Give Em Enough Rope

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Devon kept up the quick pace he’d started and they moved through the gathering undead before they could build into a force strong enough to stop their progress. The snipers concerned him, but soon they had left both them and their zombie fodder behind, but the other undead soon became their real problem.




His mace came up and smashed through half the head of a fat zombie wearing a torn football jersey. He moved to his right and took down three move, but others moved toward them to take their place. His arm started to feel like he carried a railroad tie. He’d already made three runs through the clinging undead before the living snipers took out their ride and with Duggen’s shot arm still leaking blood with each step, they remained only a few degrees faster than the undead following in their wake.


Icepick caught up with him. After smashing the heads off two more lurching zombies, Devon turned and addressed the man supposedly in charge of their already ill-fated mission.




“We need to hole up and treat that arm. It won’t hurt to let us catch our breath either and reassess our situation.”


“Reassess huh,” Icepick snarled over his shoulder as he drove one of his namesakes through an animated corpse’s eye. His pale flesh looked like it glowed in the sunlight as his eyes took in the abandoned buildings surrounding them. “Alright over there. Let’s hit that hotel.”


The hotel had two floors and they headed up to the second. Two of the walking dead were quickly dispatched and then Devon kicked in one of the doors.


The room had two beds. Duggen went to one and the other was placed against the door after they dead bolted it shut.




It didn’t take long for the moaning and banging on the door to begin, but Devon moved toward where Fines had begun to bind Duggen’s wound.


Fines’ dirty face looked up at him and Duggen winced in pain. “The bullet passed through at least. I guess that will give him a chance.”


“A chance…” he let the words hang. “I hope that’ something we all have.”


He moved to where Icepick gazed down at the alley which ran behind the hotel. “It is a bit of drop, but the alley doesn’t appear to hold too many geeks.”


“We can make ropes out of the sheets,” Devon replied. A silence stretched, but then he asked, “So can you let me in on what our mission is now?”


Icepick had eyes like frozen snow and they regarded Devon. “If you live long enough to get me to our destination, I’ll let you in on it. I can tell you one thing, you’re going to want to be part of this.”




Devon walked away. “I serious doubt I want to be part of anything you’re involved with.”


“Just make some ropes from those sheets.”


“Give em enough rope,” he said.


“What did you say?”


Devon turned and looked back at Icepick. “Give a man enough rope and he can hang himself.”


“I’m not sure what’s that’s supposed to mean, Avis, but we’ll see who swings in the breeze at the end of this.”


“We sure will,” Devon answered under his breath before the sounds of tearing sheets began to compete with the growls of the rotting corpses who hammered the door.






Tune in next Weekend for the next episode of Devon’s mad journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath


Zombie Blood Face


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No Choices

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His boots hit the pavement like heavy slabs of wet mud. His mind waffled between hopelessness to rage as he let Fines and his two droogs escort him to Edward’s apartment.


Again, he gritted his teeth, he shouldn’t be allowing himself to become trapped in a situation worse than he already found himself in. He didn’t like Fines, but he’d fought with these men, for more than a while, killing them because of the violent fallout of Tracy cheating on him, might be more than they deserve.




Shaking his head, he figured they deserved worse. He knew these men, but still he held his hand.


He marched in front, with the three guards behind him. Seconds before he reached Edward’s door, the door creaked open revealing a room far too dark for any reasonable human to function.


He saw a flash of long platinum hair and knew at once that the bastard known as Icepick had opened the door for them. Icepick looked paler than a ghost. His ivory skin almost glowed within the stygian room. He favored Devon with a devil’s smile while twirling one of his namesakes with his long luminescent fingers.


Despite Icepick’s unnerving presence, Devon forced his sight to land on Edward. The man looked as grizzled as Icepick remained tight. A wild flowing mass of dark hair couldn’t be distinguished from his ill-maintained beard. This along with his stocky build gave him the impression of a man created from the mating of a madman and a rabid bear. Only his eyes looked sharp, a deep liquid brown that bore into Devon until, he had to fight not to shudder under the gaze.



“Devon, have a seat.”


He moved forward. His legs pushed through small stacks of garbage, most of it consisted of junk food wrappers and half crushed aluminum cans.


