The Climax of Mar-Velous Mayhem

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Mar rushed over to check on her unconscious brother. At first he didn’t respond, but then she began to shake him, while trying to block out the horrid sounds of the zombies feasting on the two men she had just killed below. As her brother’s eyes flicked open, she paused for a moment and contemplated how little it bothered her that she had just taken two lives.

Mar at 18 II

Yes, they had drugged her brother, as well as Allen and Cindy, and then attempted to rape her, but in this world of death shouldn’t all lives be precious? Screw that, she thought to herself and shook Benny harder.

“Oh man, what? What?”

“We’re on the second floor of a mansion filled with zombies, that’s what.”

His hands slipped over the grimy debris littered floor as he tried to sit up. “But those guys destroyed the staircase. They can’t get up here right?”

Below them the zombie’s bloodlust had them going berserk. She heard mirrors breaking and doors coming off their hinges. “Unless they tear the whole house apart, which is what they sound like they’re trying to do. We need to get out of here now.”

Zombie black and White

“Wait, what about Cindy and Allen?” He had managed to lean his back up against a stained couch, which was once worth more than their mother would have made in a month.

“Screw them. They betrayed me. I’d rather never see them again.”

Benny looked like he might start to cry. “But they’re our friends. I feel safer with them around.”

“I know, but I can’t, I just can’t see their faces every day when I wake up in the morning.” She took his little trembling hand into hers. “I’m sorry Ben, but I just can’t and with them still drugged this might are best chance to escape from them.”

She looked around and didn’t see too much worth looting, but decided to give the area a once over. “You rest here for a moment and try to get that crap out of your system. Why are you awake before the others anyway?”

“Oh,” he tried to smile, but still looked sick. “That jam they gave me was pretty gross. I tried to eat a few bites, but then hid my plate under the sofa.”

“Well thank the Goddess,” Mar said and then set off to scavenge what she could. She grabbed a knife or two, but they just made her lament the loss of her pick. She laughed when she found a medieval ball and chain weapon, but happily tossed it into her backpack. Her big score was their stack of canned goods. They had about a dozen and she quickly scooped them into her pack.

Mar at 18

Feeling better off that she had been in a while, she went back to Benny and helped him to his feet. “Are you sure you are good?”

“Yeah, I think I’m okay,” his dirty face grinned at her. “I’ll be careful. I’ll take it slow.”

She gave his shoulder a squeeze and then led the way to plank that stretched between the house and the tall wall between the zombie filled yard below and the neighbors next door. Below her the zombies crowded in thicker than before. Their fingers rose to try to reach her, but still stayed a foot lower than the eight inches of plank.

She tried to ignore the snapping teeth and glassy eyes that glared up at her from within their writhing masses. Mar was forced to raise her voice to be heard over their feverish moanings and growls. “I’m going to go over first, so I can stabilize it for you.”

Benny just nodded. The look on his face made her sick to her stomach, but she figured they should just get this behind them. The neighbor’s yard looked free of undead. If they could just make it that far…

The board creaked and shifted beneath her. She had imagines of flailing her arms as she crashed into the waiting undead below. Sweat poured off her in streams as she passed between the hungry throngs and the blazing stars above.

Somehow, she reached the other side. Quickly kneeling, as she braced her body on both the board and the wall, she called back. “I got it, come on!”

Zombies Hunger for your Life

Benny took so long to get started, she thought she would have to go back, but he finally lowered himself out of the window onto the plank. Then there was the wait for him to move away from the house. Her heart stayed in her throat as she watched her brother’s slow progress.

He had almost made it across when a large zombie pushed another over. Whether intentional or by just blind luck, the tall zombie stepped onto the back of the fallen one. This gave him just enough height to reach the board.

His filthy fingers grabbed the board and for a moment Benny hung in air as he tried to maintain his balance. She thought he would do it right until he toppled into the waiting mouths below.

Mar scream

Mar’s eyes grew wide and she couldn’t even scream. She wanted to pull out her hair, to dive in after him and kill every zombie she could, but instead the tall zombie shook the board again. It jerked toward her, which sent her falling backwards into the other yard.

The act might have saved her life, for it forced her to move. Standing up she braced herself against the wall as tears streamed down her face. She was crying so hard she couldn’t breathe.

