Canyons, Teeth, and Cowboys

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The sounds of a thousand undead followed them as they entered the rocky break between the cliffs. Some of the gnashing sounded close while others created a horrid background canopy of marching death as the monsters struggled up the steep slopes the cowboys had so recently passed. Mixed with this, the tumbling sounds also reached their ears when the frequent stumbles of the lurching dead sent them rolling down the rocking cliffs into their uncaring brethren.

Zombie chace

Once the cowboys had passed through the front of the passage with their horses, the old man’s voice reached them from out of the darkness. “Stay here. I mean it. Stay here.”


Enough moonlight reached them for Brown to see the look of dismay covering Trevor’s face.  Soon that look became replaced with one of concern as the first zombie entered the break between the cliffs.


“We should keep moving,” his friend said.


“The old man told us to stay here. We don’t know our way around. Who knows what type of traps he might have set up?” As a second, third, and then fourth zombie entered the break, Brown began to doubt his own words.

Brown Rifle

Shaking his head, Brown drew his pistol. He took aim, but before he opened fire a loud smashing sound echoed through the mountains as a series of boulders tumbled down the cliffs and not only smashed the lead zombies into a foul smelling paste, but went a long way in blocking off the passage they had just entered.


The two men stared at the blockade as a cloud of dust enveloped the area. The first zombie hadn’t been hit and Brown put a bullet through its head, while Trevor calmed down the horses.


“Well, you coming, you half brain dead bastards?” The old man said from the darkness clinging to the narrow pass ahead of them. “That won’t hold them shitheads off for long.”


The cowboys exchanged another look and Brown allowed himself a half grin. “Might as well do what our benefactor says.”


“Benefactor, huh. Think you’re pretty fancy with them cleaned clothes and horses. I had a horse once. I ate him last winter.” The bobbing white haired mop came into view ahead of them as they moved higher into the range. “Your horses look pretty tasty. Hope one doesn’t break a leg. That would be a real shame.”


Brown grew more serious. “You can insult me all you like, mister, but when you even hint at threatening my horse, we’ll have an issue.”


“Keep your caps on, lowlander. I’m the best chance yer horse has got.” He turned to face them after they had made it another hundred yards. “My name’s Jacob, by the damn by.” After the two men introduced themselves he went on. “I don’t suppose you have a few hundred rounds with you or anything helpful like that?”


“Can’t say we do and we’d rather not use it all if we had,” Brown answered.


The old timer picked at his teeth with his finger for a moment and then said, “Well can I inquire to what genius inspired plan you two were hatching?”


“I think we had the idea of taking them living dead over the range, dumping them on the west side of the Santa Ritas and then riding our horses home.”


Jacob chuckled and it wasn’t a friendly laugh. “Oh my, oh my. I can see a few things wrong with that there plan. Besides the bears, mountain lions, and jaguars just waiting for the opportunity to dine on some fresh horse flesh, them and the damn steer cliffs you somehow think you can get yer horses over, you have no idea what’s on the west side of this range do you?”


Brown looked Trevor’s way and the man shrugged.


“He he, right after this double-damned apocalypse started, some huge ass biker gang road down to the Golden Valley retirement community. Besides being ruthless evil bastards, you can’t really knock their idea. Hundreds of well stocked homes with only old ladies and half crippled men to protect them. Many of the neighborhoods are walled in too.”


“Those bikers moved in and never left. They been living off the corpse of the old world out there ever since. You head down the west face, you’ll come up right into their back yard. I’m sure they is getting hungry by now. They sure as hell will want to eat yer horses. Hell, you’d be lucky if they don’t want to eat you.”


“Son of a bitch,” Trevor swore.


“Son of a bitch is right,’ Jacob agreed and it was about then that a closer moaning could be heard as the first zombies began to make their way over the avalanche.



Come back next weekend to see if Brown and his allies can survive the Eternal Aftermath


Learn more about the Eternal Aftermath Here

Zombie Cliff

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Victims, Violence, and Vengeance

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As Brown and Trevor ran away from the carnage and the sounds of tearing flesh, Brown shouted at the teen, “Try your damn cell phone again!”

The dull glow lit Trevor’s face for a moment and Brown could see it was clenched in fear. “I’m trying 911, but it isn’t working.”

“Maybe this thing is more wide spread than we thought. I think we should just get out of here.” His boots made crunching noises as they passed over the pavement into the dirt lot where the eighteen wheels parked.

“Damn it, Nick has the keys to the rig!”

