Rock and Rollie

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“I just can’t shoot a kid in the back,” Jack said, as he lowered his new rifle.

“I would tend to agree with you,” Rollie started, as he checked his pistol and found it loaded, “But if they come back with a dozen more kids that are less than happy that we have now killed two of their number, I think we might be in some serious trouble.”

ZOmbie Hordes

“That and by the sounds of things zombies have already claimed the other side of this wall.” Stopping only long enough to loot a large hunting knife from the still warm body of the teen he’d just shot down, Jack continued. “We have little choice but to follow this through. We’ll never make it past the zombies without water and hopefully more gear.”

Looking in the direction the two teens had fled, Rollie asked, “But what makes our lives more valuable than theirs? There has been so much death already and all of it useless.” The loss of Will came bubbling up and left him barely able to breath.

Jack regarded him silently for a moment. “Death owns this world now. When the living try to assist death by making me join its ranks, I’m more than happy to return the favor and beat them to that punch. Now we need to quit yapping and get going.”

Then, without another word, Jack led the way around the rock formation and they jogged up the old road to the north. On either side of them pristine desert rose from the steaming sand. The area on this side of the wall appeared to be zombie free. Of the teens there remained no sign.

Rollie feared another sniper and the back of his neck prickled as he imagined a bullet hitting him at any moment. The desert cliffs and cactus offered a hundred hidden areas, but so far they made their way without issue.

New Stalwarts

They pair traveled anther hundred yards and found what they had originally been seeking. It wasn’t large and it appeared murky, but they before them they found more water than Rollie had seen in a year. The pool stretched twenty by thirty feet and may have reached his waist in its center.

Jack dropped his pack to the ground. “First things first, fill the containers we have and then stash the backpacks, but this isn’t going to work unless we find a vehicle and maybe not even then, but a place this organized should have some rides. We’re going to need one.”

“I don’t know, Jack, we could just head into the desert and circle around the horde.”

“And what have to do this again in a week? Screw that, and screw these people that think they have the right to Tucson’s best water supply. I don’t mind them setting up a base, but to shoot us on sight when we’re just trying to survive, fuck that.” Jack’s eyes blazed. “Stay here and fill those in case we have to go with your plan. I’m going to get a ride and I’m going to cut down anyone that tries to stop me.” A mirthless grin crossed his face and he finished with, “And I hope some of them do.”

Jack Primus

Rollie stared at the man who was willing to take on who knew how many men instead of just taking their gallons and run. He took the time to dunk his head into the water and take in a few mouthfuls. It tasted brackish, but most likely it would be fit to drink. Then he focused on the task as hand. He spoke under his breath and he filled to big water bottles at the same time.

“I’m not sure what sort of testosterone overload that guy has, but he’s going to…” his voice traveled off when he heard movement in the hills behind him. Damn, he thought to himself, it would be just my luck to have to be the one to have to fight these delinquents by myself.

He listened and kept filing the containers and then put their lids on. All the while he scanned the cliffs with subtle movements. Play in cool, Rollie. Play it…

“Hold it right there asshole,” a young voice cried out.

Looking up suddenly caused droplets of water to arc out from his hair and splash before him into the pool.

There were two of them, but not the same ones who had fled away from him before. Each held a pistol pointed at him, but they were still on the cliffs on the opposite side of the pool—a good sixty feet away.

“Take that pistol off slowly and tell us where the other asshole is!” the one with darker brown hair yelled.


Rollie knew he was a bad shoot, but hoped these teens might be just as bad. He’d always heard that in the real world hitting a moving target with a pistol proved difficult, but if they had been practicing on zombies over the last year it could go either way.

He went for it anyway. Drawing his pistol as quickly as his skills allowed, he got the first shots off as he got to his feet and sprinted to the rocks located on the north side of the pool.

They shot back and bullets ripped through the air like angry hornets. One sparked off a rock before him, but he kept running. Somehow he made it to the slabs of orange sandstone and drove behind them.


He listened.

He heard no sounds of new clips being driven home. Could these people be low on bullets? Perhaps they left in such great haste they forgot to grab them. He figured if that was the case they probably each only had a bullet or two left in their pistols. Still…one bullet is enough.

“Come out, you stupid thieving coward!” The brown haired teen demanded.

“Oh yeah,” Rollie called out. “Sounds like a great idea. You watched too many cops shows kid. And BTW, if you head toward me, you’ll be the one getting shot.”

The teens found cover and he could just hear their murmuring voices. But then he heard something else. A loud tearing sound disturbed the desert birds and two ravens took flight and soared over his head. Seconds later this was followed by an echoing crash.

“What the hell is that?” the teen shouted.

Rollie called back. “My guess is that all this shooting drew in enough zombs to tear through your gate. Now we can either work together or all die. What do you say?”


Zombie Agro

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Zombie Blood Face
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Zombie creeps

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Back to a Boulder

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The trio scattered after the first gunshot exploded into the pavement before them. Several rounds followed, but Rollie remained too focused on running to tell if Will or Jack might have gotten hit. He heard no screams and hoped this was a good sign.