A lone zombie approached her and she grabbed up and rock and smashed it in the face. It fell over and she leapt on top of it smashing it in the head until nothing but a puddle of brains remained.

After a minute she stood up just to get away from the horrible sight. Her world spun. Why go on? Everything was over now. Her mother and everyone she had known were dead. Her boyfriend and best friend had betrayed her and now, Benny, fucking Benny.

She tore at her own mind and grasped for any thread, any reason to go on. She couldn’t think of one, not even revenge worked, what was she going to do, just kill zombies?

Wiping her sleeve across her tears, she sucked in a big breath. The only thing she could think of was that Benny wouldn’t want her to die. Her mother wouldn’t want her to give up. With a final tortured sob, she threw her heavy backpack over her shoulders and headed toward the foothills. She had left everything else behind.


Mar Year Two


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Breaking their way in


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Mar and Chain

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Helpless In Hell

July 31, 2015 at 12:38 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , )

Mar fought with all her strength against the two foul, filthy men that attempted to rape her. Her shouts did nothing to raise her brother or her two former friends from their drugged slumber. The shouting did work up the zombies filling the yard outside of the mansion and their moans and their growling increased in frenzy.

Mar at 18

Miles remained on top of her, his body sitting over her hips, while Miles held her hands outstretched over her head and pinned to the floor. She continued to fight, but nothing she did seemed to help. Both men stank and dots of white foam strayed out onto Link’s ratty beard as he looked down at her like a starving wolf. His eyes were mad with hate and lust, and she had never felt more afraid.

Gloom Crazy Mabden

With a sick grin, Link tore her shirt in half exposing her chest. “Wow, black lace bra, even during the apocalypse. See,” he laughed, “this is my kind of woman.” He reached down to unhook her bra and when he discovered that its clasp one on her back, her drew a long life off his belt.

“I’d stop struggling if I were you. I’d hate to poke you,” he gave a sick laugh, “at least when I’m not trying to.”

The blade of the knife lowered between her breasts and Mar did stop struggling. He was just moving in to cut the cloth that connected the cups when he made a choking sound.

Mar looked up from the knife to the rapist’s face. At first she wasn’t sure what was happening, but then she saw just the smallest tip of a knife protruding from the center of his throat. This was quickly followed by a thin stream of blood.

Miles yelled something and Mar used the opportunity to pull her hands free. Her body twisted and this time Link went sprawling off her and revealed her brother on his knees behind the collapsing man.

Benny didn’t look good. Despite the intensity of the situation, his eyelids remained half closed and his body trembled. He was still obviously feeling the effects of the drug and Link’s falling body had pulled the knife he’d used out of his hands.

Ignoring Mar, Miles yelled, “you little shit!” and dove at her brother. He tackled Benny to the floor easily and in his current state, Benny could do little to fight back against the tall man.

Miles had already punched her brother in the face by the time Mar had struggled to her feet. Then his hands moved to find her brother’s throat and he started to choke him.

“Get off him, you ASSHOLE!” she screamed and then smashed an empty wine bottle down on the center of his head. It shattered in an explosion of glass

Mar Young

Miles stayed conscious and refused to let her brother go. She heard Benny making sick noises and her fingers fumbled for anything she could use as a weapon. Her hands came away with a huge glass bong and she swung it like a bat and the ceramic bottom connected with the base of Miles head.

He fell over, but she didn’t stop there. She smashed him again and again. She didn’t cease until long after he stopped moving.

She hurried to check on Benny. He lived, but had lost consciousness again.

Miles began to twitch and the last thing she figured she needed was a zombie animating on the secured second floor, so she hurried to drag the body out to the balcony that overlooked the first floor of the mansion.

The area below was filled wall to wall with undead. Her screaming had brought them into the house by the dozens. Their mangled bodies fought with one another as teeth gnashed in frustration.

Her slight form fought to lift Miles to the top of the three foot wall. If proved difficult but she got him up onto the wall. “I hope your still alive so you feel every second of this, you fucker.”

Three Red Zombies

She was just about to push him over, when Link grabbed a fist full of her hair from behind and pulled her away from the wall. He cursed at her, but it came out as a blood soaked gurgle.

Spinning around, he saw that the dying man had retrieved his dagger and lifted it to deliver a killing blow.