“Crap, Glen had the keys to the truck too.”

“You don’t have a set?” Trevor stopped moving as he spoke and as soon as the pair ceased running the sounds of pursuit could be heard. The freaks, maniacs, or whatever they were, moaned like lost souls as their feet slowly shuffled over the barren parking lot.

“I have a set, but it’s in my bag…” but Brown barely focused on his words, because his thoughts lingered on the horses. They should be safe in the trailer, but if something happens to Bucky or Sage, I could never forgive myself.

“Does that mean we have to go back there to get the keys?” the tone of Trevor’s voice let Brown know that this was about the last thing the youth wanted to do. “I mean there has to be someone around that could help us.”

“Maybe,” Brown said, while he still wondered over the safety of his horse. Looking back he saw that the two madmen from the road still approached them, while the two that feasted on Nick had already chosen to leave the man behind and take up the chase. What froze the blood in his veins was seeing Glen get onto his feet and lurch his way. He moaned like the others, appeared mindless like the others… But Glen had died. Then it hit him. Could Glen be dead… like the others?

When an eviscerated Nick pushed himself up and kept moving despite his guts spilling over the slick pavement, Brown had seen enough.  “I don’t know what the hell is happening, but it’s killing people and we need-”

Trevor emptying the contents of his stomach over the dirt between his shoes interrupted him.

“Come on Trev we need…”

His voice trailed off as a small hatchback drove into the gas station.

They pulled up to the far pumps. Already some of the freaks had turned their attentions to the new car. “They can’t see what’s happening from where they parked,” Brown whispered.

His breath stuck in his lungs when he saw a young women exit the vehicle and get followed by small girl. “Mommy, can I use the bathroom first. I need to go so bad.”

Two of the stumblers still focused on the men, while the two that had killed Nick, as well as Glen and Nick turned their attentions to the mother and her child.

“We have to help them,” he said softly, but then cried out loudly, “Miss, miss, watch out!” She looked over at him, like he was a serial killer, as she clutched her child close to her. “I…ah.”

She started to rush her child to toward the locked doors of the gas station, but then the bloody men caught her attentions and she screamed.

Scanning the ground, Brown spied a battered two-by-four. “Trevor, get your shit together!” he yelled. “Grab a weapon. We need to save her.” Then, without looking back, he sprinted toward the girls. A low growl escaped from his lips as he ran.



To be continued next Saturday!



You can find out more about Brown and the Eternal Aftermath here!




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Cowboys, Trucks, and Bad Luck (Part II)

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Brown looked down at his dying friend. After letting his smoking pistol topple form his fumbling fingers, Glen ignored the hole in his cheek and focused on the violent bite that had been taken out of his neck. After a moment’s hesitation, Brown hurried to his friend’s aid.

But Glen pushed him away with a bloody left hand. “Forget about me.  Grab my pistol. Figure out what’s going on. I thought I heard more of those freaks.”

Brown noticed how his fingers trembled as he picked up the slick pistol. Seconds later, Nick and Trevor came running up to him.

“I heard a shot,” the old trucker yelled before the pair had even gotten within thirty feet of them. “Oh my God! What happened?” He eyed the pistol and then the dead man who lay between the cowboys and the gas pumps. “Trev, call 911,” he ordered.

The teen had his smart phone out and was already making the call. “It’s not working. It’s busy or something.”

“That’s impossible,” his uncle insisted.

“Never mind that,” Brown said quickly. “Something weird is going on. There’s no one in the gas station. Nick help Glen. Trevor keep trying.”

Nick leaned down over Glen. “Crap this is real bad. Brown, he has already lost consciousness.”

“Well then fucking help him!” Brown yelled. “Trevor you—Look out!”

The teen cried out as a figured appeared from behind the pumps and pulled his head back by his hair. His phone hit the ground and bounced twice. Trevor fought back as Brown moved to his aid.

Like with Glen, the thing moved in and tried to bite the young man. This stopped when Brown planted strong kick to the man’s midsection. The figure fell back, but Trevor cried out again when it took a fistful of his long hair with him.

Brown still had his pistol in his hand, but felt unsure about shooting a man. That was until he got a good look at the thing, for it appeared more thing than man. What once might have been a middle aged trucker, now only possessed half a face. The rest was a red ruin of tattered flesh and gleaning bone. Much of its left hand and arm had been stripped away leaving little more than a gory skeleton.

“Shot it,” Nick screamed. “Shoot the fucking thing!”