Face Biter

He gained the shelter of a series of tan rocks the lined the side of the road. He still hadn’t caught his breath when a loud hiss sounded below him. He jerked back expecting a crippled zombie to be about to assault him, but instead saw a large gila monster racing away from him through the low desert bushes.

“Damn, that would have made a fine meal,” he laughed to himself.

The bullets had stopped and he was about to call out to the others when a new growl sounded and proved to be a far worse problem than a retreating lizard. Three large zombies headed his way. He couldn’t run because the snipper could still be out there, but he noted that the shooter made no effort to drop the zombies.

Rollie’s tight fingers clutched his bat. He readied himself as the first zombie drew into range. A big beer bellied freak dressed only in a ratty pair of boxers. His bat went back and then he cracked it on the head.

Zombie Boxers


Rollie started to panic as the thing’s grubby fingers reached for him, while the other two moved in. He smashed one hand away, breaking two fingers, but knew such tactics wouldn’t save him for long.

Placing his back to the rock wall, he braced himself and raised both legs. With a grunt he placed his feet on both of the big zombie’s thighs and pushed with all his strength. The fat zombie stumbled back and fell. Some luck had found Rollie for beer-belly-boxers took another one down with him.

The third one came at Rollie and he gave it a strong whack to the temple. This time it went down, but the other two were lurching back onto their feet. Rollie went for the closer one, which appeared to be a high school aged boy in a tattered basketball jersey. Rollie hit it on the skull and went he didn’t go down he hit it again and again. It took three smacks, but the teen finally dropped and stopped moving.

Zombie Box

That was when boxer shorts crashed into him. A loud growl filled silence of the desert and he grabbed Rollie and slammed him against the rock. Rollie fought back, but the freak might have outweighed him by a hundred pounds. They struggled and Rollie attempted to squirm away. He fell to his knees and made for the road despite the dangers of the shooter.

Stopping just short of where he would be exposed to the gunman, Rollie was about to fight back when the big zombie growled again and grabbed a fistful of his hair. Rollie gave out a yell and the zombie moved forward for a bite. He felt the zombie’s foul breath on his neck and figured he was done and that was when the zombie had his head shot off.

Rollie hurried back behind the boulders, but it was already too late. Will had heard him shout out and had started to run his way. Before Rollie could tell his lover that he was okay, another shot rang out and Will gasped once before he tumbled into the middle of the road.

Devon's Weapon
I hope you enjoyed this part of Rollie’s dangerous journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath. Come back next weekend for the next part of the tale.

Zombies grabbing at you
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Zombie, lone

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Cooking A Rat

August 14, 2015 at 12:27 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Mitch Morrison didn’t hurry as he prepared the meal. Since he just cooked for himself, as he had for that last year, it was a low maintenance affair. He just tried to fix and eat everything as quickly as possible. The only excitement he ever felt was in the knowledge there was something to cook, for quite often there wasn’t.

End Game

He was high enough into the mountains that he had decided to risk a fire. The wind whistled through the sandstone boulders that he hoped would hide his small flame. It blew grit into his food, but he remained miles from caring about such things. As he took in a deep breath, he wondered what it was he might still care about.

Night had fallen and covered the hills of the Rincons in its dark embrace. In the distance a coyote let loose a mournful howl. Critters and insects chattered like the world wasn’t crawling with animated corpses. Not that too many of the walkers made it up this far. Between the hard climb and the difficulty finding food, Mitch saw zombies rarely this high up off the desert floor. That didn’t keep him from pitching his hammock ten feet up into the trees. Many a time he was woken up in the middle of the night by the sounds of growling undead reaching for him from below.

Three Zombies

He flipped the desert rat over on the grill he’d made from a broken portable heater. He mostly ate little mammals he gathered from his traps these days. He had gotten pretty good at setting them. Rattlesnakes were a treat and with the small stream on the face of the mountain, he figured he might be one of the healthiest people living around Tucson.

“Smells good, pops,” a voice said just three seconds before the barrel of a rifle pointed straight as he head.

Mitch cursed himself for being so careless, but when two more figures joined the first, he realized there wasn’t much he could have done about it anyway.

Riot Gear

He took in the three youths. Each looked to be barely more than teens, but they had grown up fast. Dirty scowling faces glared down at him from over tattered layers of mismatching clothing. Two had rifles, the youngest only a pistol. Backpacks and knives hung from them.

The second rifleman rushed forward and grabbed his rat off the grill and then promptly dropped it. “Shit, that’s hot.” He had knife cut his hair short and done a rather poor job of it. His round face’s eyes seemed too small for his head and he stared at Mitch while he blew on his fingers.

“Well, it was on a fire.”

“Watch your lip,” the big one said, while thrusting his rifle into Mitch’s personal space. The guy might had been just old enough to enter a liquor store, if there were still such things, and had the look of someone who thought things through.

“If I’m not mistaken, this is my camp.”

“Yeah, and these are our guns,” pig eyes said.

