Give Em Enough Rope

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Devon kept up the quick pace he’d started and they moved through the gathering undead before they could build into a force strong enough to stop their progress. The snipers concerned him, but soon they had left both them and their zombie fodder behind, but the other undead soon became their real problem.




His mace came up and smashed through half the head of a fat zombie wearing a torn football jersey. He moved to his right and took down three move, but others moved toward them to take their place. His arm started to feel like he carried a railroad tie. He’d already made three runs through the clinging undead before the living snipers took out their ride and with Duggen’s shot arm still leaking blood with each step, they remained only a few degrees faster than the undead following in their wake.


Icepick caught up with him. After smashing the heads off two more lurching zombies, Devon turned and addressed the man supposedly in charge of their already ill-fated mission.




“We need to hole up and treat that arm. It won’t hurt to let us catch our breath either and reassess our situation.”


“Reassess huh,” Icepick snarled over his shoulder as he drove one of his namesakes through an animated corpse’s eye. His pale flesh looked like it glowed in the sunlight as his eyes took in the abandoned buildings surrounding them. “Alright over there. Let’s hit that hotel.”


The hotel had two floors and they headed up to the second. Two of the walking dead were quickly dispatched and then Devon kicked in one of the doors.


The room had two beds. Duggen went to one and the other was placed against the door after they dead bolted it shut.




It didn’t take long for the moaning and banging on the door to begin, but Devon moved toward where Fines had begun to bind Duggen’s wound.


Fines’ dirty face looked up at him and Duggen winced in pain. “The bullet passed through at least. I guess that will give him a chance.”


“A chance…” he let the words hang. “I hope that’ something we all have.”


He moved to where Icepick gazed down at the alley which ran behind the hotel. “It is a bit of drop, but the alley doesn’t appear to hold too many geeks.”


“We can make ropes out of the sheets,” Devon replied. A silence stretched, but then he asked, “So can you let me in on what our mission is now?”


Icepick had eyes like frozen snow and they regarded Devon. “If you live long enough to get me to our destination, I’ll let you in on it. I can tell you one thing, you’re going to want to be part of this.”




Devon walked away. “I serious doubt I want to be part of anything you’re involved with.”


“Just make some ropes from those sheets.”


“Give em enough rope,” he said.


“What did you say?”


Devon turned and looked back at Icepick. “Give a man enough rope and he can hang himself.”


“I’m not sure what’s that’s supposed to mean, Avis, but we’ll see who swings in the breeze at the end of this.”


“We sure will,” Devon answered under his breath before the sounds of tearing sheets began to compete with the growls of the rotting corpses who hammered the door.






Tune in next Weekend for the next episode of Devon’s mad journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath


Zombie Blood Face


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Set up for Failure

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His fingers caught in his grimy hair. Giving up trying to pretend he could be presentable after being out in the desert sun digging through garbage for three days, Devon hurried to the small square Carrie and he pretended to call home.




As he drew near, he heard the sounds of moaning. Could his wife have somehow become infected? How could it be possible if he passed a dozen men between the gate and his room?


Drawing near the door, he knew one of the voices belonged to his wife, but there was another. His exhausted mind and nerves snapped into action and he pushed into their room.


Eternal Aftermath II For Tony

Death and Night and Blood


Instead of roaming undead or an epic battle for life, Carrie lay beneath Nathan with her legs spread. Devon wanted to burn out his eyes with a torch when he couldn’t help but fixate on the sight of Nathan entered her over and over again.


A stream of curses erupted from him beyond his control and would be forever forgotten.




With surprising strength, Carrie pushed the much larger man off of her and started to shout something, which would also never be remembered.


Nathan had just enough time to see Devon charging in, before Devon’s right fist cracked him in the jaw. Nathan spun in a half circle and toppled to the floor with a cry.


Devon’s dust covered body pulsed. His finger pointed at her like a weapon. “What? How is this even possible? I fight through hordes, fucking hordes, to bring back a few scraps of food and Mr. PHD, in fucking Humanities, is boning you? I should kill this fuck.”