Brown took a deep breath and then brought up the gun. He steadied it. “Stop or I’ll…” but he never finished for the bloody trucker’s moan was unlike anything he had ever heard and without conscious thought, Brown fired a bullet into the center of the man’s chest.

It kept coming.

“Holy hell,” Trevor gasped.

But then Nick was screaming again, but this was a different kind.

Brown looked on, in utter horror, as his best friend jerked forward and took a bite out of Nick’s forearm.

Nick started to swear, but it didn’t last long for two more figures emerged from the darkness behind the trailer and grabbed the back of the trucker’s shirt. Before Brown could even shout a warning, they had already joined Glen in the gruesome feast.

Brown wanted to help, but the one that he had already shot lurched in and grabbed for his face. The cowboy ducked down, dodged away, and turned just in time to see Trevor snatch up his smart phone and then take off running.

“Trevor wait!” he shouted after him.

“Screw that, they’re both dead,” he yelled without slowing. “Must be a nuclear leak or something. We need to get out of here!”

Brown wanted to stay, but saw that another two bloody forms came at them from down the road to the north. Nick had already stopped moving and when the one he had shot came at him again, Brown took off running after the teen.


To be continued next Saturday!



You can find out more about Brown and the Eternal Aftermath here!


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Cowboys, Trucks, and Bad Luck

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As the last of the cattle headed up the loading ramp that lead to the back of a semi, Brown let out a contented sigh of relief. Their two weeks of hot work under the blaring New Mexico sun had paid off. Soon, if everything went well, they would be reaping the rewards of their hard labor, but the team still needed to get the fifty head of cattle to southern California first.

“Looks like a fine group of huffers you got here, Brown,” Nick said, as he wiped his dirty arm across his forehead. Having said his piece, the older man moved to the cab of his semi and started up the engine.

Brown’s partner Glen had finished loading their horses into the back of the trailer and with Nick’s nephew Trevor in tow, moved over to watch the last of the cattle enter the semi.

“Another job well done,” his buddy said, while brushing the dust off his jeans with his Stetson.

“You guys were up in the Gila a long time, huh,” Trevor said with a sloppy grin. “Any Broke-back Mountain action happen between you two?”

“The only broken back around here’s going to be yours, if you keep talking trash,” Glen said, before placing his hat back over his jet black mane of hair.

Brown laughed before saying, “Yeah, you better wise up youngster. Besides, who are you to talk, the closest you ever get to a pussy is when you pet your grandmother’s cat.”

With an angry glare, Trevor stormed off to join his uncle in the semi. After shutting and securing the back doors, the cowboys climbed into the pick-up, they used to haul the horse trailer, and headed off toward I-10.


*         *         *

Several hours later, the two vehicles were just reaching the outskirts of Tucson. The sun had set three hours earlier and the city glowed like a sea of fallen stars. Glen, who drove, looked over at him. “It looks like we’re running a little low on gas. I hate stopping in Phoenix. Let’s just fuel up here and we’ll probably be good for the whole way to Cali.”

“Fine by me. I could use a beer.”

“Oh, that’s real fair, you drink and I drive.”

“Sorry, bud, it’s in my contract.”

“We’ll see about that,” Glen answered with a smile. After contacting the semi, the trailer led the way into the Triple T Truckstop. The semi pulled past them heading to the special pumps reserved for the big rigs, while Glen glided them into the normal pumps that lined the parking lot in front of the store.

Brown hopped out of the pickup and said, “I’ll head in and grab us some supplies.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sure. Ale for you and coffee for me, right.”

Brown called over his shoulder. “Come on. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll grab you a sandwich.”

After two weeks in the hills, the idea of grabbing a few cold ones did appeal to him and Brown was debating whether he should grab some or wait until they got to California when he reached the front doors and found them locked.

He tried them again. “What the hell?” he said out loud. “They can’t be closed. It isn’t even ten o’clock.” He was about to bang on the doors when he saw something odd inside. To the right of the checkout stand, he could just make out a smear on the floor near one of the central isles. He tried to peer in. It was hard to tell, but it appeared to have a reddish hue.

Glen’s voice distracted him.

“Hey, buddy are you okay?”

At first Brown thought he was talking to him, but upon turning, he saw that a lone man limped across the parking lot toward the trailer.

Glen spoke again. “What’s going on—oh crap! Brown, get over here! This guy’s covered in blood. There must have been an accident on the highway.”