“Has the honor of the west fallen on such hard times?” Mitch eyed the boy with the pistol as he spoke. He had lowered his gun and just stared at the rat. “Would you like a piece?”

“He won’t get the first piece,” pig eyes said.

“I think it’s my choice who I give my food to.”

Face Biter

The big one moved in a grabbed Mitch by the front of his shirt. “Are you senile or something? The only choice going on around here will be whether we shoot you before or after we look through your gear.” Turning toward pig-eyes, he said. “Rus, start searching this guy’s pack.”

Mitch held up his hands. “You won’t find much. I don’t even own a firearm, much less have bullets.” It wasn’t completely true. Mitch had a few guns stashed in the cliffs, but without bullets there remained no reason to lug the heavy things around.

Rus pulled a fistful of tangled piano wire out of Mitch’s pack. “What the hell is this shit? You strangle zombies or something?”

“No, it’s for making traps, how do you think I got this rat, which is burning by the way.”

The big one let go of him, drew his knife, and then stabbed it into the cooking rat. He took a big bite out of it. Despite the heat, he said, “Doesn’t suck. I’m Brad.”

Rus laughed and said, “Brad the bad,” while upending Mitch’s bag and dumping all prized possessions into the sand. He pocketed things as he rummaged through the pile.

“You met Rus and the skinny guy over there is Eric.”

“Well can you give Eric a bite of that rat, please?”

“Why the fuck should you care?” Rus said, and he found half an energy bar. “Sweet, score.”

“Don’t eat that,” Mitch said and almost stood up, but then thought better of it.

“And why the hell not, old man?”

“Because that’s what I use to bait my traps. I can catch a hundred times that much food with that.”

“Oh really,” Brad said. “Maybe you just figured out a way to survive long enough to see the sunrise, pops.”

“Huh, why?” Rus asked.

Brad took another bite of the rat. “Because come sun up, this old puke is going to teach us all how to set up traps.”

Check in next weekend for the next part of Mitch’s journey into the beginning of the second year of the Eternal Aftermath.

Zombies are hungry for your flesh

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At the door

At the door

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Is it safe up here?

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Mar wanted to keep from falling into the waiting zombie mouths below only slightly less than she wanted some strange man to touch her, but she allowed him to help her through the open window into the second floor of the house. As soon as her feet had touched the floor, she jerked her arm away.

“Is it safe up here?” she demanded.

Mar is marvolus

The man took off his gas mask. His face was dirty and bearded. “Up here on the second floor, yeah. We destroyed the staircase up here. No geeks can reach us.”

“Okay…wait is it just you?”

“No, my buddy Miles is here too. He’s keeping an eye on the horde moving down the street.” He man tried to smile, but it stayed buried under his bushy beard. “I’m Lincoln, but people call me Link.”

“By people, you mean one guy.” This statement seemed to confuse him and she figured she had a real winner on her hands, but waved Benny forward anyway. “Come on Ben. You guys too, if you have too.” She helped her brother inside, but left the new happy couple for Link to assist.

She was just moving away from the window when Miles entered the room. The man both looked and smelled like a zombie to the point that Mar thought Link had lied about them being able to make it to the second floor, but then the skinny nappy headed man opened his mouth and said simply, “Hi, um are you guys hungry or anything?”

“Yeah,” Mar said, “but give us a minute to catch our breath.”

Mar Young

Miles’ wide eyes looked her up and down in a way that made her feel violated, before he said, “Ah… if you’d like to come with me, we have a living room of sorts over here.”

Mar felt that the only place she’d want to go with this guy was a shower and only if she didn’t have to watch. Still she allowed herself to be led to the master bedroom, which had been converted to a hang out zone. They passed by a balcony that showed the first floor and was shocked to see a few zombies shuffling below.

“Why do you let them in here?”


Link spoke up. “It actually keeps the others away. They peer in, see their own and keep walking.”

“Doesn’t their constant moaning drive you nuts?” She looked Miles’ way as she spoke.

Link shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess you get used to it.”

Some awkward introductions were made, which was followed by an even more awkward attempt at small talk. The pair’s story wasn’t too thrilling. They had survived much as her group had by living off of rich people’s winter homes and had stayed safe by always living on the second level of places with destroyed staircases. They would remain at a home until the supplies ran out and then move on.

As they spoke, Mar had a hard time deciding which of these men were creepier. Miles’ gaunt form hovered where he stood a few yards away from everyone else sat. His bug eyes stared at them over sunken cheeks. She couldn’t help but think that the guy should just become a zombie and get it over with because he seemed more than halfway there.

Hollow Man

Link stared at her chest every time he spoke to her, like her face was located between her breasts. She figured that this would be the closest thing to a bonding moment she and Cindy might have for a while, because she was getting the same treatment from these two new men.

Allen looked nervous, but the men didn’t even carry weapons on them and when they busted out with some homemade cactus brandy, he and Cindy were more than happy to take their edge off by helping themselves. Link offered Mar a glass, but she found it far too gross to take more than a token sip, despite Link constant urging for her to have more.