Mar drew back her fist and punched him square in the nuts. He let out a gasp and doubled over. His hand released her hair as he did so. She ducked to the side and then with a pain filled yell she pushed him from behind.

Link stumbled forward and his legs hit the wall while his upper body hung over it suspended from the zombies who went berserk under him. “No wait. Please,” he managed to get out.

“Yeah right,” Mar yelled and with a kick sent him toppled over the wall into the hungry mouths below.

Miles body went over before Link had stopped screaming. Never had screams sounds so satisfying to her ears and she wondered about her own sanity for a moment, but then hurried to check on her brother.


Mar Black
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Zombies after you
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Mar and Chain

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Is it safe up here?

July 24, 2015 at 4:49 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Mar wanted to keep from falling into the waiting zombie mouths below only slightly less than she wanted some strange man to touch her, but she allowed him to help her through the open window into the second floor of the house. As soon as her feet had touched the floor, she jerked her arm away.

“Is it safe up here?” she demanded.

Mar is marvolus

The man took off his gas mask. His face was dirty and bearded. “Up here on the second floor, yeah. We destroyed the staircase up here. No geeks can reach us.”

“Okay…wait is it just you?”

“No, my buddy Miles is here too. He’s keeping an eye on the horde moving down the street.” He man tried to smile, but it stayed buried under his bushy beard. “I’m Lincoln, but people call me Link.”

“By people, you mean one guy.” This statement seemed to confuse him and she figured she had a real winner on her hands, but waved Benny forward anyway. “Come on Ben. You guys too, if you have too.” She helped her brother inside, but left the new happy couple for Link to assist.

She was just moving away from the window when Miles entered the room. The man both looked and smelled like a zombie to the point that Mar thought Link had lied about them being able to make it to the second floor, but then the skinny nappy headed man opened his mouth and said simply, “Hi, um are you guys hungry or anything?”

“Yeah,” Mar said, “but give us a minute to catch our breath.”

Mar Young

Miles’ wide eyes looked her up and down in a way that made her feel violated, before he said, “Ah… if you’d like to come with me, we have a living room of sorts over here.”

Mar felt that the only place she’d want to go with this guy was a shower and only if she didn’t have to watch. Still she allowed herself to be led to the master bedroom, which had been converted to a hang out zone. They passed by a balcony that showed the first floor and was shocked to see a few zombies shuffling below.

“Why do you let them in here?”


Link spoke up. “It actually keeps the others away. They peer in, see their own and keep walking.”

“Doesn’t their constant moaning drive you nuts?” She looked Miles’ way as she spoke.

Link shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess you get used to it.”

Some awkward introductions were made, which was followed by an even more awkward attempt at small talk. The pair’s story wasn’t too thrilling. They had survived much as her group had by living off of rich people’s winter homes and had stayed safe by always living on the second level of places with destroyed staircases. They would remain at a home until the supplies ran out and then move on.

As they spoke, Mar had a hard time deciding which of these men were creepier. Miles’ gaunt form hovered where he stood a few yards away from everyone else sat. His bug eyes stared at them over sunken cheeks. She couldn’t help but think that the guy should just become a zombie and get it over with because he seemed more than halfway there.

Hollow Man

Link stared at her chest every time he spoke to her, like her face was located between her breasts. She figured that this would be the closest thing to a bonding moment she and Cindy might have for a while, because she was getting the same treatment from these two new men.

Allen looked nervous, but the men didn’t even carry weapons on them and when they busted out with some homemade cactus brandy, he and Cindy were more than happy to take their edge off by helping themselves. Link offered Mar a glass, but she found it far too gross to take more than a token sip, despite Link constant urging for her to have more.

They tried to offer some to her brother, but she put a stop to that. So instead they gave him some cactus jelly, which he was more than happy to devour.

In didn’t take long for Link to discover that Allen and Cindy were an item and for him to find an excuse to sit next to her. She figured everyone stank these days, but this guy took it up a level and with a few hundred zombies moaning up a storm outside, she felt anything but romantic.

Before long, Benny had fallen asleep and she noticed that both Cindy and Allen had passed out of the sofas they slept on.

Miles came over with a bowl full of beats. “Would you like some?”

“Nope, I think I’m okay.” She looked from person to person as Allen began to snore.