Brown hurried to help, but Glen reached the man first. “Alright buddy, I think you need to lie down. You’re probably in shock. I’ll call 911. Were there any other people in the accident? We’ll need to—ahhhhhhh. Oh damn. Ahhh. Brown help!”

But it was already too late.

Even from twenty feet away, Brown saw the blooding man strike forward with his head and latch his teeth onto the side of Glen’s neck. With a growl, the madman tore a chunk out of Glen’s jugular, which released a shower of blood. Glen stumbled back. He pressed his hand over his wound and looked like he could barely stay on his feet.

But the man went after him again. Glen cried out as they both toppled over. Inside of the trailer, the horses lost control and began to whinny and kick the doors.

Brown only stopped long enough to grab a window cleaning stick, which he smashed the attacker on the back of the head with. The man didn’t seem to care and Glen’s screams reached new heights as the fiend took a huge bite out of his cheek.

“Get off him, you freak!” Brown yelled, as he gripped the stick with two hands and used it to pull the man away by his neck. The figure turned on him with gnashing teeth and Brown was barely able to avoid receiving a bite.


He backed away as the blood dripping figure came at him again. It was lunging forward until its head exploded with a shower of blood that sprayed the front of Brown’s trench coat.

“Oh damn,” he whispered, but then heard loud moaning.

“Brown, hurry up. There are more of them,” Glen managed to gasp as a spiral of smoke emerged from his pistol.

“More of what? What the hell is going on?”

“How would I know? But help me. I think I’m dying…”


To be continued next Saturday!


You can find out more about Brown and the Eternal Aftermath here!

Zombies snacks

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The Climax of Spiking It

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Before young Spencer, four large zombies prepared to clutch and grab at him, over the railing, if he dared to pass by them. While behind him, the dozen or so walking dead that had made it over the fence, drew dangerously close.

He eyed the wash below for a moment. The rough bank descended nearly thirty feet to the sandy bottom. If the drop didn’t kill him, it would probably leave him with a broken leg and helpless against the plague of monsters that had already overrun Tucson.

He was just about to attempt it anyway when he heard a car horn blaring. Looking back, he saw that a red SUV raced toward him. “Please let it me sis and dad, oh please.”

As the zombies closed in, Emily poked her head out of the back seat window and yelled, “Spence, it’s us!”

“Yeah, I’d figured,” he grunted, while grabbing the lowest horizontal bar of the fence. Swinging under the fence got him away from the dozen that had just started to stretch out their arms toward him, but put him within reach of not only the four big zombies to the north, but the random undead that had still followed him from the path side of the fence.

Spencer figured the time for fighting was through and used his speed and lean form to race between the shambling corpses and sprint straight for his father. He had almost made it, when a tall towering zombie lurched out from behind a parked truck and grabbed his shirt.

Spencer fought and tried to pull away, but the tall zombie had his fingers locked on his shirt and refused to release him. If he didn’t get away soon, it wouldn’t matter for the others were only steps behind him. Within moments, the tall freak would be joined by a dozen others of his kind.

Despite his struggling, the tall zombies drew Spencer back toward its bloody, snapping teeth. A shot rang out and Spencer felt the grip relax before the zombie toppled over.

With a yelp, Spencer was back onto his feet running toward the car. Emily flung the door open and he literally leapt inside. It was only then that he saw that her gun still had a spiral of smoke leaking from the barrel.

“You saved me?”

“Yeah. Dad didn’t want me to, but he couldn’t get to his gun in time, so I took the shot.”

“And we’ll all glad you did, honey,” their father said, “Although, I prefer it when you listen to me.”

They had pulled out of the parking lot and resumed their frantic drive north. Dodging both the stumbling dead and abandoned vehicles, their father took the speed up as high as he dared.

His father was talking again. “Sorry it took so long to get you, Spence, but your sister had raced back to the wrecked car to get more ammo and we had to get her first. Luckily for us all, I grabbed Marcy’s keys before we left her place.”

“What ever happened to her?” Emily asked.

“It wasn’t pretty,” their father started, as he raced around a flaming sports car that had flipped onto its hood. “Her roommate had been bitten and had turned, but Marcy had her locked in the bathroom. No matter how much we pleaded, she refused to leave without her. When she opened the door… things got real ugly.”

They drove in silence until Jewels broke it, by asking, “So where to now?”

“I have a friend that lives at the base of Mount Lemmon. It should work until we can figure out what’s really going on. Considering the situation, I’m sure he won’t mind having a few extra guns to help protect the place.”