After he claimed the chair in front of Edward’s cluttered desk, the man-mountain began. “You and I both know that despite his learning, Nathan is a spoiled fool. We all do stupid things and suffer for our woman. Tracy has made you suffer, but you took it out on Nathan, which since he’s Delia’s sister, means that now I also have to suffer if I want to continue having my bed warmer, but be spared the headache.”


He folded his hands and leaned forward. “So you understand you have some payback in store.”


“Which is?”


Edward chuckled and leaned back. He made a hand gesture toward Devon. “To the point this man, isn’t he Icepick?”


“Seems like. Other men might bitch and whine and make excuses. You aren’t going to do that are you, Dev?”


“Is sitting here part of the payback, because I can go and come back when you all figure out what direction you’re headed.”


Edward grew fierce and slammed his fist on the table. “Watch your mouth or we’ll give you an extra one! We know exactly what you’re going to do for us or die trying. Icepick has something he needs to acquire. It won’t be an easy mission or a safe one and guess who was just hired to be their runner?”




Devon didn’t answer because he had to try to maintain his composure. A runner was the most dangerous job a man could get. It involved sprinting through the streets which needed to be traveled in order to lure the dead out. They would chase after the runner in order to let the team pass through the area in greater safety.


“Why no vehicles?” he managed to ask.


Icepick answered. “We’ll use them to get close, but where we’re going no vehicles can enter.”


“So what are we doing?”


“You’ll find out if you live long enough,” Edward answered, “Now get the hell out of my face. You have two hours to gather your gear. You’re heading out tonight.”






Tune in next Weekend for the next episode of Devon’s mad journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath




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Zombie reaching

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Doors, Death, and Evil

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Sara looked from Davey’s wide eyes back into the room beyond the window. More zombies spilled into the warehouse and the careless plodding of the undead toppled most of the candles. Only dark grim shadows could be seen. Hunched black outlines loomed over Buzz’s quite dead form and clawed into his flesh. His screams had long since been replaced with growls and horrid chewing.

Zombies dark

“We can’t get out the door we came in,” she said. “More are walking in that way every minute. Is there another way out?” She wasn’t sure why she was forced so be the one spurring them into action, but the idea of slowly starving to death while zombies looked on seemed worse than a living hell.


When the small teen didn’t say anything she grabbed him. “Come on. We have to move now while they’re distracted and haven’t spread out over to every inch of this place yet.”


“There’s a back way,” he hesitated, “But I don’t want to go back out there.”


“We have to,” she said. “Look, if they reach this door then we’ll have to fight. I’m more of a runner than a fighter. Trust me, I’ve been doing it for a while.”


He picked up his steel bat from off the table and handed her long knife. Moving to the door, he said. “Alright, you ready?”




He dashed out into the darkness and she stayed on his heels. They quickly left what little light remained behind and plunged into complete darkness.


Sara’s foot hit something and it clattered to the floor making a loud series of noises. Some of the zombies heard it and let out moans as they turned in their direction.


Davey cried out and she realized that a stray zombie had made his way into the hallway before him. It fought Davey, but it remained impossible to see anything in the darkness.


She felt forward.


Her hand inched toward the struggle. She had images of snapping mouths finding her flesh. Instead a body collided with her fingers jamming two of them painfully.


She pulled back. The zombie growled and she thought it had Davey pressed against a wall. From behind she could hear others coming. She didn’t have much time.


Working herself behind the big zombie, she found the courage to use her left hand to feel where it was. She grabbed onto its shoulder, placed the knife against its spine, between two vertebrae, and pushed. It let out a wet moan and toppled to the ground.

Zombies dark II

“Oh man, thanks,” came at her from the darkness, but the moaning of the other undead drew near, so they hurried off again. They reached a door, but found it locked.


“Oh no, oh no,” she chanted as her panic rose.


“Don’t worry, I have a key,” he said and scrambled to find it in the darkness. Shuffling feet approached. The darkness made everything worse. She couldn’t tell if they were twenty feet away or right on top of them.


Just when she could feel their foul breath in her face, the door flew open and Davey dragged her into the room and slammed the door shut.


Sara Grabbed

Exclusive Royalty Free Image Nashville Stock Photographer Dieter Spears Inhaus Creative for

For a moment they stood there panting, but then the fire of a lighter flared in the darkness as a figure lit a cigarette. The cherry grew red as the smoker inhaled and then Dane even voice said, “What took you?”