Link moved himself a foot closer to her on the sofa. “Come on, you must be starving.”

She felt like she was, but still said, “I told you, we were just chased from our house today. Not like we were living on the road for months or something.”

He put his arm around her shoulders. “So it must get lonely for you seeing Cindy and Allen together.”

“Alright,” she said, while standing up. “I’m not really in the mood for post apocalyptic pick up lines right now.”

Link frowned. “Okay, just help me grab her.” Before his words soaked in, his arms had gone around her waist and he tackled her to the floor. Miles was there seconds later pinning her arms behind her head and onto the floor.

Gloom Crazy Mabden

Link’s grimy face glared down at her. “It would’ve been a lot easier if you had just drank our little knockout punch like the others, but maybe this is a good thing because I might enjoy this more because of the fight in you.”

She panicked and struggled with all her strength, but couldn’t break free. When he moved in for a kiss she let loose her first scream.

Zombie face fuck
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Zombie female face
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Zombie stretch face

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Between a Bite and a Rotten Place

July 17, 2015 at 12:45 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

Mar grabbed her little brother’s hand and looked on in horror as the zombies from the road poured into the opening to the wash.

Zombie March

“Come on, back this way!” Allen yelled and the four of them retreated back the way they came. It only took a hundred feet of jogging before they saw the first pack they had fled from stumbling at them from the south.

Mar didn’t bother to discuss tactics. She hauled her brother along to the west until she came to a six foot high adobe wall. Her breath came in short gasps, but she was able to say, “Benny, I’m going to climb up first and see if it is safe. Then I’ll haul you up.”

He only nodded.

Her upper strength had never been good, but she was able to get her little teenaged body up onto the top of the wall. She was just about to check the yard when a fist grabbed a handful of her long hair. The pain was quickly followed by a moan of hunger. She wanted to pull away, but didn’t want to lose a fistful of her hair.

Looking into the yard she saw far more zombies than it should have held. Easily twenty undead lumbered over to join the one that held her. “Shit, I sure can pick em.”

Drawing the pick out of her belt, she lined the point up to one of the big zombie’s eyes as it moved in for a bite. She wacked at him, but the angle proved awkward and it didn’t drive in enough to take the thing down. In a moment of panic she struggled to brace the back of the pick against the adobe wall. An embarrassingly girlie cry escape her lips as its yellowed teeth moved toward her shoulder, but at the last moment, the pick’s back caught on the wall and the strength of the zombie’s lunge drove the pick deeper into its skull. Its eyes lost all focus as it toppled over, but Mar cursed when it took her weapon with it.

She was about to leap off, when she saw that the others, including Benny, had all climbed up onto the wall. Looking back she saw why. The two groups of undead had converged on their position and they had little choice but to follow her no matter how dangerous it might be.

“Err, come on then,” she said while standing up on the foot wide wall. The zombies within the yard stumbled toward them, but the survivors followed Mar example and soon they were moving along the top of the wall. Some of the zombies broke away to try to cut them off and Mar hurried her speed pushing past the boundaries of safety.

Mar and Chain

Then she spied something odd before her. A wide plank was balanced on the wall and the other end went into a hole that had been made in the side of the house the wall surrounded. As she approached it looked like if someone balanced on the plank they could make it to the house and climb in through a window on the building’s second floor.

Dealing with other people made her more nervous than the zombies, but as the two packs began to surround the outer walls and the zombies inside the wall homed in on them, she felt she had little choice.


Maybe there isn’t even anyone there, she thought to herself as she led the way onto the plank and toward the house.

The window above the plank loomed open. She hadn’t noticed it before, but the sun was beginning to dip behind the Tucson Mountains to the west and the insides of the house had grown dark. She pushed on anyway.

As she reached the window, a masked figure moved in the darkness. Its sudden appearance startled her and she began to tumble off the plank into the waiting mouths below. But right before she fell, the man’s hand shot out and grabbed her arm.

“Come with me if you want to live.”

Despite her building horror, she rolled her eyes. “Somebody’s seen too many movies.”

Mar in Thought
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Zombies of thirty

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Mar-velous Mayham Part III

July 11, 2015 at 1:48 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

When Mar saw her former best friend running through the mansion while the zombies behind her tumbled through a broken window, she didn’t hesitate. In one fluid motion, she jerked her arm free of Allen’s grip, grabbed her brother with her free hand, and dashed out onto the wide back porch.