They tried to offer some to her brother, but she put a stop to that. So instead they gave him some cactus jelly, which he was more than happy to devour.

In didn’t take long for Link to discover that Allen and Cindy were an item and for him to find an excuse to sit next to her. She figured everyone stank these days, but this guy took it up a level and with a few hundred zombies moaning up a storm outside, she felt anything but romantic.

Before long, Benny had fallen asleep and she noticed that both Cindy and Allen had passed out of the sofas they slept on.

Miles came over with a bowl full of beats. “Would you like some?”

“Nope, I think I’m okay.” She looked from person to person as Allen began to snore.

Link moved himself a foot closer to her on the sofa. “Come on, you must be starving.”

She felt like she was, but still said, “I told you, we were just chased from our house today. Not like we were living on the road for months or something.”

He put his arm around her shoulders. “So it must get lonely for you seeing Cindy and Allen together.”

“Alright,” she said, while standing up. “I’m not really in the mood for post apocalyptic pick up lines right now.”

Link frowned. “Okay, just help me grab her.” Before his words soaked in, his arms had gone around her waist and he tackled her to the floor. Miles was there seconds later pinning her arms behind her head and onto the floor.

Gloom Crazy Mabden

Link’s grimy face glared down at her. “It would’ve been a lot easier if you had just drank our little knockout punch like the others, but maybe this is a good thing because I might enjoy this more because of the fight in you.”

She panicked and struggled with all her strength, but couldn’t break free. When he moved in for a kiss she let loose her first scream.

Zombie face fuck
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Zombie female face
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Zombie stretch face

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Mar-velous Mayham Part III

July 11, 2015 at 1:48 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

When Mar saw her former best friend running through the mansion while the zombies behind her tumbled through a broken window, she didn’t hesitate. In one fluid motion, she jerked her arm free of Allen’s grip, grabbed her brother with her free hand, and dashed out onto the wide back porch.

The sunlight caused her eyes to squint, but despite the chaos, she took a second to toss her shades on. She almost could have grinned when Benny did the same thing, but she didn’t have the time.

Mar's Eternal Aftermath

Mar’s Eternal Aftermath

At once, the undead lumbered toward her. Instead of fighting, she took off ducking and weaving through them. Some luck stayed with her for they remained dispersed and she was able to make it past their questing fingers. One grabbed Benny’s tie-shirt and was rewarded with a quick spike, from her pick, through its skull.

Of course Allen called after her, but if she wasn’t disinterested already, the moaning of a few hundred zombies crowding into the mansion from the street would have been enough to keep her running. From the sounds of it Allen and Cindy had moved to follow her. She didn’t care. She might be pissed at them and probably would prefer never to lay eyes on either of them again, but at this point she didn’t what them dead, there were too few of them left to want anyone to perish under the dirty claws of the mindless walking corpses.


The mansion in which they stayed was separated from its neighbor, but a dry, cactus studded wash. She blew off heading to a new house and just took the wash north. Dust flew up from under her feet as she raced between the towering saguaros and prickly pear. The zombies grew sparse as she passed house after house.

Once she didn’t see any zombies at all, she took a moment to catch her breath and look behind her.

She saw Allen and Cindy just entering the wash. Allen waved his arm and shouted, “Go, just go!”

Then she gasped when she saw a hundred filth covered forms dump into the wash behind her former friends.

Zombie last

“Shouldn’t we help them?” Benny asked.

Mar voice remained low as she answered. “What could we do? Carry them, fight off a hundred stiffs. It’s all leg work now, little bro.”

Again, despite all she was upset about, she didn’t truly want Allen and Cindy to die, but she wasn’t going to wait up for them either. Mar and her brother took off at a half jog north. The sky stayed cloudless and the hot desert sun already sapped her malnourished strength from her limbs. Her bug-out bag grew heavier with every additional hundred yards they traveled.

It was looking like they might make it. Allen and Cindy were also closing the distance between the two groups while the undead had fallen behind.

But Mar was raised a poor kid in south Tucson. She didn’t know the upper foothills very well. She barely caught herself before the wash spilled down into a gutter. The gutter didn’t concern her, what did was the wide Sunrise Road that loomed before them. Wrecked cars and skeletons lined both sides of the four laned road, but the walking dead also lingered here. She counted at least fifty moving in small packs heading in both directions.

Zombie Horror Art

They hadn’t seen them yet, but this changed when Cindy yelled, “Don’t just stand there, keep going!”

As one, the undead turned their way while releasing loud moans. Soon these moans were answered by more zombies and they all began to stumble their way.

“Great job, you dumb a-hole, now our passage north is blocked for half a mile in either direction and we’re sandwich between them and that group behind us.” Mar looked from face to face. No one offered up any ideas and she saw nothing but terror lurking within their eyes.

“Fucking great.”