Jack Face


Come back next weekend and discover if Sara can survive the horrors of both the living and the dead as she battles into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath


 Sara Shotgun

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Three Red Zombies

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One Cowboy, 2000 Zombies, and a Bike Gang

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Enough old construction sites had dumped abandoned supplies into the desert that Brown discovered an old steel bar. He mounted his horse and took it with him to the back of the cinder block wall that surrounded the housing complex the biker gang had taken over.


It remained only a few hours after sunrise and Brown hoped the bikers behaved like most of their ilk and stayed in bed. As the relentless desert sun cooked his Stetson part of him didn’t blame them for having late nights, which would keep them out of Arizona’s deadly heat.

Zombie Horde bigger

More concerning was the horde that slowly marched toward his back. Instead of the mountains taking its toll, if anything the horde had grown as it met up with more undead migrating north from Mexico. It marched a thousand strong as least and could have been two or three times that number.


He tied his mount, Moonlight, to a palo verde tree, grabbed his sledge hammer in one hand, the steel pole in the other, and hurried to the wall. He circled around and got to a place a two hundred yards from his horse, but closer to where the horde emerged from the foothills.


He cast a final glance over his shoulder as the horrid odor of decaying flesh rotting in the sun reached his nostrils. They stumbled over the rocks and uneven ground, these human monsters made flesh. Bones poked through tattered skin and black wounds covered more parts of their bodies than the clothes they wore.

Zombie May

He wished, he really wished, he had enough bullets to sit on a high cliff and take them out of their misery to the very last one, but he wasn’t near being so equipped, better to have his two enemies kill each other.


Perhaps leading the undead into the compound was a questionable act. With so few breathers left, they should be uniting against a common foe, but if these bikers had been so cruel to wipe out the elderly who had occupied this complex, than he had no doubts what they might do to the girls back at the ranch and Brown would anything to protect them.


He placed the steel bar between two cinder blocks where a crack had already separated them. Sweat formed on his forehead and behind him he could hear the zombies drawing near.




The bar entered further than he thought it might, but it also created more noise than he would have liked. Not one to hesitate, Brown hit the steel bar again and again. It burst through the other side. Moving to the side, he threw his weight against the bar. At first nothing happened and he had to fight away his panic.


Muscles strained and sweat poured into his eyes. He tried harder. A growl escaped his lips as he gave it everything he had. The upper half of the wall fell away with a crash.


He realized at once that it wouldn’t be enough. He needed to take down the lower three feet of wall that remained.


He heard shouts from within the complex and the moaning behind him grew far too close. He ignored them both and drove the pole straight down through one of the exposed cinder blocks. He pulled at the remaining walls. It didn’t give, so he jammed the bar forward.

ZOmbie black and white

More yells echoed up from the compound and he could hear the shuffling of clumsy feet as they tore through the desert floor just yards behind him. He pulled the bar back and then jammed it forward again. The top two cinder blocks cracked and then broke apart. He moved the bar two feet to the right and started the process again.


Forward, back, forward, back.


Shots rang out and powder broke away as a bullet hit the wall to his left. Another disturbed the dry dirt before him.


He grit his teeth and a cinder block broke away as he slammed the bar back. At least my friends and the girls will be safe, he thought to himself, but then jerked at the first set of hands clawed at his back.
Brown With Hammer

With a yell, he dove over what remained of the wall. Bullets buzzed around, him and several hit the zombies and their bodies jerked in a foul dance of death. Reaching up, he grabbed the steel bar and pulled it back in toward him. With a crash, the rest of the cinder blocks in the break fell away and the undead came pouring in.


The shouting behind him increased into a frenzy as the zombies entered the complex, but Brown was on his feet and running. Two filthy, dark bearded bikers had drawn in closer to him and appeared to be more set on revenge than holding back the horde. Brown drew his pistol and dropped to one knee as more shouts ripped by him like angry hornets.


He held his breath and hit one in the center of his chest. The other kept firing until Brown’s third shot got lucky and took the man in the eye. He stood up just in time to feel fingers grabbing at his head. They came away with his hat.


A female zombie clutched it in her hands.