He had to look away as she started to cry. “You realize that it’s shit like this that could get us kicked out of here. I was just out there. Without our vehicles we would have been done. We don’t have any vehicles, Carrie and you… you fucking cheated on me. I’m out there risking my life and you let this fat fucking leech be with you. I…”


Fearing where his anger could take him, Devon flung the door open.


From behind, he heard Nathan getting onto his hands and knees. “My sister is married to Edward. You’ll be expelled for this,” he forced out past the fingers clutching his wounded jaw.





One giant step forward later and Devon’s boot connected with the side of Nathan’s head. “You care enough about who’s married to who, then find your own wife.”


“Devon, I was lonely and confused. I heard your group had been killed.”


He looked over his shoulder once, but stayed silent. The door slammed shut and he did his best to avoid punching things as he stomped away from his room.




He had gathered enough goods to sit in the half-assed apartment the Collective dared to call a bar. Warm Bud Lights approached his idea of hell, but after the Collective’s fifty percent, he still had plenty for battering and he would be double damned if Carrie was going to see as much as a can of beats.


He had just started his third tepid nightmare, when three of Edward’s strong-arms made a triangle around him.




“You shouldn’t had done that, Devon.” Their leader, Fines, looked like a diseased goth who run out of dark hair dye and was stuck having his bright orange mule lick dangle over his face.


“Could anyone do different?”


“I suppose not, but I gotta take you with us. Edward wants to talk to you and Devon, I’ll just tell you now. He’s steaming over this. You hurt Nathan pretty bad.”


“I could have killed him.”


“Dev, it isn’t funny. You know all Nate’s got is his brains and you hit him in the head twice.”


Devon took a long pull on his crappy beer.


“You going to come with us, nice or not?”


Devon thought about all the things he could have done. He could have tried to fight his way past them. He could have made a break for the gate and maybe grabbed Carrie despite of what an…


His chair made a load screech as he got to his feet and he marched in between the men toward Edward’s apartment.





Tune in next Weekend for the next episode of Devo/s mad journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath




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Z horde IIII

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The Climax of Run Girl Run

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Dane took a step forward and his outline became visual in the near darkness. A lighter flicked to life illuminating the sneer on his face before it moved to ignite two half used candles. Outside of the door they just passed through, the first sounds of the arriving zombies could be heard. Moans mixed with bangs filled her will a deep fear, but right then she would have traded the zombies for Dane.


Sara Zombie

“Wanted to ditch me, huh? I bet you wish I had ended up like Buzz. Didn’t work that way did it?” Turned toward Davey, his voice grew louder. “What were you thinking, you little fag? Opening the door and letting them in on purpose and for what, to save this slut’s dignity. I doubt there’s a bitch on this whole planet with any dignity at this point.”


She glanced at the candles and an idea came to her, but she needed to stall for time. “Maybe we should just try to work together so we can all survive this.”


He gave a dark laugh. “Why should I work with the fucker that caused this problem in the first place?” He eyed Sara. “I might consider saving you though. I haven’t even gotten a taste yet.”

Jack Face

She needed a little more time.


She lowered her voice. “Is there a way to escape?”


“Of course there is. The window in this room leads to a hallway with a back door. But I’m not happy about it.” Glaring at Davey, he continued. “We’ve been collecting gear for almost a year and now we might have to throw it all away just because we were going to get some puss. What’s the problem, you liked getting my cock so much she made you feel jealous?”


Davey let out an animal yell and charged Dane with his dagger in the murder position.


Dane stepped forward and used a sideways block. He kept the blade from being driven into his chest, but the tip caught his forearm drawing an angry line of red along it. A string of curses erupted from him. With a growl he gave Davey one of the meanest right hooks Sara had ever seen. Davey went down hard and she heard the knife clatter across the floor.

Face Biter

“Get something to bind this,” he said while inspecting his wound. “If you help me, I’ll make it sure you get out of here breathing.”


She waited. He looked her way when she didn’t answer. That was when she grabbed both candles and dashed two strings of molten wax into his eyes.


He drew back with a cry.


She ran toward him with her dagger.

Three Red Zombies

A lucky swing with his arm knocked the knife out of her hand.


“You fucking bitch!”