His father wiped his eyes on the back of his sleeve before continuing. “Before we get there, I just want to say how proud I am of both of you kids. Not only were you each brave far beyond your years, but frankly, you both kicked some serious ass out there. I doubt either Jewels or I would be alive without the two of you.”

“I’ll second that.” Jewels said, while looking back with a smile.

Emily burst into tears and hugged her father from behind. Spencer couldn’t help himself and joined her in both the hug and her tears.

“Come on guys. You’ll make me crash,” their father joked, but Spencer could see that he had tears in his eyes too. Eventually the two children released their dad and smiled at each other through their tears.

“We did it, didn’t we?” Emily said.

“Hell yes,” he replied and there was a loud slap as they gave each other a big high-five.



I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading Spiking It.


You can discover where Spencer and Emily enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!


Spencer and Emily

Spencer and Emily

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Just Call Me Spike (Spiking it continues)

February 23, 2013 at 1:43 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

Spencer clutched the gory end of the broken axe handle in his small hand as he raced toward the sidewalk that ran along the wash. One way led back toward Fort Lowell Road and probably more zombies. The other led north and this was the direction he chose.

The undead birthday party as well as stray zombies took up the chase, but his nine-year old legs weren’t stopping. A big male zombie with a gory mouth lumbered up in front of him blocking his path.

Blood Mouth Zombie

Blood Mouth Zombie

“Shit sandwich,” he said, mimicking his father.

Even his young mind knew that if he slowed down the others behind him could catch up, so he tried to dodge around the freak. It clawed at him as he passed, grabbing his shirt. “Son of a…” he started, but the wind got knocked out of him and the zombie pulled him off his feet. Spencer hit the pavement hard and the zombie bent down to feast on his warm flesh.

Spencer held the spike of wood upright as the mouth descended. “Oh please,” he whispered as he closed his eyes. The thing opened its blood covered mouth wide and Spencer’s snapped his eyes back open and drove the spike deep into the thing’s throat. It was a lucky shot, but the thing was… it didn’t kill it.

The big zombie moaned in anger and attempted to bite him, but his teeth were blocked by the protruding spike. Spencer tried to escape, but the zombie’s fingers dig and tore at him, cutting him open and eliciting a cry of pain from the young boy. Behind him, Spencer could hear the other undead drawing near.

With a yell, Spencer drove both his hands forward and pummeled the end of the spike. “Eat my spike, bitch,” he screamed and the zombie drew back, making a choking sound, while more blood exploded from its ruptured mouth.

Spencer struggled and managed to roll onto his side. The thing got on all fours and stretched out a hand for the boy, but Spencer was quicker and with a violent back kick he drove the wooden spike into the zombie with such force that it severed its spine and the zombie finally went limp.

Looking back, he saw that the  undead were only a few yards behind him.

With a yelp, he crawled to the fence that ran along the wash and scrambled under it. This proved to be a sound idea for the older zombies paused as they struggled to climb over the four foot railing, while even the younger undead were forced to tumble over the lower rails to reach him. Even as he watched, three zombies miscalculated their landing and fell to the wash far below.


Spencer heaved his battered and bloody body onto its feet and continued to move north keeping the railing between him and the growing horde of walking dead. He had made it an hundred yards before his eyes grew wide with fear.

He had come across the backside of a grocery store and four zombies moaned loudly when they saw him. He struggled to run past them before they could reach the railing, but failed. Looking over his shoulder, he saw at least a dozen zombies stumbled behind him, while before him the four large zombies were already stretching the arms across the railing, which would make it nearly impossible for him to pass.

Weaponless and alone, Spencer let out a moan of his own, before whimpering, “I’m so screwed.”



Tune in next Saturday for the Climax of Spiking It!



You can discover where Spencer and Emily enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!

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Sacrifice, Spikes, and Teeth (Spiking It Continues)

February 9, 2013 at 11:54 am (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

Spencer’s eyes took in the horror that surrounded him and his family. Before him, from the bed of a tall pickup truck, his father and Jewels fought off a horde of the walking dead that had to be nearly twenty strong.  While behind him and his twelve-year-old sister came the undead birthday party of kids that must have been around Spencer’s age before the sickness and teeth claimed them.

“Help dad, get a car, and then rescue me,” Spencer yelled. Before his sister could protest, he was already racing toward the undead children and banging his broken axe handle against his empty pistol. This drew their attentions and they began to lumber toward him. “Hide behind a car, Emily. Let them chase me!”

And chase him they did, but Spencer didn’t stop there. He circled around to the backs of the zombies that assaulted his father and Jewels. “Hey you ball-biters! Easy pickings here. Just a little kid.”