Check each weekend for another episode in Mar’s fight to survive the Eternal Aftermath


At the door

At the door


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Mar’s Apocalypse Year One, Part I

June 26, 2015 at 12:40 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

“I knew it. I fucking knew it!” Mar screamed so loudly that her little brother covered his ears. She hated scaring Benny, but since he was the only member of her family that she had been able to rescue almost a year ago, when the zombie apocalypse started, she refused to ever let him out of her sight. She only wished that what she saw before her had never entered her line of sight.


There, in the bed she had claimed in the abandoned mansion, were her supposed lover and her best friend going at it. When they tried to cover their sweat drenched bodies, it only made her angrier.

“So what, my brother and I are out there risking our necks over a few bags of old rice while you two are fucking in my own bed!”

“Mar please,” Allen began. “Stop shouting. You know that brings the geeks down on us.”

“I should bring my pick down on your head!”

Cindy spoke as she hurried into her panties. From the look on his face, Benny could have had worse things happen to him that seeing the teen naked. “Mar, calm down. You knew this had to happen. How long could I last just sitting on the sidelines and watch you bed down the only adult man around.”

“Until you found a man of your own would be the answer to that, you bitch!”

Allen looked like he was about to tell her to avoid attracting zombies, but a dry moan sounding from outside beat him to the task.

“Crap, now look what you’ve done.”

She grabbed her brother’s hand. “What I’ve done? I should just let them eat your asses.”

Then, without waiting for a reply, she drew her brother with her and headed toward the front door. The area they had taken over was in the northwest part of Tucson close to the edge of the Catalina Mountain range. The houses were spread further apart and they had all done their part thinning the horde of walking corpses in the area.

But there was always more.

Already a six undead stumbled across the cactus studded front yard. “I have more than half a mind to just leave those loser’s here,” she said while brushing a loose strain of ebony hair behind her ear.

Zombie face

“We can’t do that.” Benny said. His green eyes met her blue. It had often occurred to her that they barely looked like siblings. She had hair darker than midnight and flesh paler than a sun dried ghost, while Ben’s hair shone in the half light like an electric pulse of auburn and his tanned skin was dotted with a healthy amount of freckles.

Mar at 18

She almost contradicted her brother, but realized that even if she wanted to abandon her friends, she couldn’t leave behind all the food and gear they had struggled to gather over the last few months.

Feeling indecisive and torn, she was saved from having to make an immediate choice by the appearance of Allen running toward her in just his jeans. “I’m not sure what you guys did, but those few moaning in the front yard must have attracted a herd. More than a hundred geeks are heading our way.”

Zombie bad

Looking out the window, she saw that this was true. Both sides of the street were covered with a filthy pack of roaming undead and the moaning of those few in the front yard sent them straight at their house.

“Oh Goddess,” she whispered as her brother’s hand squeezed his fingers tighter.

Mar at 18 II



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Mar's Eternal Aftermath

Mar’s Eternal Aftermath

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The Climax of See Emily Slay and You can Call me Spike

March 13, 2015 at 9:39 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

This Serial Started 10/25/14

After hearing his thirteen–year-old sister scream in the tunnel that lead away beneath him, Spencer cursed, “Son of a bitch,” and descended into the darkness.

He ran his tongue over his dry mouth and felt like he’d swallowed sandpaper. Every footstep sounded like a handful of dropped dishes to his ears. He grasped his twin pistols but they turned awkwardly in his sweat drenched hands.

Emily cried out again, but it sounded like it was more in anger or fear and not pain. Spencer paused and tried to even his breathing. Looking down, he remembered that his desert eagle was empty. Shaking his head, he hurried to stuff it into its place on his belt, while he shifted the glock into his right hand. He had one pistol, fully loaded, but it was his last clip. Either way this went, he’d only have one chance.

The dirt clogged hallway remained dim. Small holes which allowed thin circles of light in from above were placed at ten foot intervals. He crept along until he reached an intersection. One way appeared more traveled and it was also the way he thought his sister’s voice had come from. Taking the turn, he advanced with careful footsteps.

Emily’s voice sounded again, but as more of a whimper this time. He also heard a kind of muffling voice, which might have been his father’s.

Another voice sounded and Spencer recognized the sniper at once. “Calm down girly. You had better get used to this sort of thing if you want to live in a world like this. Damn it, calm your shit down. If you’re good to me, I’ll keep you around and maybe let your dad live, but if you try to hurt me again, first you dad will go and then you.”

Spiked Pistol

Spencer had heard enough and hurried forward and it almost cost him his life. A zombie, with a chain circling his neck, lunged forward. Fingers grasped and clawed at him. He tried to move away, but the zombie grabbed his collar and pulled him off balance. His small body proved no match for the big undead and Spencer lost, not only his footing, but his grip on the pistol as well.

His gun tumbled from his hands and bounced down the corridor toward his family, but it became a secondary concern as the zombie wrestled with him while trying to move in for a bite.

Spencer struggled to find anything he could use as a weapon and his hand landed on the steel spike he carried on his belt. He drew the weapon while the zombie leaned in to take a bite from his face. Voices were shouting in the distance, but nothing would matter if those teeth met his flesh.