Just as he turned toward her, Davey’s small form crashed into Dane. He stumbled back a pace. They started wrestling, but Dane got the upper hand at once.


While the young men fought, Sara tried to find a knife in the darkness. Her hands came upon one of them she thought it was Davey’s. She grasped it just as she heard a foul snapping.


“Ha, one less wuss in this world.”


She heard Davey’s body hit the floor and Sara let out a little whimper.


He walked toward her. “Can we put all this crap behind us now? I’ll still let you live girl, but you are going to owe me huge after all this.”


He reached down and grabbed her by the hair.


She stabbed him in the stomach.


He released her hair and stumbled back with a gasp. “Oh shit, why?”


“You’re worse than the flesh eaters,” she said and rushed toward where she had seen the window. His voice called at her in the darkness. She heard him crashing through furniture.


Somehow her hands found the window and slit it open. His hands grabbed her ankle as she tumbled through the opening. With a yell she kicked back and her heel hit his face and he released her.


For all she knew the hallway was full of zombies, but she didn’t care. She rushed down it, with the sounds of Dane’s screaming at her back. A small window let in some illumination and she embraced it running toward the dim light. A door was bolted from the inside.


She stopped for a moment and caught her breath. She had no weapon, food, or even a canteen. Running is where she had started and she was about to have to do it again.


She opened the door and headed out into the night.


Sara Running



Hope you enjoyed Sara’a battle. Come back next Saturday as a new hero continues his quest to survive into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath



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Carrie Serious

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One Cowboy, 2000 Zombies, and a Bike Gang

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Enough old construction sites had dumped abandoned supplies into the desert that Brown discovered an old steel bar. He mounted his horse and took it with him to the back of the cinder block wall that surrounded the housing complex the biker gang had taken over.


It remained only a few hours after sunrise and Brown hoped the bikers behaved like most of their ilk and stayed in bed. As the relentless desert sun cooked his Stetson part of him didn’t blame them for having late nights, which would keep them out of Arizona’s deadly heat.

Zombie Horde bigger

More concerning was the horde that slowly marched toward his back. Instead of the mountains taking its toll, if anything the horde had grown as it met up with more undead migrating north from Mexico. It marched a thousand strong as least and could have been two or three times that number.


He tied his mount, Moonlight, to a palo verde tree, grabbed his sledge hammer in one hand, the steel pole in the other, and hurried to the wall. He circled around and got to a place a two hundred yards from his horse, but closer to where the horde emerged from the foothills.


He cast a final glance over his shoulder as the horrid odor of decaying flesh rotting in the sun reached his nostrils. They stumbled over the rocks and uneven ground, these human monsters made flesh. Bones poked through tattered skin and black wounds covered more parts of their bodies than the clothes they wore.

Zombie May

He wished, he really wished, he had enough bullets to sit on a high cliff and take them out of their misery to the very last one, but he wasn’t near being so equipped, better to have his two enemies kill each other.


Perhaps leading the undead into the compound was a questionable act. With so few breathers left, they should be uniting against a common foe, but if these bikers had been so cruel to wipe out the elderly who had occupied this complex, than he had no doubts what they might do to the girls back at the ranch and Brown would anything to protect them.


He placed the steel bar between two cinder blocks where a crack had already separated them. Sweat formed on his forehead and behind him he could hear the zombies drawing near.




The bar entered further than he thought it might, but it also created more noise than he would have liked. Not one to hesitate, Brown hit the steel bar again and again. It burst through the other side. Moving to the side, he threw his weight against the bar. At first nothing happened and he had to fight away his panic.


Muscles strained and sweat poured into his eyes. He tried harder. A growl escaped his lips as he gave it everything he had. The upper half of the wall fell away with a crash.


He realized at once that it wouldn’t be enough. He needed to take down the lower three feet of wall that remained.


He heard shouts from within the complex and the moaning behind him grew far too close. He ignored them both and drove the pole straight down through one of the exposed cinder blocks. He pulled at the remaining walls. It didn’t give, so he jammed the bar forward.

ZOmbie black and white

More yells echoed up from the compound and he could hear the shuffling of clumsy feet as they tore through the desert floor just yards behind him. He pulled the bar back and then jammed it forward again. The top two cinder blocks cracked and then broke apart. He moved the bar two feet to the right and started the process again.