“Spence, what are you doing?” his father yelled down at him while smashing a zombie in the face with the butt of his rifle. “Get your sister and get away from here!”

They must be out of bullets too, he thought before shouting, “No! Our car is in the middle of the complex. Get more ammo. Kill em, dad!”

He waited only long enough for a good half of the zombies fighting his dad to break away and start after him. Then he ran. He ran full out to the east and away from the apartment complex. Ahead of him loomed the Palo Verde wash. It wasn’t flowing—it rarely did that, but beyond the railing, a cement wall of thirty feet banked each side of the wash. For a nine-year-old, it was an insurmountable obstacle.

He was wondering whether he should take a left or right when he smashed head first into a zombie that stumbled out from behind a large car at the edge of the parking lot. Spencer hit the zombie hard enough that it took a step back with a loud moan, but Spencer was knocked backwards and fell on his ass. His empty pistol went flying and the splintered spike of wood clattered over the pavement near his right hand.

The zombie recovered faster than Spencer and lunched himself toward the youth. It fell to its knees groping for a hold. Spencer scrambled, shouting out as he kicked the thing in the face. This worked for a moment, but a bloody hand clamped down on his left ankle. Spencer fought and kicked, but the thing’s second hand latched onto him and drew his calf toward its dripping mouth.

Spencer’s hand landed on the broken axe handle and with a yell, he sat up and drove the splintered end forward. The Gods that protect children favored Spencer that day and the jagged tip of the handle pierced the zombies left eye. With another yell, Spencer pushed forward with all his strength. The zombie released a final groan, but fell forward its body going limp.

Spencer struggled to both push the dead man off his legs and pull the spike of wood free. He had done neither before a small hand grabbed a fistful of his hair from behind.

“Damn it!”

He rolled away leaving a good chuck of hair behind. The birthday undead were upon him, but he was just able to yank the broken axe handle free before they could grab him.

The one that led the pack had once been a boy his age, but now only had half a face. Spencer growled when he saw it still held a handful of his golden locks. “You want to crew on something? Try this spike!” Then he rammed the gory end through the undead child’s open mouth. It stumbled and choked for a moment, but when Spencer pulled the handle free, it fell to the ground where it remained unmoving.

“I guess you can call me, Spike, you a-holes, now catch me if you can,” he shouted over his shoulder as he took off running toward the edge of the wash.


To be continued next Saturday.


You can discover where Spencer and Emily enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!


Zombie Kids

Zombie Kids


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Bullets, Bloodshed, and Cannibalistic Kids

January 26, 2013 at 12:46 pm (Apocalypse, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

Spencer and his older sister remained indecisive after they heard a loud yell that sounded like their father. Even though they had cleared out the central area that surrounded the apartment’s playground, already the moans of new approaching zombies reached their young ears.

A series of gunshots galvanized them.

“Maybe that’s dad,” he said, while tucking the splintered end of the broken axe handle through his belt.

“We had better hope so,” Emily yelled over her shoulder, as she started to jog in that direction. “It seems like it came from the other side of the building to our right. Oh damn.” She dropped down on one knee and stabilized her rifle when two of the shambling dead rounded the corner in front of her.

Screaming Zombie

Screaming Zombie

While she became involved in her careful aiming, a lone zombie, which looked little older than Spencer’s nine, pushed open a door to an apartment to her left. At once, it moved on stiff legs toward his sister’s exposed back.

Spencer brought up his revolver. The first shot went wild. “Dang it.” Taking a deep breath, he brought the cross-hairs up and centered his aim on the former child’s forehead. A second later, its brain exploded into a red mist.

Zombie kid

Zombie kid

But he had worse troubles.

Behind the first boy another dozen half-eaten, gory children emerged. “Emily, look out! That place must have been a day care or something. All these kids are infected!”

She looked over her shoulder and gasped. After grabbing his hand, she yanked him along, while yelling, “Come on! That gunfire’s almost a constant now. Even if those other people aren’t dad, we need to get to more people with guns.”

Zombie Kids

Zombie Kids

Behind them, the children swarmed out of the apartment. Why there should be so many escaped him until he saw that some of them wore blood spattered birthday hats. He wanted to cry at the thought of some poor kid’s birthday party becoming such a nightmare. But he maintained his composure as best he could. His father was close and he knew if they could just find him everything would be okay.