The sunlight caused her eyes to squint, but despite the chaos, she took a second to toss her shades on. She almost could have grinned when Benny did the same thing, but she didn’t have the time.

Mar's Eternal Aftermath

Mar’s Eternal Aftermath

At once, the undead lumbered toward her. Instead of fighting, she took off ducking and weaving through them. Some luck stayed with her for they remained dispersed and she was able to make it past their questing fingers. One grabbed Benny’s tie-shirt and was rewarded with a quick spike, from her pick, through its skull.

Of course Allen called after her, but if she wasn’t disinterested already, the moaning of a few hundred zombies crowding into the mansion from the street would have been enough to keep her running. From the sounds of it Allen and Cindy had moved to follow her. She didn’t care. She might be pissed at them and probably would prefer never to lay eyes on either of them again, but at this point she didn’t what them dead, there were too few of them left to want anyone to perish under the dirty claws of the mindless walking corpses.


The mansion in which they stayed was separated from its neighbor, but a dry, cactus studded wash. She blew off heading to a new house and just took the wash north. Dust flew up from under her feet as she raced between the towering saguaros and prickly pear. The zombies grew sparse as she passed house after house.

Once she didn’t see any zombies at all, she took a moment to catch her breath and look behind her.

She saw Allen and Cindy just entering the wash. Allen waved his arm and shouted, “Go, just go!”

Then she gasped when she saw a hundred filth covered forms dump into the wash behind her former friends.

Zombie last

“Shouldn’t we help them?” Benny asked.

Mar voice remained low as she answered. “What could we do? Carry them, fight off a hundred stiffs. It’s all leg work now, little bro.”

Again, despite all she was upset about, she didn’t truly want Allen and Cindy to die, but she wasn’t going to wait up for them either. Mar and her brother took off at a half jog north. The sky stayed cloudless and the hot desert sun already sapped her malnourished strength from her limbs. Her bug-out bag grew heavier with every additional hundred yards they traveled.

It was looking like they might make it. Allen and Cindy were also closing the distance between the two groups while the undead had fallen behind.

But Mar was raised a poor kid in south Tucson. She didn’t know the upper foothills very well. She barely caught herself before the wash spilled down into a gutter. The gutter didn’t concern her, what did was the wide Sunrise Road that loomed before them. Wrecked cars and skeletons lined both sides of the four laned road, but the walking dead also lingered here. She counted at least fifty moving in small packs heading in both directions.

Zombie Horror Art

They hadn’t seen them yet, but this changed when Cindy yelled, “Don’t just stand there, keep going!”

As one, the undead turned their way while releasing loud moans. Soon these moans were answered by more zombies and they all began to stumble their way.

“Great job, you dumb a-hole, now our passage north is blocked for half a mile in either direction and we’re sandwich between them and that group behind us.” Mar looked from face to face. No one offered up any ideas and she saw nothing but terror lurking within their eyes.

“Fucking great.”




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At the door

At the door


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Mar-velous Mayham Part II

July 2, 2015 at 6:06 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , )

“We gotta run,” Allen said as he hurried into his shirt.

Zombie 2015

Speaking for the first time, Benny said, “But there are already zombies out there.”

“I could care less about that,” Cindy said. She had slipped into a very impractical dress that was about as opposite a ‘fleeing from zombie garb,’ as you could get. “What about all the things we’ve gathered here? I don’t want to leave it all behind.”


Allen spoke again. “We can get more or come back later when it’s safe.”

But Mar barely listened to him. “Screw these guys,” she hissed under her breath as she led Benny toward the back of the house. They hurried into the room they shared and she tossed Benny his ‘bug-out’ backpack, while she threw her own over her narrow shoulders.

Mar Black

Pausing while her brother grabbed up a few more things, Mar looked around the dim room. The place was a horrible mess with so much gear spread in every direction that a person would be hard pressed to guess what the color of the carpet might be. It stank too, like a hamper full of dirty clothes left in the sun. It looked like The City of Lost Children meets Peter Pan’s storeroom, but it had been home for them for longer than any other place since the Apocalypse began. Casting one last look over her shoulder, as he ushered Benny from the room, she felt in her gut that they would never see it again.