Forward, back, forward, back.


Shots rang out and powder broke away as a bullet hit the wall to his left. Another disturbed the dry dirt before him.


He grit his teeth and a cinder block broke away as he slammed the bar back. At least my friends and the girls will be safe, he thought to himself, but then jerked at the first set of hands clawed at his back.
Brown With Hammer

With a yell, he dove over what remained of the wall. Bullets buzzed around, him and several hit the zombies and their bodies jerked in a foul dance of death. Reaching up, he grabbed the steel bar and pulled it back in toward him. With a crash, the rest of the cinder blocks in the break fell away and the undead came pouring in.


The shouting behind him increased into a frenzy as the zombies entered the complex, but Brown was on his feet and running. Two filthy, dark bearded bikers had drawn in closer to him and appeared to be more set on revenge than holding back the horde. Brown drew his pistol and dropped to one knee as more shouts ripped by him like angry hornets.


He held his breath and hit one in the center of his chest. The other kept firing until Brown’s third shot got lucky and took the man in the eye. He stood up just in time to feel fingers grabbing at his head. They came away with his hat.


A female zombie clutched it in her hands.


“No one touches my Stetson.” He said and blew off her head at point blank range. His left hand grabbed the hat before it hit the ground and he tossed it back on his head as he turned to run.


The undead lurched after him and bullets continued to crash into the cinder blocks as he passed, but he made it to the wall near where Moonlight had been tied. It scared him to see how close a few dozen zombies were to his mount, but he leapt the wall as a fury of bullets came his way.


He freed Moonlight and hopped onto the saddle and with a whoop, he galloped away from the conflict as the horde flooded into the biker complex by the hundred.

Brown Alone


Come back next weekend for the climax of Brown’s journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath

 Cowboy Zombies

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Lone rider

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Teeth, Fingers, and Gore

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Brown fled the new cluster of zombies to the east, just as the original horde began to flow down the mountain at them from the north. He felt pleased to see several of the northern group lose their footing and tumble down the steep hills breaking arms and legs. Many became unable to rise, but considering his current predicament, it would take more than such things to raise his spirits,


Before he had reached Trevor, the old man, and their mounts, he already heard gunfire echoing through the dark forest. More undead littered his path as he rushed to reach the others. He found some cover before they spotted him and paused just long enough to load his pistol.

Zombie horror bigger

Letting his rifle ride in his left hand, he used his pistol to take down the walking dead that blocked his path as he rushed to join the others. Heads jerked back and grey gore splattered the boulders as he dodged through the low lying trees and wait-a-minute brushes.


“Bout time you showed up,” Jacob called to him from the darkness. “I need more bullets, you damn hick.”


“Don’t we all,” Brown called out as he used his last two shots to clear a path to his allies. He leapt over a log and came to a stop and let the others hold them off for a moment while he caught his breath.


The undead didn’t give him long.


Brown drew a box of pistol rounds out of his saddle bag and shoved them into Jacob’s hand. “Reload.”


He looked around and saw that some small sliver of luck had found them and the way to the west wasn’t crawling with flesh eaters…at least not yet.

Zombie face

He loaded his last magazine into his pistol and tossed his rifle to Trevor. “I want both of you to load everything you got, but also keep leading the horses west. Only use the guns if they block you from going west.” He drew his sledge hammer from off his mount. “I got your backs, now go!”


Brown tucked his gun into his belt. Zombies lurched at him from the east. The main horde hadn’t reached the valley yet, which remained the only thing that gave them a chance. As a dozen grimy hands reached for him, he got busy with his sledge.


Fingers snapped and faces broke in half. He whirled and shot his hammer in every direction. He cleared an area and soon over ten corpses would move no more, but a new wave stumbled in and it would be one he couldn’t escape from.


He turned and run. This time he didn’t bother drawing his pistol, he focused more on evading any that attempted to block his path. Ducking and weaving through both the trees and zombies, he jogged after his friends. A horrid figure with half of its face eaten away moved to grab him. He swung his sledge two handed and the monster’s head burst like a rotten melon filled with slime. Some of the putrid mess splashed his face and he gasped in disgust.