Zombie chains

With a yell, he stabbed the nine inch spike forward and impaled the monster’s eye. It fought for a moment, but its own struggling drove the point in deeper until it went limp and toppled into the dirt.

Spencer was just trying to let it soak in that he still lived, when he heard the sniper shouting. “I’m not sure how you got in here, kid, but you’re going to wish you had escaped while you could.”

His sister cried out, “Run Spence, run!”

Instead of running, he made a move to grab his fallen pistol, but before he could reach it bullets riddled the passageway. With a yelp, Spencer dove back and around the intersection. For a moment he stayed there with his back against the wall just trying to draw in a breath.

The man drew in close enough that Spencer could see the outline of his shadow moving down the wall. “Did I get you, punk? You think I’d forgive all of you for killing my dogs? Your whole family is going to pay and I think I’ll be starting with you.”

“Son of a bitch.”


The Climax of See Emily Slay and You can Call me Spike Part II

Bullets raked the corner of the intersection Spencer had made it too. His breaths came in gasps and his hands shook. His sole loaded gun lay near the gunman and all the sniper would have to do is turn the corner and Spencer wouldn’t be living to see his eleventh birthday.



He couldn’t retreat either. Behind him lay nothing but a trap door up into dozens of walking corpses. Even with his guns fully loaded, he wouldn’t have been able to fight his way through.

The sniper shouted, “Come on out boy. Come around the corner with your hands before you and you might live to see another sunrise.”

Spencer was young but he wasn’t an idiot and living through a year of the apocalypse had caused him to be a quick thinker and grow up fast. The man was shouting and shooting, but Spencer sensed that he still considered him a threat. Probably thinks I have a loaded gun, he thought to himself.

Looking down at his belt he saw his empty desert eagle. He drew it. There has to be some way I can use this to help me and my family. He had one more thing on his belt—his steel spike. Since he had used it to save his life on the first day of the outbreak, Spencer had given himself the nickname Spike. His sister refused to call him that and his father rarely did. Jewels had often obliged, but the damn sniper in the hallway had killed her.

Thinking about Jewels focused his anger and he gripped his metal spike so hard his knuckles turned white. “She called me Spike,” his whispered. “I promise you that I’ll live up to my name today, Jewels.”

“What are you saying, boy?”

“I’m saying I want to give up,” he called out and hoped his voice didn’t tremble.

He tossed his empty pistol into the hallway past the intersection. Then he took off his knife and tossed it out there too. While he waited for the sniper to make the next move, he slid the spike down the front of his pants. It felt cold next to his sweating form, but his mind remained to busy to register such things.

“Alright. Maybe you aren’t as dumb as you look. Now I want you to come out into the hallway and keep your hands in the air.”

Spencer stood. The dirt clung to his boots and the air stayed heavy with stale heat. He didn’t want to turn around the corner. After ten seconds of trying he wondered if his body would even let him.

“Come on, punk. Let me see those hands.”

Drawing a deep breath, Spencer forced himself around the corner and looked up into the eyes of the man that held his family hostage—the man that had killed Jewels.

He was covered in makeshift body armor. His vest had a cop insignia and Spencer wondered if the guy used to be a cop or had killed one. The mask proved to be the most disturbing. Spencer had never seen the man without in and even here in the sniper’s underground tunnels, he still wore it. Was still wearing it while he was trying to rape my sister, Spencer fumed.

Masked Sniper II

Despite his youth, he could feel his rage mounting. It burned within him and he began to tremble, not with fear but with anger.

The sniper laughed. “Don’t shit your pants on me now, boy.”

Spencer ground his teeth. His forehead tensed, but he didn’t say a word.

“Alright you little piece of shit. Let’s reunite you with your family. Perhaps with a knife to your throat your sister will be a bit more cooperative.” He grabbed Spencer by the shoulder and pushed him toward the direction he’d heard his sister.

“What did you say about throats?” Spencer said, his voice just above a whisper.


Spencer repeated himself, but in an even softer voice.

“Speak up you little rat. Hell, you’re squeaking like a rat.”

Spencer response was to trip up and fall to one knee. He made sure his back was to the man while he let his spike fill his fist.

“Oh what the hell is wrong with you now? Maybe you aren’t worth the effort.” The man drew near Spencer and grabbed his shoulder in a painful grip.

With a yell, Spencer leapt up to his full height and drove his spike up and under the man’s chin. The sniper cried out, but Spencer had been killing zombies for a year. He knew how to hit the brain and one for the best ways, when you are shorter, is to strike it by going straight up from under the jaw.

The sniper struggled and tried to throw Spencer off, but the boy clung onto his armor with his free hand and drove his spike in deeper. The sniper made a gurgling noise, but a second later he had fallen onto his back. Spencer road him all the way down and made sure he wouldn’t be getting up again by driving his gory spike through both of the man’s eyes.

Once that was done, he snatched up his fallen pistol, and rushed to his family.

Both of his family members were bound. His father had been tied to a chair while Emily was strapped to a table and already half naked.

At the sight of him Emily burst into a new round of tears. “Spencer, Spencer at you okay? Is that asshole dead?’