Disregarding the others, Mar and her brother moved toward the back yard. She winced when Allen caught up with them. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Getting the fuck away from you losers. Enjoy your death trap. Try not to get eaten while Cindy sorts through what dresses she’s deciding to bring.”

“What? You can’t just leave on your own.”

“Watch me,” Mar said as she opened the door. Her hasty move almost cost her life for a loud moan sounded as a zombie lurched in through the doorway at her.

Zombie Dude

She screamed, a little too girly for her tastes, but reacted quickly and drove the point of her pick deep enough into its skull to drop it. Its body was, however, in the doorway and she couldn’t shut the door, so she just opened it wider. More zombies came their way, but none of the other ones had made it onto the wide back porch.

Allen grabbed her by the arm so violently it hurt. “I’m not letting you leave. You’re going to end up getting both you and your brother killed.”

“Staying here is what would kill us, you idiot. Now let go of me or you’ll be getting what I just gave that geek.”

Before Allen could answer, a crashing came from the front of the house and Cindy came running their way. “Run! A zombie fell through the window and now they are all pouring in. Run! RUN!”

Mar Cartoon
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Mar's Eternal Aftermath

Mar’s Eternal Aftermath

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Mar’s Apocalypse Year One, Part I

June 26, 2015 at 12:40 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

“I knew it. I fucking knew it!” Mar screamed so loudly that her little brother covered his ears. She hated scaring Benny, but since he was the only member of her family that she had been able to rescue almost a year ago, when the zombie apocalypse started, she refused to ever let him out of her sight. She only wished that what she saw before her had never entered her line of sight.


There, in the bed she had claimed in the abandoned mansion, were her supposed lover and her best friend going at it. When they tried to cover their sweat drenched bodies, it only made her angrier.

“So what, my brother and I are out there risking our necks over a few bags of old rice while you two are fucking in my own bed!”

“Mar please,” Allen began. “Stop shouting. You know that brings the geeks down on us.”

“I should bring my pick down on your head!”

Cindy spoke as she hurried into her panties. From the look on his face, Benny could have had worse things happen to him that seeing the teen naked. “Mar, calm down. You knew this had to happen. How long could I last just sitting on the sidelines and watch you bed down the only adult man around.”

“Until you found a man of your own would be the answer to that, you bitch!”

Allen looked like he was about to tell her to avoid attracting zombies, but a dry moan sounding from outside beat him to the task.

“Crap, now look what you’ve done.”

She grabbed her brother’s hand. “What I’ve done? I should just let them eat your asses.”

Then, without waiting for a reply, she drew her brother with her and headed toward the front door. The area they had taken over was in the northwest part of Tucson close to the edge of the Catalina Mountain range. The houses were spread further apart and they had all done their part thinning the horde of walking corpses in the area.

But there was always more.

Already a six undead stumbled across the cactus studded front yard. “I have more than half a mind to just leave those loser’s here,” she said while brushing a loose strain of ebony hair behind her ear.

Zombie face

“We can’t do that.” Benny said. His green eyes met her blue. It had often occurred to her that they barely looked like siblings. She had hair darker than midnight and flesh paler than a sun dried ghost, while Ben’s hair shone in the half light like an electric pulse of auburn and his tanned skin was dotted with a healthy amount of freckles.

Mar at 18

She almost contradicted her brother, but realized that even if she wanted to abandon her friends, she couldn’t leave behind all the food and gear they had struggled to gather over the last few months.

Feeling indecisive and torn, she was saved from having to make an immediate choice by the appearance of Allen running toward her in just his jeans. “I’m not sure what you guys did, but those few moaning in the front yard must have attracted a herd. More than a hundred geeks are heading our way.”

Zombie bad

Looking out the window, she saw that this was true. Both sides of the street were covered with a filthy pack of roaming undead and the moaning of those few in the front yard sent them straight at their house.

“Oh Goddess,” she whispered as her brother’s hand squeezed his fingers tighter.

Mar at 18 II



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Mar's Eternal Aftermath

Mar’s Eternal Aftermath

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Three Smokes and the End of the World

October 25, 2013 at 9:48 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , , )

“Can I get one, Mary?” Cindy asked as Mar pulled a smoke from the pack. Cindy smiled as she dropped her backpack onto the ground, so she could adjust her almost illegally short skirt.