Wiping it away, he found a new determination and with a growl, he smashed a female zombie into the dirt and kept running.

Zombie female II

*        *        *


Sunrise found them ahead of the horde and looking down at the walled compound that held the large biker gang Jacob had told them about. The walls of the compound were a good six feet high and hundreds of zombies patrolled its perimeter. However, Brown noticed most of them remained concentrated on the western side where the bikers must enter and exit from.


Jacob spoke to him from behind Trevor, where they both still rode on the tired horse. “So what are we doing now? We gots clear of that horde, what do you want to do, stick around here long enough to make sure them bikers see us? They’s ten times more deadly than a pack of flesh munchers.”


“I agree with you. That’s why I don’t want them to come looking for food and supplies when they get more desperate. The only thing that’s kept our ranch safe from them this long is the mountain range, but if they have bikes that won’t last forever.”


“What you fixing to do?” Trevor asked.


Brown looked back their way as he fixed his Stetson. “I mean to lure that horde behind us right into this compound and let these two forces eliminate each other.”


“Holy hell in a handbag,’ Jacob started. “I knew both of you were crazy.”


Brown cracked a small smile and looked back to the east when the faint sound of the first zombies emerging from the foothills silenced the morning cries of the desert birds.


 Zombie Color


Come back next weekend to see if Brown and his allies can survive the Eternal Aftermath

 Cowboys IIIIII

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Canyons, Teeth, and Cowboys

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The sounds of a thousand undead followed them as they entered the rocky break between the cliffs. Some of the gnashing sounded close while others created a horrid background canopy of marching death as the monsters struggled up the steep slopes the cowboys had so recently passed. Mixed with this, the tumbling sounds also reached their ears when the frequent stumbles of the lurching dead sent them rolling down the rocking cliffs into their uncaring brethren.

Zombie chace

Once the cowboys had passed through the front of the passage with their horses, the old man’s voice reached them from out of the darkness. “Stay here. I mean it. Stay here.”


Enough moonlight reached them for Brown to see the look of dismay covering Trevor’s face.  Soon that look became replaced with one of concern as the first zombie entered the break between the cliffs.


“We should keep moving,” his friend said.


“The old man told us to stay here. We don’t know our way around. Who knows what type of traps he might have set up?” As a second, third, and then fourth zombie entered the break, Brown began to doubt his own words.

Brown Rifle

Shaking his head, Brown drew his pistol. He took aim, but before he opened fire a loud smashing sound echoed through the mountains as a series of boulders tumbled down the cliffs and not only smashed the lead zombies into a foul smelling paste, but went a long way in blocking off the passage they had just entered.


The two men stared at the blockade as a cloud of dust enveloped the area. The first zombie hadn’t been hit and Brown put a bullet through its head, while Trevor calmed down the horses.


“Well, you coming, you half brain dead bastards?” The old man said from the darkness clinging to the narrow pass ahead of them. “That won’t hold them shitheads off for long.”


The cowboys exchanged another look and Brown allowed himself a half grin. “Might as well do what our benefactor says.”


“Benefactor, huh. Think you’re pretty fancy with them cleaned clothes and horses. I had a horse once. I ate him last winter.” The bobbing white haired mop came into view ahead of them as they moved higher into the range. “Your horses look pretty tasty. Hope one doesn’t break a leg. That would be a real shame.”


Brown grew more serious. “You can insult me all you like, mister, but when you even hint at threatening my horse, we’ll have an issue.”


“Keep your caps on, lowlander. I’m the best chance yer horse has got.” He turned to face them after they had made it another hundred yards. “My name’s Jacob, by the damn by.” After the two men introduced themselves he went on. “I don’t suppose you have a few hundred rounds with you or anything helpful like that?”


“Can’t say we do and we’d rather not use it all if we had,” Brown answered.


The old timer picked at his teeth with his finger for a moment and then said, “Well can I inquire to what genius inspired plan you two were hatching?”


“I think we had the idea of taking them living dead over the range, dumping them on the west side of the Santa Ritas and then riding our horses home.”