“No one touches my Stetson.” He said and blew off her head at point blank range. His left hand grabbed the hat before it hit the ground and he tossed it back on his head as he turned to run.


The undead lurched after him and bullets continued to crash into the cinder blocks as he passed, but he made it to the wall near where Moonlight had been tied. It scared him to see how close a few dozen zombies were to his mount, but he leapt the wall as a fury of bullets came his way.


He freed Moonlight and hopped onto the saddle and with a whoop, he galloped away from the conflict as the horde flooded into the biker complex by the hundred.

Brown Alone


Come back next weekend for the climax of Brown’s journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath

 Cowboy Zombies

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Lone rider

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Desert Waling, Horde Stalking

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Rollie wasn’t surprised when Will road shotgun for Jack. Like usual, he took a back seat to the two men when it came to proving their prowess in this dark, zombie infested world his life had been tossed into.

Rollie didn’t enjoy heading out into the aftermath and tried to avoid it whenever he could. He often got teased for preferring to help Samantha with the dinner instead of heading out on the raids. That suited him fine—he was well used to teasing.

Zombie blood weapon

He cried out when the truck bounced over a decaying corpse. Having Will asking him if he was alright only made him more embarrassed. Clenching his fists, he decided then and there that despite his natural inclinations against violence and all things macho, he would do his best to prove himself during this expedition.

He heard Will draw in a breath and quickly realized that his challenge might be coming faster than he expected. Ahead of him was a massive pile up of wrecked vehicles. A sandy drop off on one side of the road and a roughed cliff on the other would make it impossible for them to drive around the obstacle. Undead also covered the area. Like eternal guardians in hell, they marched their listless bodies before the jumbled pile of cars. Bones and skulls protruded from the twisted mess creating a double wall of death.

Jack slowed the truck even as the moaning increased and the zombies headed their way.


“What now?” Will asked. His voice made it sound like he really hoped someone had an answer.

“We’re close to Sabino Canyon,” Jack said. “We could try to find our way around this, but might just run into more of the same. My worry is that if we find water there, without the truck we couldn’t carry much, but at this point we can’t even be sure if it’s flowing. I say we hide the ride and scout it out. If it does have water, then we can take it from there.”

“So we’re going to walk the rest of the way?” As soon as he heard his own timid voice, Rollie wished he could take his words back.

The two men turned and eyed him. Without another word, he grabbed his weapons and when Jack hid the truck, he was the first to head out of the vehicle.

*         *         *

Zombie blood blood

A half and hour later found the trio heading through the back yards of the luxurious houses that lined the northern foothills of Tucson. The good news was they had remained mostly undetected by the hordes of undead that swarmed the streets. The few that did spot them had been quickly put down by Jack’s sledge hammer and Will’s huge axe.

The bad news was that all the jogging and physical exertion had taken its toll. The blaring unforgiving sun, mixed with their lack of water, soon left even Jack mopping his forehead and struggling for breath.

“There had better be water up there,” Will said as he leaned his back against the side of a house while they waited for a group of three dozen zombies to shamble by on the road below. “With this heat, I don’t think we’d need zombies to keep us from being able to make it back.”

Zombie Blood Dozen

“Could we search some houses for bottled water?” Rollie asked.

Jack answered. “Too risky. The level of danger and time wasted wouldn’t counter balance the potential pay off.” He looked Rollie’s way. “I just want to determine if there is water up in the canyon. If there isn’t, we’ll try that idea, okay.”

Rollie just nodded and they soon set out again.

They hadn’t got too far before a loud moan sounded to their left as they hurried across Sunrise road. Looking back, Rollie gasped as he saw a horde of hundreds of zombies migrating their way. A wall of dirty flesh and snapping mouths stretched across the four lanes of road and spilled into the desert on either side. Glassy eyes stared at them as their moans filled the ears of the breathers. Frantic lurching replaced their mindless stumbles as the endless mass of undead hurried toward them.

Zombie blood horde III

“Fuck, we need to get back to the truck!?” Will said.

“You can if you want,” Jack shot back, “but I’m not heading back until I know if there’s water up in that canyon.”

Will growled, but when Jack started to jog to the north, he turned toward Rollie. “What should we do?”

“Follow him. Without water we’re as good as dead anyway. We need to see this through.”