While the gathering children hounded them, the siblings were also forced to stop to blast random zombies that threatened to block their path. After a large group of half a dozen appeared from the south, Spencer had emptied his gun.

“I’m out,” he panted, as they kept running.

“I’m not even sure how many I have left, but it can’t be much. Let’s just hope that’s Dad, Jewels, and whoever his stupid girlfriend is.”

As the young pair turned the corner, their eyes took in a sight, which was both a relief, but also a horror.

Zombies Surrounding the Truck

Zombies Surrounding the Truck

The apartment they rounded had another large parking lot behind it. In its center, perched in the bed of a large pickup truck was his father and Jewels. Of their father’s mysterious girlfriend, there remained no sign. The problem was nearly twenty of the flesh craving infected pushed and struggled to be the first to sink their teeth into their dad’s flesh.

“Oh no,” escaped Emily’s lips like a whisper. She said something else, but her words were drowned out by the moans coming from the gang of undead children that lurched at them from behind.


To be continued next Saturday.


You can discover where Spencer and Emily enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!


Spencer and Emily

Spencer and Emily


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Weapons, Wheels, and Walkers. (Spiking It Part IV)

January 12, 2013 at 4:19 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

The SUV rocked and bounced as twelve year old Emily drove it over the lawns of the apartment complex. Gruesome splayed bodies mixed with screams and lumbering zombies. The infected weren’t too thick, but thick enough to give a nine year old a fatal bite.

Spencer took a bead on a Hispanic man whose face was missed a line of flesh from chin to ear. The car hit the curb of the volleyball court and he lost his aim and the shot went wild.

Bloody faced zombie

Bloody faced zombie

“Stop it!” his sister yelled. “You need to help me find dad. Which way did he go?”

“I didn’t see. With my window shattered, why not shoot? There aren’t too many in here. It could help us once we find dad.”

“Oh yeah, how many shots do you have and remember, your gunfire attracted more. There are another twenty in the parking lot that will be after us once they stop…” she broke into another wave of tears. “Oh Chris.”

“Just keep driving and try not to hit anything, except maybe a zombie,” Spencer said, before taking it upon himself to crawl into the back seat. He knew his father had more ammo and guns in the trunk, but stopping to open it in the middle of this madness didn’t seem an option. Instead, he searched the back seats. He found a box of shells, but they were for the other pistols and wouldn’t work in his 32.

“Hey Em, the rifle dad gave you is still back here.”

“Send it up front. Where is he? Where is he? Doesn’t he know we’re in trouble? I see groups of these things pounding on doors, but they’re all over the place, who knows which of them belong to dad’s stupid secret girlfriend?”

“Must’ve run into trouble. Just keep driving. He’ll see us,” Spencer said and then spotted the wood axe that Chris had been using. “Better than nothing,” he mumbled, as he tossed it back into the front passenger seat. He quickly followed it.

As he finished climbing over the seat, Emily yelled when the right fender smacked into a teen wearing a bloody t-shirt. The kid went flying back and hit the steel fence that surrounded the pool. “Nice one Em, high five.”

Bloody Teenaged Zombie

Bloody Teenaged Zombie

“I didn’t even do it on purpose.”

“It was still cool.”

She tried to smile and then they both grew silent as the sounds of muffling shooting could be heard.

“That’s dad,” he said.

She said, “It could be anyone,” but she still steered the car toward the direction where they had heard the shots. “I think I might be getting the hang of this driving thing.”

And that was when a mother carrying a baby leapt out in front of the car.

The mother might have screamed something like, “Help us,” but Spencer barely registered the words, for Emily had jerked the SUV to the left and run straight into a barbecue station. The grill was suspended on a pole, which bent and allowed the car to ride up over it and promptly become stuck.

“Drive off Emily! Drive off.”

“I can’t. We’re stuck!”

Leave it, Run

Leave it, Run

The mother had raced closer and yelled, “Oh my God, you’re just children!” But then, instead of helping, she hugged her baby tighter and fled.

“Why are all the adults abandoning us?” Emily said, as she tried in vain to free the vehicle.

“I don’t know, but I think it’s our turn to run,” he said. Looking around, they both saw that between the mother’s screaming and the noise of the wreck, another circle of undead closed in around them.

Spencer started shoveling handfuls of the bullets he had spilled into his pockets while he yelled at the top of his lungs, “Dad help!”


To be continued next Saturday.


You can discover where Spencer and Emily enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!