Jacob chuckled and it wasn’t a friendly laugh. “Oh my, oh my. I can see a few things wrong with that there plan. Besides the bears, mountain lions, and jaguars just waiting for the opportunity to dine on some fresh horse flesh, them and the damn steer cliffs you somehow think you can get yer horses over, you have no idea what’s on the west side of this range do you?”


Brown looked Trevor’s way and the man shrugged.


“He he, right after this double-damned apocalypse started, some huge ass biker gang road down to the Golden Valley retirement community. Besides being ruthless evil bastards, you can’t really knock their idea. Hundreds of well stocked homes with only old ladies and half crippled men to protect them. Many of the neighborhoods are walled in too.”


“Those bikers moved in and never left. They been living off the corpse of the old world out there ever since. You head down the west face, you’ll come up right into their back yard. I’m sure they is getting hungry by now. They sure as hell will want to eat yer horses. Hell, you’d be lucky if they don’t want to eat you.”


“Son of a bitch,” Trevor swore.


“Son of a bitch is right,’ Jacob agreed and it was about then that a closer moaning could be heard as the first zombies began to make their way over the avalanche.



Come back next weekend to see if Brown and his allies can survive the Eternal Aftermath


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Zombie Cliff

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Rifle at my Head and Here Comes the Army of the Dead

April 16, 2016 at 2:25 pm (Uncategorized)

The voice called out at them from the darkness. Brown couldn’t spot its source, but figured it came from somewhere amongst the rocky cliffs that rose to their right.

Cowboys IIII

“I live up here for a whole damn year. I suffer and eke out an existence with almost nothing and you goddamn cowboys lead a whole damn army of flesh eaters right to my doorstep. I should blow your heads off right now!”


“If they don’t know where we are, his yelling is gonna draw them straight toward us,” Trevor hissed.


“Now hold on,” Brown started. “We meant no harm. We have women and children to protect. We’re trying to build a life too. We had no idea we were heading in your direction.”


“Don’t think I don’t know who you are,” the voice called out again. “I’ve seen you down there. Laughing. Riding your horses. Eating well, not a bloody care in the world.”


“Then why didn’t you ever approach us?” Brown asked. “We would have taken you in. We have food to share and can use the extra help.”


The moaning of a hundred throats drew nearer and Trevor spoke up. “I’m not sure this is the time for hand shaking and promises. If we don’t keep going, we’re going lose the horses to these freaks.”


“You ain’t going anywhere but to an early grave, if I don’t say so.”


“I know you don’t want to just shoot us down in cold blood.” Brown made a statement, not a question.


“Maybe if I do, they’ll think they found their quarry and leave me the hell alone.”


“Damn it we got no time for this.” Trevor shouted. “Here they come!”

Cowboys IIIII

Before Brown could react, both the horses snorted and pranced with the whites of their eyes showing.


Trevor drew his pistol and began to shoot into the ranks of the closest walking dead. His horse reared and tried to pull away from. This forced him to cease his shooting and grab the reins with both hands.

cowboy II

Brown drew his rifle off his saddle while trying to keep his mount calm. “Listen either cut us down now or help, because I’m not going to risk our horses for a bunch of hot air.”


Having said his piece, Brown took aim and took down the leading four zombies in quick succession, but he knew there were nearly another thousand where those came from. The only thing they had going for them remained that the severe climb up the side of the rugged mountain had caused the horde to become spaced out so that only the first two dozen or so undead had drawn close.

Cowboy III

“Son of a bitch,” the older man shouted before taking his own turn at blasting away at the heads of the marching zombies. Rotting grey matter sprayed over boulders and cactus. Limp bodies rolled and tumbled down the rocky slope.


The two cowboys joined in until they had cleared away enough of the undead to buy themselves a couple of minutes.


When the smoke of their firearms cleared, Brown turned to see a grizzled grey bearded man standing not too far off. His clothes looked like little more than rags tied together and every inch of him was filthy enough to make a zombie looked well groomed. “I’m probably going to regret this for the rest of my now severely shortened life, but come on and follow me and get your asses moving. We won’t have much time.”


Brown and Trevor shared a look and then followed the old man into the rocky canyon.