“It’s Mar, now,” she corrected, as she pushed her jet black bangs back behind her ear.

“Mar, oh you’re so Goth.”


 Ignoring her statement, Mar continued, “And if you wanna smoke, try buying your own pack sometime. These cigs are worth like fifty cents each these days.”

 “It’s only because you buy those snob cigarettes,” Jenny said. “Mine don’t cost that much.” She blew out a thin steam on smoke through her trim nostrils and Mar wondered for the three hundredth time if her parents had already started buying Jenny plastic surgery treatments at sixteen, as if being a petite blonde with perfect teeth wasn’t enough.

“And you just smoke menthols, because no one in their right mind wants to bum one of those foul things,” Cindy said.

Mar was just lighting up her smoke when a loud yell cut through her annoying friend’s chatter.

“What the hell was that?” Cindy asked, posing like some fashion model with her smoke dangling. Mar figured she’d be posing even if the end of the world came. When the scream sounded again it wasn’t like a cry for help as much as sounding like someone being torn in half.

“Oh my God,” Jenny said. “Should we call someone?”

“Yeah, do that,” Mar said, as she peeked her head around the dumpster that obscured them. What she saw caused the cigarette to tumble from her mouth.


Just on the other side of the school’s fence, a woman had been walking her dog. What might have been a homeless guy looked like he was tried to kiss her neck, but as Mar watched, his head came away with a big bloody chunk of the woman’s flesh in his mouth. The woman stumbled away as a torrent of viscera streamed from her torn neck. The dog moved in to protect its master and the grimy, and now blood covered man, reached down, picked up the dog, and bit one of its eyeballs out.

“What’s going on over here…?” Cindy started to say until Mar emptied the contents over her stomach all over her Cindy’s new strapless heels. “I my God! You freak of nature.”

Neither of the two other girls had focused enough to really see what had happened yet and Jenny said, “I’m like trying to call nine-one-one, but the lines are busy. Is that even possible?”

“What’s the matter, can’t find eleven on the phone,” Cindy said, before turning to Mar. “And what about my shoes. You’re going to have to—what’s that man doing to her?” was followed by Cindy erupting into the highest pitched scream Mar had ever heard.

Where Mar found the courage to look back at the scene she’d never know, but once she saw what happened there, she would forever wish she hadn’t. The man was on top of the woman, just eating her. His victim’s arms flapped with insane violence, but they had already begun to slow down.


Cindy pushed past her, running toward the school and that was when the fire alarm went off. It could have been the only thing that would have caused Cindy to hold up.

“What now?” Jenny began, but then finally had her eyes leave her cell for long enough to see the man on the street and what he was doing. Her scream sounded girly and cute even at its volume and though her terror, Mar still thought, it figures.

Mar went back to watching the woman. After not moving and looking quite dead, she started to sit up and almost casually pushed the homeless man away. Despite his earlier violent ways and fighting through her frantic struggles, this time he allowed her to move him away and didn’t stop her when she began to struggle to her feet.

Mar felt torn over what to do, but since they were required to enter the courtyard and they were already there, she looked back at the man on the street. And she saw something strange.

Her eyes opened wider and her face clenched with terror. She didn’t even notice that Jenny was screaming again.

Before her eyes, the woman stood up as though having twenty bites taken out of her was just an average day. But what drew in Mar’s gaze was how her bowels and internal organs fell from her torn open stomach. Intestines flopped onto the ground like greasy ropes, but the woman kept walking.

Mar knew she should run, run home and never leave her house again, but something made her watch.

The man joined her as though they had become best friends and both of them lumbered to the fence. The man proved faster, but Mar’s eyes stayed glued to the woman.

Jenny joined Mar in vomiting up her lunch when the woman tripped over her own intestines and fell to the ground. With her right hand, she violently tore away the offending organs and began to open her mouth in the most horrid way. The man had made it to the fence and rattled it while his milky eyes met Mar’s gaze. Then, opening his mouth, he let out a hollow moan.

Soon the woman had joined him as the fence. Jenny tried to shake her and yelled something and that was when Mar heard the first screams come from the courtyard.


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