Doors, Death, and Evil

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Sara looked from Davey’s wide eyes back into the room beyond the window. More zombies spilled into the warehouse and the careless plodding of the undead toppled most of the candles. Only dark grim shadows could be seen. Hunched black outlines loomed over Buzz’s quite dead form and clawed into his flesh. His screams had long since been replaced with growls and horrid chewing.

Zombies dark

“We can’t get out the door we came in,” she said. “More are walking in that way every minute. Is there another way out?” She wasn’t sure why she was forced so be the one spurring them into action, but the idea of slowly starving to death while zombies looked on seemed worse than a living hell.


When the small teen didn’t say anything she grabbed him. “Come on. We have to move now while they’re distracted and haven’t spread out over to every inch of this place yet.”


“There’s a back way,” he hesitated, “But I don’t want to go back out there.”


“We have to,” she said. “Look, if they reach this door then we’ll have to fight. I’m more of a runner than a fighter. Trust me, I’ve been doing it for a while.”


He picked up his steel bat from off the table and handed her long knife. Moving to the door, he said. “Alright, you ready?”




He dashed out into the darkness and she stayed on his heels. They quickly left what little light remained behind and plunged into complete darkness.


Sara’s foot hit something and it clattered to the floor making a loud series of noises. Some of the zombies heard it and let out moans as they turned in their direction.


Davey cried out and she realized that a stray zombie had made his way into the hallway before him. It fought Davey, but it remained impossible to see anything in the darkness.


She felt forward.


Her hand inched toward the struggle. She had images of snapping mouths finding her flesh. Instead a body collided with her fingers jamming two of them painfully.


She pulled back. The zombie growled and she thought it had Davey pressed against a wall. From behind she could hear others coming. She didn’t have much time.


Working herself behind the big zombie, she found the courage to use her left hand to feel where it was. She grabbed onto its shoulder, placed the knife against its spine, between two vertebrae, and pushed. It let out a wet moan and toppled to the ground.

Zombies dark II

“Oh man, thanks,” came at her from the darkness, but the moaning of the other undead drew near, so they hurried off again. They reached a door, but found it locked.


“Oh no, oh no,” she chanted as her panic rose.


“Don’t worry, I have a key,” he said and scrambled to find it in the darkness. Shuffling feet approached. The darkness made everything worse. She couldn’t tell if they were twenty feet away or right on top of them.


Just when she could feel their foul breath in her face, the door flew open and Davey dragged her into the room and slammed the door shut.


Sara Grabbed

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For a moment they stood there panting, but then the fire of a lighter flared in the darkness as a figure lit a cigarette. The cherry grew red as the smoker inhaled and then Dane even voice said, “What took you?”

Jack Face


Come back next weekend and discover if Sara can survive the horrors of both the living and the dead as she battles into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath


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