Come back next weekend to see if Brown and his allies can survive the Eternal Aftermath


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Cowboys IIIIII

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The Climax of See Emily Slay

January 3, 2015 at 12:08 pm (Uncategorized)

A wet growl sounded as the reanimated body of Jewels staggered at Spencer from behind. Emily looked on in horror as the woman she had just begun to consider her second mother grabbed a handful of her brother’s hair.

Spencer let out a yell as she pulled him and he fell over onto his back. He struggled against the undead, but she had twice the ten-year-old’s mass. She let out a hiss and dragged him closer to her snapping jaws.


Emily clutched her rifle in a white knuckled grip, but knew she hadn’t had the time to reload any of her spent magazines. Acting on instinct, she ran up and hit what had once been Jewels in the face. It sickened her to know she had just broken the woman she had grown to love’s nose, but she had to save her brother.


She hit Jewels in the face again, but her blows had little effect. They only stunned the fresh zombie for a few seconds and each time it would go in at Spencer again. If this wasn’t torture enough, Emily heard the sounds of the larger group of undead they had fled from drawing closer.

Emily’s terror was reaching a new level, when Spencer drew a big knife off his belt. But instead of stabbing at Jewels, he used the blade to saw through the hair that held him restrained. With a yell, he cut through enough to allow himself to pull away and Emily saw that several of Jewel’s’ fingers hung by torn muscles and little else.

Emily backpedaled a few feet and yelled, “Eyes on me, Jewels.” Her hand fumbled in her pocket until she found a bullet. “Spence, I have to put her down. We can’t leave her like this.”

“Okay, Em, but hurry. I can see at least twenty more behind you now!”

Her single bullet went into the rifle. She passed only long enough to wipe her building tears away, choke back her crying, and then she sent the shot through Jewels’ head.

Emily's got a gun

After shooting the closest thing she had to a mother for the last year, Emily broke down in tears. Her knees gave out and she fell to the ground. Spencer screamed at her, but she failed to make out the words. Her reality swam in milky circles and she couldn’t bring herself to move, to care, to want to live.

There was only one thing Spencer could have said to get her onto her feet. “Come on, Emily, what about dad?”

Finding her motivation, if not he resolve, Emily struggled to her feet mere moments before the growing group of undead reached them.

It was now Spencer who took the lead. After grabbed up Jewel’s weapons, her little brother grabbed her hand and yanked her along. “Come on, Em. Dad’s still out there and all alone. He’s counting on us. We need to find him.”
Return next Saturday as a new chapter begins and we see the world through Spencer’s point of view as the siblings race to rescue their father!
You can discover where Spencer and Emily enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!

Spencer and Emily

Spencer and Emily

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Eternal Aftermath, Live, The Zombie Apocalypse on film or at least the Author

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 Eternal Aftermath


Michael D. Griffiths



It is five years deep into the Zombie Apocalypse when Devon and his allies attempt to free themselves from the oppressive military base that has housed them since the plague began. Their group is betrayed and General Sulter uses Devon to set an example for others. Once Devon is stripped of his weapons, socks, and shoes, he is dumped into the middle of zombie filled Tucson and things get worse from there.

 It is five years deep into the Zombie Apocalypse when Devon attempts to free himself from the oppressive military base that has housed him. He is betrayed &Devon is stripped of his weapons, socks, and shoes, he is dumped into the middle of zombie filled Tucson and things get worse from there.


Enter the Eternal Aftermath and join Devon as he moves from just trying to stay alive to daring to hope that he can somehow free Tucson and rebuild civilization, one survivor at a time.

See the new Video featuring the author below!

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Breaking their way in

Breaking their way in

Eternal Aftermath II, No Haven


More than five years has passed since humanity fell and then stood back up cold, dead, and hungry. Devon has survived through the Zombie Apocalypse long enough to gather stalwart allies, but will his struggling group of refugees be enough to fight off the only things more dangerous than the stumbling hordes of undead—the mad man that seek to rule over the scraps of the old world.

Devon is different, instead of looking back, he seeks to move forward. Build a utopia that was never before possible. He has claimed the Sonoran Desert for his group. Yet, with multiple armies organizing against him and swarms of zombies covering the lands, will he even be able to keep the people he has gathered alive?

