s way. “Then I suggest you get moving.”




Devon felt his mouth hang open as Icepick sped out of the parking lot leaving him alone with a locked truck and two hundred gathering undead.






Tune in next Weekend for the next episode of Devon’s mad journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath




Learn more about the Eternal Aftermath here!




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