Give Em Enough Rope

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Devon kept up the quick pace he’d started and they moved through the gathering undead before they could build into a force strong enough to stop their progress. The snipers concerned him, but soon they had left both them and their zombie fodder behind, but the other undead soon became their real problem.




His mace came up and smashed through half the head of a fat zombie wearing a torn football jersey. He moved to his right and took down three move, but others moved toward them to take their place. His arm started to feel like he carried a railroad tie. He’d already made three runs through the clinging undead before the living snipers took out their ride and with Duggen’s shot arm still leaking blood with each step, they remained only a few degrees faster than the undead following in their wake.


Icepick caught up with him. After smashing the heads off two more lurching zombies, Devon turned and addressed the man supposedly in charge of their already ill-fated mission.




“We need to hole up and treat that arm. It won’t hurt to let us catch our breath either and reassess our situation.”


“Reassess huh,” Icepick snarled over his shoulder as he drove one of his namesakes through an animated corpse’s eye. His pale flesh looked like it glowed in the sunlight as his eyes took in the abandoned buildings surrounding them. “Alright over there. Let’s hit that hotel.”


The hotel had two floors and they headed up to the second. Two of the walking dead were quickly dispatched and then Devon kicked in one of the doors.


The room had two beds. Duggen went to one and the other was placed against the door after they dead bolted it shut.




It didn’t take long for the moaning and banging on the door to begin, but Devon moved toward where Fines had begun to bind Duggen’s wound.


Fines’ dirty face looked up at him and Duggen winced in pain. “The bullet passed through at least. I guess that will give him a chance.”


“A chance…” he let the words hang. “I hope that’ something we all have.”


He moved to where Icepick gazed down at the alley which ran behind the hotel. “It is a bit of drop, but the alley doesn’t appear to hold too many geeks.”


“We can make ropes out of the sheets,” Devon replied. A silence stretched, but then he asked, “So can you let me in on what our mission is now?”


Icepick had eyes like frozen snow and they regarded Devon. “If you live long enough to get me to our destination, I’ll let you in on it. I can tell you one thing, you’re going to want to be part of this.”




Devon walked away. “I serious doubt I want to be part of anything you’re involved with.”


“Just make some ropes from those sheets.”


“Give em enough rope,” he said.


“What did you say?”


Devon turned and looked back at Icepick. “Give a man enough rope and he can hang himself.”


“I’m not sure what’s that’s supposed to mean, Avis, but we’ll see who swings in the breeze at the end of this.”


“We sure will,” Devon answered under his breath before the sounds of tearing sheets began to compete with the growls of the rotting corpses who hammered the door.






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Zombie Blood Face


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Devon road in the armored SUV with Fines, Duggen, and Hutchins, while Icepick drove. The only good thing about being the runner remained he didn’t have to sit bitch in the back, because he might be asked to sacrifice his life running through the streets at any moment.




He’d already raced ahead to lure the undead away three times. He felt amazed to still be alive, but each time as he hid panting in his sweat soaked clothes, he’d felt even more amazed when the men had bothered to pick him up.


As they drove through the desolate trash ridden streets, Devon noted how quiet the streets looked. “There’s something wrong here, guys.”


“What too you mean?” Fines said from up front in the shotgun seat.


“Where are all the dead? I’ve only seen two over the last 4 blocks, there should be twenty times that number.”


“Yeah, he-” Icepick began, but got cut off when the front two tires of the ride blew and he struggled to keep the ride under control. “Son of a bitch!”


“You aren’t kidding,” Devon yelled. “Look!”


Zpmbie herd


All around them the doors must have been rigged to open somehow for undead came pouring out of the fronts of over ten stores.


Icepick slammed on the breaks. Once they had skidded to a stop, he yelled, “Grab whatever you can, We’re all runners now.”


Devon was the first out of the ride. As the runner, he traveled light, and besides his leather vest, he only had his medieval mace and single pistol with him. He hurried to try to race through the closing gauntlet of zombies before it grew too late. Screw the others, they can follow me or not. He didn’t care enough about the commoners made criminals to stay to hold their hands through this trap.


Zombie bad


He watched as the moaning walls of dead flesh moved to cut off all escape before him. He would be the first to reach the gap, but it might not be enough. He shot two of the lead zombies, to the right, in the head and smacked back another with a left handed blow from his mace.


His actions proved enough for him to burst past the clinging grey fingers before the undead met in the center of the road.


Zombie Masses


He heard shooting behind him and cursed when a bullet tore past his ear like an angry wasp. He heard Icepick cursing. The cursing grew in volume when living snipers took shots at their group. Devon ducked down and for once the presence of the undead aided him, for they might have blocked the snipers from getting a clean shot on him.