Spencer smiled her way. “Yes and yes and,” he held up his gory weapon, “And you can call me Spike.”
I hope you enjoyed the Climax of See Emily Slay and You can Call me Spike. turn in next weekend for the beginning of a new adventure staring Sheriff Dells.


.Zombie Masses
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Spencer, Emily, and their Father

Spencer, Emily, and their Father

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So Bad, So Quickly

February 27, 2015 at 5:47 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , , )

It took a moment to sink in that everything had gone so bad, so quickly. Spencer had gone from the hero who had saved his father to a ‘little boy lost’ locked out of the sniper’s bunker while the evil puke that had killed Jewels was about to molest his sister and do who knew what to Spencer’s unconscious father. Add to this, his ammunition was running low and zombies headed toward him from every direction.

He took a few seconds to try the bunker door, but it resisted his ten-year-old muscles easily. He thought about shooting through the door and trying to hit the lock, but with his low supply of rounds and his family being on the other side, he just couldn’t take the chance.



Figuring that there had to be another way in, he thought back to the beginning of this mess and remembered that the sniper had first attacked them while they were crossing the park. Looking to the east, he spotted the outskirts of the park and headed that way.

The moans increased when the zombies saw his dash across the sun baked earth. Dust and pebbles churned under his sneakers as he dodged through the clinging undead. Hands grasped and mouths snarled, but he broke through the ring before it could close around him.

New problems found Spencer, however. More zombies lurked before him while others joined in the chase. Looking back, he saw that he already had thirty zombies spread out behind him. He could stay ahead of them, but they gave him little room for error.

zombie 30

Reaching the park, his frantic eyes searched for anything that could resemble another entrance to the bunker. Remembering where the sniper’s first shots came from, he headed in that direction. Picnic tables and untended cactus gardens flew past his vision. Sweat pooled in his armpits and he realized that he hadn’t stopped to drink any water since the whole situation had started.

Then he spied something that looked out of place. A corrugated steel shack had been set up in the middle of a grassy field and it looked newer than most of the debris covered grounds and buildings. With this discovery also came new problems. A full nine zombies roamed through the field.

After casting a glance over his shoulder, he knew he wouldn’t have much time. He drew both his pistols and hurried forward. With loud groans, the nine undead pivoted toward him. He took a careful aim and dropped the closest two with as many shots.

Zombie Head Shot

He found himself needing to make a choice. If he fired from a distance, he might miss them and waste bullets, but if they got too close he could find himself pinned between them and the zombies moving in from behind. He picked a third option. Instead of rushing them, he ran to the eastern side of the field. The zombies turned to follow him in mass. He shot the most eastern one, but it took two shots. Pausing, he aimed and emptied his first pistol. Two more fell, but the ones from behind him had drawn in dangerously close.

“I’m only going to get one chance at this,” he said aloud as he arced around the remaining zombies toward the shack. As he reached the shack, he said, “If I’ve guessed wrong, this could be all she wrote.”

Zombie Couple

A heavy chain hung loose with a padlock on the end. He took this as a good sign and he took the chain too. Rushing into the shack, he threw the door shut behind him and looked around.

He hadn’t found anything before the first meaty hands started banging on the outside. The door had a bolt lock, which he pushed home even as he began to think that his gamble might have just cost him his life. Alone and almost out of bullets, Spencer began to panic. There would be no way for him to fight his way out of the shack and those zombies would pull it apart before too long.

He moved around the shack. Some hand to hand weapons lined the walls as well as bike pumps, first aid kits, and other valuable items that had been scavenged. It seemed like he was on the right track, but…

Then his toe caught on something.

Gazing down, he spotted a square outline in the sand. The sounds of the moaning grew in volume as the undead attacked the outer walls of the shed. He hurried to clear the sand and found a trap door. “Nice…”

It resisted him at first, but with the help of a crowbar that he found in the shed, he was able to force it open. Darkness greeted him, but again the shed supplied for his needs with a box of flashlights. He spent a nervous minute fumbling through them while the shed started to get torn apart, but he found one still functioning and moved back to the opening. He was about to enter when the sound of his sister screaming reached his ears.

“Son of a bitch,” he cursed as he descended into the darkness.




Spencer and Emily’s tale is not over yet, so turn in next weekend for a new chapter in the Eternal Aftermath!


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Zombie Last

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Heart Shaped Plan

February 6, 2015 at 4:23 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

“Stupid heart-shaped plan,” Spencer mumbled to himself as he dashed between the clustered cacti. Speaking out loud might have been a poor choice for his voice attracted the gaze of several zombies heading toward the sounds of shooting that raged before him.

He flipped them the bird and pushed his ten year old body faster. He rounded corners and sped between clusters of prickly pear. Soon the zombies fell behind him, but they remained everywhere. Again, it was only the distraction of the constant shooting before him that enabled him to move through their ranks so easily.

Zombie female

As planned, he curved out and past the shooting and circled back to the conflict from the north. He and his sister figured zombies would be less thick in that direction and whoever shoot at their father would be less likely to expect people coming in from the north.