Will nodded and a slight smile crossed his face.

Rollie wondered if Will might he a little proud of him as the three men began to run toward Sabino Canyon.


Zombie blood pistol II


I hope you enjoyed the first part of Rollie’s dangerous journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath. Come back next weekend for the next part of the tale.


Zombie blood horde II


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zombie 350


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Mitch is Not Your Bitch

September 11, 2015 at 12:04 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Mitch cursed under his breath. Not only had those damn three armed tweenies stolen all his gear and then shot at him from no real reason, but all their shooting had worked up three hundred zombies that he was being chased straight into. They came stumbling across the desert sand and rock. Every body had hundreds of thorns protruding from them like he was about to be forced to fight rotting porcupines.

Zombie White

Behind him he heard the hooting and shouts of the young men. I guess hunting an old unarmed man is great sport to them, he thought to himself. They’re also closer than I thought. How the hell am I going to get though this one?

He was just trying to decide it traveling north or south would be better and had picked north since water remained more likely to find in that direction, when he heard a scream come from behind him.

Mitch III

“That old son of a bitch. Ahhhh! Get it off me! Get it off me!”

Mitch allowed himself a grin. “I guess they’re learning a little bit about how to set traps from me after all. Have fun with that rattlesnake, boys.”

Mitch enjoyed his success, but with the crowd of zombies pushing uphill through the cactus, he knew it would be short lived. He turned to head north, but then paused.


He’d given those kids no reason to need to hurt him, but they had tried to shoot him down. Now he’d hurt one of them, so they had a reason to stay on his heels and perhaps seek revenge, but then his thoughts took a darker turn. Between the three of them, the youths had two rifles and a pistol. Mitch had some firearms, but lacked bullets. Having some a few guns for back up wouldn’t hurt his situation at all here in the mountains.

Zombie Yell

The zombies drew in close enough for him to be able to smell their foulness on the wind. “Screw it,” he said aloud. “Can’t have those punks following me. Poke old man rattler and see what you get.” He turned east and began to circle away from the zombies, but up and back around to where he had set his rattlesnake trap. “I’m not going to be their bitch.”

A lone zombie moaned as it lumbered forward on stiff legs. Black liquid dripped from his eyes like post modem mascara as it tried to block his path, but Mitch still had his club. He rushed in and gave it a homerun to the forehead. He must have scored a good shot for it didn’t get back up.

Zombie Mask

More shouts echoed through the hills. “I’m going to kill that asshole. Not fast, but slow. Feed him to zombies as inch at a time. Oh damn, this hurts so bad.”

Mitch could tell that it was Rus who had gotten bitten and he couldn’t imagine a better fate for the fat bully.

He had climbed high enough to fall out of sight from the zombies in the foothills below. Looking back, while he caught his breath, he saw that Rus’s shouting drew most of the gathering horde into the canyon Mitch had set the trap in.

Desert Dust

“Soon those kids will have far worse problems than me,” Mitch chuckled.

brad the Bad

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, you old puke,” he heard Brad’s voice say from behind him this was followed by the sounds of a gun being aimed. He had just enough time to curse, before he looked back to see Brad pulling the trigger.




Check in next weekend for the next part of Mitch’s journey into the beginning of the second year of the Eternal Aftermath.


Mitch IIII


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Face Biter

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Mind, Muscle, or Teeth

August 21, 2015 at 12:38 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Despite the high levels of annoyance and danger the young men presented, Mitch slept with a greater sense of security than he had in a while. Rus’s rummaging hands hadn’t discovered his hammock and he wasn’t about to point it out to them, so he slept on the desert floor with the rest of them. In the distance the sounds of dry moaning was curried up to them by the winds.

Zombie Cheek

Once, in the middle of the night’s darkest hour, a wounded animal screeched through the stillness. Whether a cougar or undead had made the kill was difficult to determine. Mitch saw Eric’s face wide eyed with fear. The youth looked at him for a moment then turned away.

The next day found Mitch surrounded by the three youths as he struggled to free the tangled mess his trip wires had become.


“Hurry up, old man.” Rus said.

“I wouldn’t have to do this at all if your clumsy fingers hadn’t made such a mess of my well stored gear.”

“I’ll do whatever the hell I want,” Rus started, “And right now I want to-”

“Quit your damn bickering,” Brad ordered. “You don’t need to have every damn wire free to show us how they work.”