He looked back and saw Hutchins wasn’t so lucky and two blasts took him in the back. This, more than anything else, distracted the undead. They paused to tear his screaming form to pieces, which enabled the four remaining men to race around the corner. Sporadic gunfire spat at them and Duggen cried out and almost fell when a bullet tagged his arm.


Devon turned, but Icepick yelled, “Keep going. Scout a way. Fines, grab Duggen and tell him if he can’t keep up, he’ll be left behind.”




“Shit, man,” Fines started. “We’re heading back to the base right?”


“Fuck we are. We were sent out to see this and we’re not heading back until it’s done. Now get your ass in gear.”


Devon shared a look with Fines, but then jogged ahead to find a way to get them through the gathering undead.


Zombie Skin



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First Night of The Apocalypse

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A loud crash from outside made Andy’s head jerk up from where he used one of Devon’s t-shirts to rebind his bite wound. “What was that? Are those French doors still secure?” Sweat seeped from his flushed face as his manic eyes darted to the side of the house.


Zombie 3

Devon looked over from the weapons pile he’d been collecting. “No, I think it’s something else.”

“What?” Nicole asked from where she hugged her arms around herself in the corner.

“I’m pretty sure that would be my old fence being torn down, which means we need to make sure the back door stays secure. Luckily the windows in the back are a good six feet off the ground, so we are safe there.”

Tracy called out from the living room. “I thought we were letting these people stay here because they were going to help us, but I’m the only one watching the front windows and now they will be in the back yard too.”


zombie 1

Devon eyed his wife. The moment stretched. “Before we get to involved, let’s each grab a weapon.” He already had a hunting knife strapped to his belt, but he put two steak knives into his back pocket while saying, “I’ll stick to my bat, but there are plenty of extra steak knives. I think we learned that only head shots kill these mutants. So go for the eyes if you can. Andy I have a hand axe you can use. Nicole, I’ll give you our biggest butcher knife.”

She eyed it with a certain level of disgust, since it had already been blooded.

“What about me?” Tracy demanded.

“I was wondering if you’d like to use that machete I bought in high school.”

Without saying a word, she walked forward and picked it up off the table. A broken window caused her to jump. “Devon, we need to do something, those freaks will find a way into here soon.”



Setting his jaw, Devon said, “Then we had better get busy. I brought out all the tools I have. I’ve got a lot of nails. Let’s start boarding this place up. I have that stupid waterbed frame. We’ll start with that.”

* * *

An hour later, but still many long hours before sunrise, they had done most of what they could to secure the house. The downside turned out to be the noise of the hammering had attracted more of the madman and Devon guessed there already might be as many as thirty of the blood covered cannibals circling his home.

Tracy came up to him as he finished the last board over his office window. “Andy doesn’t look to good. I think he might be becoming one of those things.”


zombie 4

“All the others seemed to change quickly. He’s been a huge help to us. What do you want me to do, smash in his head with a hammer in front of his girlfriend?”

“You could ask them to leave.”

“So they help us work our ass off making this house safe and then we toss them out there to be torn apart?”

Nicole walked into the room. “I… I hope I’m not intruding, but I was wondering if there is any way we could do something with the bodies we have in here? Andy was also wondering if you had a television.”

“We don’t have cable, but, wait… we could turn on the radio.”

She struggled to smile. “That could help.”

Devon grabbed the radio and walked toward the dining room when he heard Andy cry out, “Help, Help! The broke through the back door. Help!”
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Friend or Foe, Whose to Know

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The two couples jumped when the truck crashed onto one of the palm trees lining the front of Devon’s yard. Devon made it to the shattered window first. He didn’t like what he saw. A blood covered man wrestled with a woman in the front of a large and quite damaged pick up truck.

Andy had moved to the den window. “Oh man. The noise of that crash is attracting more of those things.”

Devon saw that the man’s words rang true and no less than four of the mind dead cannibals stumbled toward his home. When he turned his attentions back to the pickup, he saw that the driver had unbuckled his seatbelt and toppled to the ground.


Twenty Zombies

“I’m going to go help him,” Devon said. “You guys watch the door.”

Tracy stopped him from opening it. “We can’t just keep letting all these people in. We aren’t sure what’s making these people go crazy. How do we know that this guy isn’t going to go crazy in a few minutes?”

He looked down as his scarlet haired wife. “I’m willing to take that chance. Besides the more people we have, the easier it will be defending this place if we have to.” Then before she could argue, he headed outside.

The four approaching stumblers moaned louder when they saw him, but Devon just rushed to the injured man’s side. On the way there, he saw the woman in the passenger seat thrashing about, but she didn’t appear to be able to do something as simple as unbuckling herself.


At the car window

At the car window

Reaching the prone man, he said, “Are you alright?”