The shooters worried him most, but soon he realized the amount of zombies could be his real problem. Before he even spotted his first shooter, the undead grew thick. Groups of ten and twenty stumbled through the thick desert. As long as he stayed behind them and amid the cacti, he’d be fine, but if he went into the open he could quickly find himself stalked by dozens of the flesh seekers.


He took a moment to figure out where he stood. Between he and Emily stretched a narrow valley. Most of it looked like it was covered in cactus, but at its center was a swimming pool, long since dry, four tennis courts, and a couple of out buildings. Playgrounds for the rich and undead, he mused silently.

Drawing one pistol, he let his war spike fill his left hand and set off working his way through the chaparral. A rocky area rose to the north and he headed toward it. The zombies came in from the south and the cliffs had stayed clear so far and he made it up to the crest without much worry.



A lone zombie lurched through a flat area within the rocks and turned at his approach. “Say hello to my pointy friend,” Spencer hissed while running forward. His fist lashed out and drove the tip of his wooden spike deep into the creature’s eye. It toppled over and wouldn’t be getting back up.

Feeling more confidence, he reached the edge of the cliffs. He had a better view of the situation below him and it didn’t look good. Four shooters had locked themselves inside of a fenced in tennis court, which was surrounded by a hundred growling zombies. How they intended to escape, he had no idea, but it didn’t seem to concern the shooters for they still focused their bullets on a building fifty feet to the north of them.

Could that be where dad is? He wondered. He tried to spot Emily, but couldn’t see his sister yet. Hope she’s okay. It might be harder for her to get this close if there’s no cliff over there.

He gazed back at the shooters. From the looks of things, at least two of them had already been shot down. He would have liked to have added to that count, but with just a pistol, he would have been hard pressed to do more than lose the advantage of surprise.

So he waited. He couldn’t be sure how this would play out or how his dad would get out of this mess, but for the moment Spencer reamined safe and could at least see what went on below him.


After watching for another three minutes, there remained no sign of Emily. He had begun to consider looping around and looking for her when he spied movement below. Two figures had made it to the roof of the building the shooters fired upon. Looking more closely, he saw that one was his father. Finally. But then he drew back in shock. The second figure was the masked sniper who’d shot and killed Jewels and from the looks of things he was working with Spencer’s father!


Check in every Saturday for a new chapter in the Eternal Aftermath!
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What The Hell?

January 30, 2015 at 11:43 am (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

When Spencer saw that his sister was no longer in the back yard of the adobe house, he had to fight the urge to panic. “Figures, leave the ten year old kid to fight all the zombies on his own,” he grumbled under his breath.

Spencer with an axe

Spencer with an axe

One of the many things that made life more difficult during the zombie apocalypse, was when one got separated, you couldn’t call out. The person might hear you, but so would a few hundred zombies. So, biting on his lower lip, he drew his pistol, and crept over to the edge of the wall that separated the upscale home from an avenue of desert.

Undead still moved toward the last place they heard shooting in twos and threes. Why would she have left me? It makes no flipping sense

He was about to climb the wall and take his chances when he heard, “psst, hey Spence, up here.”

Looking back, he saw Emily hadn’t left him at all, but had instead climbed onto the roof of the house. “Damn it, Em, you scared the shit out of me.”

“Shh, quiet down. You know I would never leave you.”

Gazing back over the cactus, Spencer mumbled, “I wish dad could say the same thing.”

She hopped down. “That’s just it, he wouldn’t. Something doesn’t make sense. I think it is going to be up to us to rescue him.” She pointed to the northwest. “The zombs seem to be stumbling in that direction. So I think that’s where we need to go.”

“Great I always love showing up for the big zombie party.”

“That’s just it, I don’t think we should just bolt straight into whatever huge mess is out there.”

“So what, you have another plan?”

She must have been regaining some of her strength after Jewels’ death, for she gave him a half-grin. “Yep. What do we have going for us? We are young, small, and quick. I say we splint up and come to the center of the action in a loop.” She stretched a heart shape on the ground. “We are here at the bottom, be both overshot the place and then loop back.”

“Leave it to a girl to have a heart shaped plan, but should we really be splitting up?”

Desert, Tucson

“Strangely, I think it would be the safest, certainly a lot safer than two kids getting all Rambo and trying to fight our way in there with limited ammo.”

His gut churned. He was already separated from his father and had lost Jewels. He wasn’t sure this was-

His thoughts were interrupted by an explosion of gunfire. It started quickly and showed no signs of letting up.

Emily looked at him wide-eyed. “That’s a lot more than two shooters.”

“Maybe that snipper got reinforcements. Dad’s in big trouble.”

“We gotta go!” She said.

“Stick to the plan?”

“Yeah, stick to the plan.” She moved closer to the wall. “Let’s go rescue dad!”

Emily and Spencer

Emily and Spencer

Check in every Saturday for a new chapter in the Eternal Aftermath!

Blonde Zombie

Blonde Zombie

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