Thinking that his nominal use to them would be at an end once they felt secure with their knowledge of his traps, he figured he should string them along. “You have quite a bit to learn about trapping. What you think I just put one trap out for that rat. No, I put out twenty to get just that one. You guys might have to put out sixty to get enough to live off. Each place is different. Each time you have to find the perfect place to set it. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could set a hundred and not get jack-”


A moaning interrupted him. A moment later at least six undead began to pour into the boulder filled camp.

Mitch leapt to his feet, grabbing up a club sized piece of firewood as stuffed some of his trip wires into his back pocket..

The two younger boys panicked and scrambled over the rocks. Brad however aimed his rifle and fired off a shot. The zombies head jerked back. He quickly slayed a second and then a third zombie. “Come back you cowards. Come on, we got this.”

Zombie Head Shot

“Idiot,” Mitch said as more savage words exploded under his breath. “You don’t go shooting, every zombie in five miles will be heading this way.”

“Screw you old… Hey! He’s trying to get away.”

And Mitch was. With the chaos of the fight and the approaching zombies, he figured this would be his best opportunity. Cactus and low bent trees passed by him in a blur as he raced downhill as fast as he could. Besides his club, he had almost no gear on him. But he did have a canteen attached to his belt along with a buck knife that always road in his back pocket.

He heard useless shouts for him to stop, but he hit a gully and just kept going. A few seconds later a rock exploded near his left side. They had started shooting at him.

“Oh, it’s going to be like that?” Mitch growled. “I guess we’ll see who wins I the end, mind, muscle, or teeth.”

Zombie Blood Face



Check in next weekend for the next part of Mitch’s journey into the beginning of the second year of the Eternal Aftermath.


Zombie March

Zombie March


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Man with axe, equals minus one zombie

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Mar-velous Mayham Part II

July 2, 2015 at 6:06 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , )

“We gotta run,” Allen said as he hurried into his shirt.

Zombie 2015

Speaking for the first time, Benny said, “But there are already zombies out there.”

“I could care less about that,” Cindy said. She had slipped into a very impractical dress that was about as opposite a ‘fleeing from zombie garb,’ as you could get. “What about all the things we’ve gathered here? I don’t want to leave it all behind.”


Allen spoke again. “We can get more or come back later when it’s safe.”

But Mar barely listened to him. “Screw these guys,” she hissed under her breath as she led Benny toward the back of the house. They hurried into the room they shared and she tossed Benny his ‘bug-out’ backpack, while she threw her own over her narrow shoulders.

Mar Black

Pausing while her brother grabbed up a few more things, Mar looked around the dim room. The place was a horrible mess with so much gear spread in every direction that a person would be hard pressed to guess what the color of the carpet might be. It stank too, like a hamper full of dirty clothes left in the sun. It looked like The City of Lost Children meets Peter Pan’s storeroom, but it had been home for them for longer than any other place since the Apocalypse began. Casting one last look over her shoulder, as he ushered Benny from the room, she felt in her gut that they would never see it again.

Disregarding the others, Mar and her brother moved toward the back yard. She winced when Allen caught up with them. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Getting the fuck away from you losers. Enjoy your death trap. Try not to get eaten while Cindy sorts through what dresses she’s deciding to bring.”

“What? You can’t just leave on your own.”

“Watch me,” Mar said as she opened the door. Her hasty move almost cost her life for a loud moan sounded as a zombie lurched in through the doorway at her.

Zombie Dude

She screamed, a little too girly for her tastes, but reacted quickly and drove the point of her pick deep enough into its skull to drop it. Its body was, however, in the doorway and she couldn’t shut the door, so she just opened it wider. More zombies came their way, but none of the other ones had made it onto the wide back porch.

Allen grabbed her by the arm so violently it hurt. “I’m not letting you leave. You’re going to end up getting both you and your brother killed.”

“Staying here is what would kill us, you idiot. Now let go of me or you’ll be getting what I just gave that geek.”

Before Allen could answer, a crashing came from the front of the house and Cindy came running their way. “Run! A zombie fell through the window and now they are all pouring in. Run! RUN!”