“I’ll never be alright again. My wife is dead and just tried to kill me.”

Devon looked at the struggling woman. “Why do you think she is dead?”

“I saw her die. She stopped breathing and then came back alive and bit me on the shoulder.”

Devon felt his chest tighten, but he hurried to help the man onto his feet. A minute later they were both back inside of his home.
“Tracy you and Nicole help get this guy onto the guest bed. Andy, help me prop this sofa over the broken window. More of those things are coming.”

Tracy stood where she was and made no move to help Nicole. “Devon, this house is not strong enough to defend. Even if we protect the two front windows, what about the French doors in our bedroom?”

“We’ll figure something out. One thing we do have going for us, is besides the two front windows off the porch and those French doors, the rest of the windows are too high off the ground for them to get through. Hell, that woman can’t even unbuckle her seat belt.”

The first banging rattled the front door and a growl sounded outside of the broken window.

Devon hurried to say, “Andy keep pushing against that couch and I’ll brace it with more furniture.” While he tossed a chair against it he said, “Trace, get our bed pushed up against the French doors.” When she didn’t move he added, “Please.”

When Nicole came back into the room, he said, “Nicole, go to the closet in the dining room and grab my tool box. Give it to Andy and then help Tracy with the bed.” The flesh eaters pushed against the sofa with greater determination.


He's coming for you

He’s coming for you

Tracy came back in and put the tool box near their feet. But before she left, she said, “That new guy isn’t doing to good. I’m not sure if it was the bite or the accident, but he’s just laying there groaning.”

“Just help Tracy. Once we get this place secured, we’ll try to figure things out.”

Andy and Devon spent a dozen troubled minutes using ropes, nails, and furniture to barricade the front window. He was about to move into the den to block that window when he heard Nicole screaming.
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Devon Avis

Devon Avis

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Things Get Worse

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The blood in Devon’s veins seemed to freeze as the man, who should by all rights be laying dead on the floor, pushed open the bathroom door and stumbled into the bedroom. “Holy hell!” Devon shouted as he rushed to position himself between the bleeding freak and his wife.

Glossy eyes meet his and a string of red drool leaked from the man’s mouth when he opened his jaws in a growl.



Devon reply was to kick the man in the chest. The blow proved hard enough to send the madman once again back into their bathroom.

“Make sure he’s locked in there this time!” Tracy yelled.

“Screw that. I’m killing this fucker,” Devon said, as he grabbed up his baseball bat. The man hadn’t regained his footing before the bat cracked down on the center of his head. But Devon didn’t stop there. He kept hitting him on the head again and again until Tracy begged him to stop.

“Oh Devon, you just killed someone.”

“At least he won’t be getting up again,” but even as he said these words, he half expected him too. A moment stretched where he just stood watching the shattered form of the man while single drops of blood dripped from his bat and stained the grey carpet below.

“What should we do now?” Her voice stayed soft, as if she worried about his outburst of violence.



“I guess we need to figure out what’s going on,” he said, while slipping into a pair of jeans. His boots went on next and as he laced them, he said, “You might want to get dressed. One way or another we might see more action tonight.” He stood up. “Now show me where you saw the fighting.”

Walking to the western window, she said, “It was just over there in that parking lot.”

Devon looked, but saw nothing there. Some thin strings of what could have been smoke spread through the night sky and in the distance the wail of an ambulance could be heard.

He scratched at the back of his head. “Doesn’t seem like too much is going on out there, right now.”

“But what should we do?” she asked. “Should we maybe hide the body or something?”

“I don’t think it’s illegal to kill a person that has been trying to kill you in your own house for fifteen minutes.”

“Yeah, but you’ll have to go to court and hire a lawyer and deal with so much crap.”

“Yeah, but covering up a killing certainly would be illegal.”

Tracy was about to say something when a loud, piercing screamed echoed through the night. “Maybe things aren’t over,” she said.

“Yeah, it sounds like other people are in trouble.”

“Maybe an accident happened.”

“Yeah, but what sort of accident causes people to go crazy?”

She had no answer for that and rushed into his arms when another scream broke the building silence.

“Maybe we should try to help them,” he said.

“No, don’t leave me.”

He smiled and moved out of her arms, but maintained the hold on her hand. “I won’t leave you, but let’s go out on the front porch. If something weird happens we can retreat inside. I just want to see if we can figure out what’s up.”

He could tell she wasn’t keen on the idea, but she followed him to the front door and then onto the porch. Dawn remained hours away and at first nothing unusual was evident. Then he spied movement.


A man wearing hospital scrubs was chasing two young women across an apartment parking lot. They made it to a car and rushed in. The man slapped his hands twice against the windows before the car tore out of the parking lot.

He felt Tracy tense when the man’s turned toward them and began to stumble in their direction.

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