Dash Into Darkness

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Dane’s strong fingers continued to dig into her arms as Buzz attempted to pull her jeans down over her flailing legs. “You had better calm down, bitch, or we’ll put the hurt on you. We don’t have to hurt you to have a little fun, but if you make us, we will”

Zombie Skin

She screamed and from the sounds of it, her yelling had lead a group of zombies to the door they had passed through, for between her cries and whimpers, the moans and banging of the undead could be heard.


“Stop it!” She looked over to where Davey stood near the door. She could see the younger teen visibly shaking. Sara made eye contact and he shouted even louder. “Stop it. I said stop it! Leave her alone!”


The men hurting her laughed. As Buzz struggled to get her pants over her knees, he looked over at Davey and said, “I’d think you be happy that we have a woman to bone, so you’d get a break.” Both men chuckled at their sick joke.


Sara looked toward Davey while wondering if there might be some way out of the horror she found herself in. She had never been with a man and certainly didn’t want such a nightmare to be her first time.


“That isn’t funny!” Davey yelled.


The men stayed too occupied with her to notice, so Sara was the only one to see Davey burst into action and rush toward the door. She knew what he was going to do before he did it. Whether she wished such things or not was a choice would never be forced to make, for Davey didn’t hesitate,


Without a word, Davey flung open the door and then sprinted off into the darkness.

It only took the two men molesting her a few seconds to notice the growling undead spill into the room.


“Holy shit!” Buzz yelled and let go of her legs at once.


Dane wasn’t so quick to unhand her, but she took the opportunity to pull her jeans back up even though he still held her in an iron grip from behind. Despite the danger, she could still feel his erection pressing again her and it made he want to puke.


“Get the guns you idiot,” Dane ordered. “There can’t be-”


Her elbow to his chest knocked the wind out of his words and she struggled to free herself as at least twenty zombies looped their stiff legged walk toward them.


“You little bitch. If it hadn’t been so long since I had pussy, I would just throw you to them.”

Zombie growl

Sara had once been a nice sweet girl and keeping her virginity through a whole year of a flesh eating apocalypse confirmed that, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t changed for the quiet highschool girl she had once been. Peter had done everything he could to toughen her up. He had taught her everything he could about self-defense and she had killed more than a few zombies herself.


She wasn’t helpless.


Her heel went slamming down on the top of Dane’s foot even as she slammed her head back into his face. This proved to be enough to free herself from his grip. Once free she ran off without looking back.


She ran from the horrible men and the undead. Darkness enveloped her, but she didn’t stop until she tripped over what she guessed was a stray office chair and went down hard.

Zombie green

She almost wanted to cry, but got herself onto her hands and knees. The stumble had her head ringing, but she didn’t think she’d broken anything. Behind her the shooting began. For a second she though they might have fired on her, but the meaty impacts let her know that they had wisely chosen to fight to survive instead of indulging in vengeance.


She cried out, when hands grabbed her, but she saw it was Davey. “Come on,” he said. Sara remained in a daze from the fall, but let him lead her into a room. Once inside, Davey slammed the door shout and locked it. The narrow beam of a dying flashlight was just enough to let her know that they were probably in what was once somebody’s office.


A scream replaced the gunfire. It sounded like Buzz and went on a long time.


The shots ceased and their sounds had been replaced by a foul tearing noise.

Emily Art

“We need to leave?”


She saw his wide eyed stare. “But they’re all over the place out there and this room is a dead end.”


 Zombie Aceam

Come back next weekend and discover if Sara can survive the horrors of both the living and the dead as she battles into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath


Zombie darkness


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