Spencer finds an axe

Spencer finds an axe


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Broken Glass, Brains, and Blood (Spiking it, Part III)

January 5, 2013 at 3:53 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

Within seconds the first bloody slaps were heard as the undead hands pressed against the windows of the car. An obese man, without a shirt on, began to pound the passenger side window just inches from Spencer’s face.

The man’s throat had been torn away and his mouth sprayed blood through the two inches the window left down. Spencer raised his pistol. It felt cold and awkward in his nine-year old hands. But, as he took aim, the gnashing teeth caused him to hesitate. Are those strings of human flesh hanging between his teeth?


Fat Faced Zombie

Fat Faced Zombie


It snarled louder and smashed the window with his fist. Spencer screamed when the window shattered. A second later, he squeezed the trigger and his bullet hit the zombie in the nose. His head jerked back and it tottered for a moment, before toppling back onto the asphalt like a chain-sawed tree.

“Emily,” he yelled, “my window broke. They can get me!”

“All dad’s extra guns and ammo are in here.” But more of them were coming. Emily shot down the two nearest to her and then began to crawl into the driver’s seat. “Did dad leave the keys?”

“Yeah, but-”

His words were cut short by a violent arm being thrust through the open window. It clawed at his face and Spencer cried out when a few hundred strands of hair were yanked from his head.

Again he fired, but his four shots were too low and took the thing in the guts.

“Aim for the head,” his sister said.

“I know, I know!”

There was a loud retort and the clutching zombie fell away. “Dad, is it dad?” Emily said.

“No, it’s Chris. He’s still helping us.”

“Good, keep them back while I get the car started.”

“But Em, you don’t know how to drive.”

“How hard can it be?”

Zombies surrounded the entire car. They were only one deep, but the gunshots were drawing others. Despite her brave words, Spencer could hear the uncertainty in his sister’s voice. He braced himself as he aimed for the zombie that was trying to crawl into the car through the broken window. His shot hit it in the forehead. The bang was loud and Emily screamed when half of the interior windshield was painted with brains and blood.


At the car window

At the car window


“Get it out of the car,” She ordered, but Spencer saw that the body actually helped protect them by blocking the broken window. But this didn’t last long. A zombie, with a bleeding gash where one of its eyes should have been, began to jerk at the dead body and tried to pull it away, Spencer went to attempt to shoot it, but quickly realized that his pistol was empty.

With a yelp, he hurried to load the revolver. He was just getting the box of bullets out, when their car jerked forward and smashed a parked car. The box slipped from his hands and the bullets went flying in every direction. The one-eyed zombie had held onto the lodged body and it had tumbled away when the car moved. Other flesh-eaters had fallen and one might have ended up under the car, but their bodies hurried to right themselves with stiff movements and loud moans. Soon they would be surrounded again.


Lurching Dead

Lurching Dead


Spencer yelled, “Reverse!” as the one he had just been fighting, power-walked toward him. Short fingers fumbled for bullets and he picked up a handful of them.

He managed to hold on to them when Emily threw it into reverse and hit another parked car. Somehow through the chaos, he could hear that Chris still shot at the zombies that attacked them, but he was on the other side and the same one-eyed zombie charged at the open window.


Angry Zombie

Angry Zombie


Spencer had managed to load two bullets into the revolver before the angry zombie’s hands thrust in at him. Two of the fingers of one hand were missing, but this didn’t keep it from clawing and gouging at him. It grabbed his shirt and started to yank Spencer out of the car. He screamed and pulled the trigger as fast as he could.


He braced his legs against the door.


One-eye grabbed him with its wounded hand as well.


His face was only inches away from the snapping teeth and then his world became a shower of red and gore. He moved back toward Emily with a gasp. The Gods of fate somehow aided them, for his head hit her arm in such a way that the wheel turned and they bounced over a curb. The blow sent everything in the car flying, yet they had driven into the apartment complex and were closer to their father.

“We need to drive to dad,” she said.

“What about Chris?”

“We…” But even as the children looked back, they saw that Chris’ gun had run dry and the walking dead closed in on him from every side.

“We need to help him…” Spencer never finished his sentence for as the siblings watched, a zombie came up from behind and torn into Chris’ shoulder with its teeth. Another pushed him onto the ground and the constant moaning was drowned out by Chris’ high pitched cries as the things tore him apart.

Emily had tears on her face as she aimed the SUV the direction their dad and Jewels had headed and drove deeper into the apartment complex.


To be continued next Saturday.


You can discover where Spencer and Emily enter the Eternal Aftermath Here!


Zombies Feasting on Chris

Zombies Feasting on Chris

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