Check out the more intense Zombie series of the decade and enter


The Eternal Aftermath

Mar Imprisoned

Mar Imprisoned

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Spiking It, Part I

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His father’s SUV roared away from the blood covered cannibals that stumbled out of the house where Spencer had spent his nine years of life.

Spencer rode up front, but looked over his shoulder as his older sister burst into another crying jag. The forerunner hit a faceless nurse and she yelled out as the gruesome body jarred their car.


His father glanced back at Emily, but then needed to jerk the forerunner violently to the left when three of the infected blocked the exit out of the alley. They lost the right side mirror, but Spencer gave an excited shout when the impact broke one of the infected’s necks.

“This isn’t funny Spencer!” his sister yelled. “Those things are killing people. They almost killed me.”

He looked over at his dad.

Spencer’s father tended to keep his hair longer than most, even if his sides headed toward grey. Clean shaven, even on the worst of days, Jason Wallace looked back at his son and smiled. “Why don’t you introduce me to our traveling companions?”


“Ah okay. Jewels is an EMT that we meet along the way. Chris was helping her against a bunch of those things. We helped each other make it home.”

“I owe each of you anything I can give for helping keep my children safe.”

“They’re good kids,” Jewels said. “If they hadn’t given us a plan, we might not be standing right now.”

His father dodged both staled cars and wandering blood covered freaks as he headed north toward the Catalinas. “Is everyone alright?”

“I’ve been better,” Chris groaned. Spencer looked back at the young man that had fought so hard to keep them safe. He didn’t look good. Sweat had drenched his shirt and rolled over his face in threads. “One of those things took a chunk out of me.”

Spencer sensed his father tense. “That’s probably not good. Let’s get you somewhere safe and then—You’re an EMT? Can you do something?”

Jewels worked on a fussy Chris’ arm, while Spencer asked, “What’s going on, Dad?”

“I’ve heard a lot of things. Chemical warfare. Some people are calling them zombies, like in the movies. They even said we should shoot them in the head.”

“That much we figured out,” Chris moaned, as Jewels tightened the bandage on his injured forearm.

“They are coming from the hospital,” Spencer offered. “We saw a lot of bloody doctors and nurses and stuff.”

His father flashed him a serious look while driving through a McDonald’s parking lot in order to avoid a large moving truck parked lengthwise across the road. “It’s not just happened at the hospital, Spence. People all over Tucson are getting attacked. All over the country, it sounds like. Maybe some of our allies too.”

“How could such a terrorist attack be so coordinated?” Jewels asked.

“I wish I could tell you more. No one seems to know more than what they are seeing right now.”

Emily sounded like she her tears had ceased. “So where are we headed? Up in the mountains?”

“Maybe,” their father said. His voice faltered. “Well…we have a quick stop first.”

“What do we need, dad?” Spencer asked.

“We have to pick someone up.”

“Who?” His sister asked.

Jason slowed around a group of growling people that clustered around a car. The doors were open and they couldn’t hear any screaming. “Her name is Stacy.”

Emily’s voice took an edge. “Who’s that?”

“She’s my girlfriend. Okay.”

“You had a girlfriend and you didn’t tell us?” Spencer asked.

“I ah… well it hasn’t been that-”

“Watch the road!” Jewels yelled.

Jason’s yelled himself as he barely avoided a car droving on the wrong side of the road. Looking back, he said, “That car was covered with those things.”

Besides Chris’ loud breathing, silence ruled the vehicle. After a minute, Jason wiped his sleeve across his brow and turned on the radio.

“-some claim these killers are already brain dead and unsavable, but no one can explain why some of us seem to be functioning fine while others have become blood thirsting murderers.”

He turned it down, some. “We’re almost here. She lives in these apartments…”

As one, the small group looked into a giant tree filled apartment complex and saw people fleeing in every direction as more of the infected killers lurched and stumbled—searching for new victims.

“Oh this looks real easy,” Jewels said.


Jason held a pistol in his right hand as he turned into the swarming apartment complex.

“The battle has to start somewhere.”



You can discover where Spencer and Emily enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!

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