Mar Cartoon
Check each weekend for another episode in Mar’s fight to survive the Eternal Aftermath\.\\



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Mar's Eternal Aftermath

Mar’s Eternal Aftermath

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Is That Where She Is?

May 15, 2015 at 6:09 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Ned grabbed a hold of his wounded brother trying to draw him back up the hill as the zombies Jonny had attracted lumbered their way.

“Oh damn,” Jonny said.

“Keep it down,” Ned snapped, “You don’t need to attract more than you already have.”

“Screw that, shot them. They’re getting too close.”

zombie 350

Ned remembered that the sheriff had destroyed Jonny’s gun. With a curse, he raised his rifle one handed and fired a burst into the closest ones. A few fell, but more than he shot turned at them at the sound of his gun. He cursed again and focused on just moving Jonny up the hill as more of the roaming geeks joined in the chase. He cast one last glance over his shoulder at the building that his youngest brother had dragged the girl into and wondered if Temple was already enjoying her or if the zombies had got him.

The building loomed silent and offered no answers. Letting out a third curse, he hurried up the hill as fast as his wounded brother could manage.

* * *

The only thing that amazed Dells more than seeing the man run down the zombie filled street is when Henry slowed to a stop when he saw the Sheriff leaning his gun out of the shattered post office window. Still, Dells had seen this before. Due to Henry’s immune system somehow allowing him to survive a zombie bite, he was now ignored by all the walking dead. The sheriff had seen him smash zombies in the face with eggs and literally kick their asses, but they never turned on him and just went ahead on their way.

“Sheriff, sheriff! Fosters said he saw some asshole grab my sister. Where is she?”

“I’m just trying to clear out a passage before I head over to that building over there.”

“Is that where she is?”

Dells was forced to pause as he shot down six zombies that were drawing in on his position.

“Is that where she is?” he screamed.

Insane Haeds


“Yeah the gray building…” Dells didn’t even finish his sentence before henry took off.

“Damn stupid kid’s going to get us all killed,” he lamented, but then, against his better judgement, climbed out the window and shot down zombies as he tried to keep up with the running youth.
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Zombie last II


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Is There a Safe Place?

May 1, 2015 at 4:16 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Ned watched his youngest brother jog down the step hill. He bounced boulder to boulder and appeared oblivious to the shots being fired or the hundreds of zombies pouring into town. Their plague spread slowly like an overturned barrel of black mud leaking through the streets.

As Ned watched, the girl that Temple had his eye on turned and saw him rushing toward her. She paused uncertain and that was all it took.



“Help me,” Temple shouted. “I’ve been hounded by walkers for days. I had no idea people still lived here.” He drew in closer. “Is there a safe place…” His brother didn’t even bother finishing his sentence. Instead he cold cocked the girl in the jaw so hard that she lost consciousness.

Becca With Gun

Jonny started to chuckle until bullet shattered the window next to Temple’s face.

Temple gazed in the direction of the gunshots for a moment before crouching over and pulling the girl upright before his body. He walked backward for a moment and then kicked at the door to what appeared to be a tax company. It took him a few tries, but the door burst inward.

They Are Coming to Get You Emily

He had just started to drag her inside the buildings when grey arms reached out, and almost like they were aiding him, pulled both Temple and the girl through the doorway. Ned had barely been able to absorb what he’d just seen, when he heard Jonny cry out. Ned turned just in time to see his brother spin in a half circle and then drop to the ground.

* * *

The only thing worse than seeing the woman that you secretly love being dragged into a building by a half-mad marauder, would be finding out that the building is also filled with undead.

Why are these buildings filled with zombies when I personally saw to it that the entire town was cleared? Sheriff Dells thought, but when he saw two other men racing downhill toward the building that held Becca, he opened fire on them. He might have dropped the biggest one, but then found himself with new problems.

The zombies had arrived outside of the post office he had held up in. The first one on the scene grabbed the barrel of his rifle and it was all Dells could do to keep it from being pulled out of his hands. He drew back into the building, but cursed when the zombies pushed through the shattered glass and followed him.

Closing the circle

Closing the circle

More came in after the first ones and he was forced to retreat, but he barely noticed his own safety for it remained Becca’s fate that concerned him the most. As more shots rang out, Dells turned his back on the stumbling zombies and raced toward the back of the post office.


Sunset Zombies


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